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Submitted by Anon1974 1202d ago | opinion piece

Will You Continue Supporting Microsoft, Sony And Nintendo If They Keep Using Foxconn?

Nintendo was lambasted pretty badly over the child labor scandal that recently occurred at a Foxconn plant. The reason it was so public and so out was because Nintendo is viewed as a good guy in the gaming industry, consumer friendly and whatnot...where-as Foxconn has been in and out of the news for being a sleazy piece of crap, pulling this kind of mess for years-on-end. However, it does beg the question: if Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo keep using Foxconn for manufacturing purposes, would you keep supporting Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo? (Microsoft, Nintendo, PS3, Sony, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

LX-General-Kaos  +   1202d ago
gaffyh  +   1202d ago
I see this issue in two ways. On the one hand, of course nobody likes human rights abuses, but on the other hand if these companies are forced to increase pay/make work conditions better, what will happen? Prices of manufacturing will go up, and all these companies will simply move to another manufacturing plant/country. So in this scenario, which is very likely, all those workers would have a short term gain, but a long term loss and would be likely to be in a worse situation later.

I wish this wasn't the case, but that is the reality of it.
TacoTaru  +   1202d ago
That almost sounds like an excuse for slavery.
darthv72  +   1202d ago
are child labor laws and work place requirements the same across the rest of the world?

i mean, i know what they are in the States but in other countries it is almost promoted that kids go to work.

Here we have a problem with those who would thumb their noses at an honest days pay even if it was $6.75 an hour. i have seen emigrants take jobs that locals wont because they want a job.

It doesnt help things that the economy hits some countries harder than others but if a job is a job you take what you can get. Again, i dont know child labor laws of other countries so I wont pretend to say what goes on is right or wrong in another country.
Muffins1223  +   1202d ago
Really?I mean...i know your hired by Nintendo...but i dident think your this low to support Nintendo over child abuse
mewhy32  +   1201d ago
Well sure I will.
PirateThom  +   1202d ago
I find it very, very hard to deal with a company who deals with a company with such poor records for human rights. Either a full clean up of Foxconn needs to happen immediately or they need to take their business elsewhere.
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Honest_gamer  +   1202d ago
isyourhouseonfire  +   1202d ago
Let the companies involved deal with it as needed. Let them be reprimanded, if needed. But as a gamer and electronics consumer, I want the products regardless of these issues.
chaos-lockheart  +   1202d ago
than those people will be out of jobs and more people will die and suffer, just look at how many people try to get work there, and how many people are already working there, think of all the chaos if Foxxconn's not making money, where are those workers going to go? basicly we are feeding them.
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Ck1x  +   1202d ago
The sad thing is, who doesn't use Foxconn these days? The real solution is resolving such situations instead of boycotting... Companies like Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and Apple bring Foxconn way to much money in for them not to listen, if these companies speak up on matters like this.
tiduswakka   1202d ago | Spam
cleft5  +   1202d ago
A heck of a lot more companies than the big 3 use Foxconn. So long as companies outsource and seek cheap labor this will always happen.

A better question would be if you will continue to put on clothes, drive in a car, talk on your phone, etc. if they continue to use Foxconn? All of that stuff is manufactured by companies that use Foxconn or some other company that employs child labor. Somehow I don't think you are going to give up your basic needs in order to stop companies from using Foxconn or even to end child labor.
Soldierone  +   1202d ago
There is one issue. If you decide "oh well I'm not buying from anyone that uses these sleezebag manufactures" then what are you going to buy? Everyone is going to China for a reason, and China can provide this labor for a reason.

If one of the big 3 were to go "fine we are producing elsewhere" and brought it to Japan or America, I would jump on their ship in a heartbeat. However that isn't going to happen anytime soon.

People need to get more strict on China. Create higher import taxes and be harsh about it. Remember China at one point wouldn't trade with anyone in the world AT ALL....Too bad our government is run by a bunch of businessmen.
Burning_Finger  +   1202d ago
Those kids are trying to survive poverty by working instead of doing pen handling in the street. There are more poor people in China, India and other Nations which none of the Americans and other nations understand.
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smashman98  +   1202d ago
Ppl need to understand while we frown on things like child labor in China this the society norm I know its sad but its not for nothing either these kids know that there families need the extra cash and the families know this too
isyourhouseonfire  +   1202d ago
I love gaming and gadgets. If the companies providing me with these two things uses FOXCONN or child labor etc, then so be it. Just keep delivering on great products.

On that note.. Where's the nextgen consoles already??
vortis  +   1202d ago
Maybe consumers can get the companies to stop using Foxconn? I'm sure there are other cheap alternatives around the world other than Foxconn.
Honest_gamer  +   1202d ago
im more worried about the 500k children that are abducted in china a year and sold into prostitution, slavery etc than people who have a job (be it a rather shitty one), not going to effect me one bit, however if they change place to a mroe dear company now that will effect me and we will have an artical on here writen by the same person who wrote this and it'll be "place use foxconn i cant stand the extra £100/£200 they are charging"
SolidDuck  +   1202d ago
Ohnoesaz, Haha I laughed at your comment and then felt like a terrible person after. But, like people have said, if I had another option then sure, cause I am against child labor. But what is the alternative?
Sunk  +   1202d ago
Don't play the companies, blame the consumers. They are only providing what consumers want, new tech at cheap prices.
Sucitta  +   1202d ago
KILL NAFTA and arrest the profit whores that have destroyed this world.

DO THIS, and you will eliminate all of these problems (From 9/11 and the ILLEGAL genocidal wars - to FOXXCONN/slave labour), while creating millions upon millions of jobs back here at home in N.America..

Stupid selfish ill informed consumer sloth humans mixed with greedy sociopathic sick politicians are to blame for all this profit over everything world we all now live in.
JBSleek  +   1202d ago
NAFTA has done more good than bad. Economists say that less boundaries and more free range helps the economy. Not everything ca be made in America and it actually shouldn't. No evidence points to NAFTA being bad actually it shows the opposite. From many reports from the Economist to books such as Naked Economics shows that more open trade helps more.

You arent going to magically have jobs come to America. We need to d specialization so therefore we shouldn't make things here sometimes as the cost wouldn't be favorable and we should better but resources int things we can make more efficiently.

Ex Why should we make shoes and clothes as other countries are more productive. What America is god at is Steel and computer services s therefore we should outsource those jobs to those who can do it not only better but more efficiently.
Sucitta  +   1202d ago
>>what i would give to live in your bubble.. just for a day.

the economy is doing great = ) family raising jobs with pensions are plentiful as they were just 20 years ago = ) the Iraq/Afghanistan wars had nothing to do with Oil and Opium (trillions of dollars), they just wanted the poor people to be free = ) even if that meant killing almost a million of them..

9/11 was really just a handful of terrorists who don't like us, which is why the hundreds of questions from the scientific community remain unanswered, so we don't upset the terrorists..

FOXCONN is a great place to work = ) Children line up in droves to make products for us. If only you could see their little cute smiling faces while they peck away a 30 hour shift, then go to bed right there at work = ) China is great and have a strong record with human rights. If only we could all be like them no?

EA/Activision have done so much for the community as of late, they innovate and give back to the gamers in the form of DLC which we all love = ) I love spending my hard earned slave papers, $69.99+tax on a game that has been chopped up so as to offer me part of the game Ive already purchased down the road for more of my papers. GGGGRRRREEEEAAATTTTTT -tony the tiger

>> there, just 5 mins in your bubble and im ready to kill myself... I don't know how you do it..
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ShaunCameron  +   1202d ago
Yup. Capitalism is great as long as there's people to exploit for profit.
JBSleek  +   1202d ago
My bubble? I just look at numbers. I am in college for Finance and Economics. I just have when conspiracy theorist have this weird rhetoric to further their agenda.
wiiulee  +   1202d ago
lol@ lx-general-kaos....i read some of your great comments to try and educate haters....and i agree i will continue supporting them....these are not force labors and some of these kids i bet are using that money to pay for school and help feed their younger it a good practice no...but im sure they didnt go on the streets and kidnap these kids
vortis  +   1202d ago
Did you read that Kotaku article about Foxconn? Dude, there is no "helping feed their younger siblings"

They were threatened to work at Foxconn or have their education revoked: no diploma, no grades, no nothing.

Some of them were forced to work 34 hours shifts straight. That's nearly two whole days of straight work man.

These kids were only 14. They are pretty much forced labor camps.

EDIT: Here's the link dude,
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kesvalk  +   1202d ago
i really don't care, if really cared i would be doing something to help this children instead of sitting on my chair playing games...
lilbroRx  +   1202d ago
What I want to know is that even though Sony and Microsoft have been using them for years, why is the gaming media only focusing on it "after Nintendo" started using them with primary focus on the newcomer?
vortis  +   1202d ago
Cause gaming media isn't really media journalism. It only hit the fan because it was so widespread.

Notice how before this year it wasn't like gaming media did anything at all to address serious issues in the gaming industry.
BitbyDeath  +   1202d ago
You can't tell people they are wrong just cause they follow a different system to you or I.

Just look at religion, millions of people follow things like Christianaity or Scientology but if we were to try shut them down their'd be an uproar cause that is their life.

There is no right and wrong or black and white, there is only grey and we all live in it.
DivineHand125  +   1202d ago
What can we do anyways
Even if we protest by not buying anything that has goods manufactured from Foxconn and the company faces financial problems; what will happen to the workers. I'm writing this comment assuming nobody is holding a gun to their heads forcing them to work there.

These people are adults and some of them have decided that they would rather commit suicide than to quit so that brings me to my point. If you boycott the company and cause them to downsize, you would be causing more harm than good to the workers since some of them would rather die than quit.

Its the Chinese people that needs to protect their values and put their government under pressure to take action.
sypher  +   1202d ago
There was a report by Oxfam (the charity) who were talking about Bangladesh where they had massive amounts of child labour. The western world took note and cried (think of the children!, how dare they be working!). So they passed a law in Bangladesh making it illegal for children to work.

So what happened? Those children instead went to work in prostitution or starved to death, There are worse things than working in a sweat shop. No body ever asks, why are these children working? Go back 500 years and the whole world had children working, why? Because it was so much more unproductive.

It is only in recent times when the Western world had become more productive it no longer needed the children to work to keep the roof over the family. China is not productive enough yet so the families require their children to work to keep them alive. Passing a law doesn't make it any less so. So let them catch up and stop getting involved.
Getowned  +   1202d ago
Far more worse things in the world than this to be worried about right now. I agree this is wrong, I would not work with any company who support this, I hope many companys stop suporrting this.

Too many backward countries in that side of the world that do brutal and unjust things such as slavery(hell in some countrys you can buy a 10 year old girl for a dollar), genocide, child labour its like they're stuck in the medievil ages and then they go and call North America uneducated, scum and savage.. ohh the irony.

So glad to be on this part of the world.
ShaunCameron  +   1202d ago
Well, America was built on exploitation and slave labor. Cheap labor exists because America doesn't wanna pay decent wages to its workers, thinks it's too advanced to make its own products and is too cheap to pay up. The leaders that run those "backwards" countries happen to be supported by your own government with your hard-earned money to help plunder the land of its resources for themselves and the corporations at the people's expense.

Of course you're glad to be on this part of the world. Why wouldn't you when you're benefiting from their misery?
Getowned  +   1202d ago
"Well, America was built on exploitation and slave labor. Cheap labor exists because America doesn't wanna pay decent wages to its workers, thinks it's too advanced to make its own products and is too cheap to pay up. The leaders that run those "backwards" countries happen to be supported by your own government with your hard-earned money to help plunder the land of its resources for themselves and the corporations at the people's expense. "

I know how America was built (and like it or not America is far more innocent than most)thats not the case now where it has always been so in many of those countrys(slavery,Genocide, etc,etc) and it hasn't changed in hundreds of years, atleast we have changed for the better in many cases although we are not and will never be perfect. I never said this side of the world didn't have its fair share of problems, but most problems we have here are not comparable to many who live over there.

". The leaders that run those "backwards" countries happen to be supported by your own government with your hard-earned money to help plunder the land of its resources for themselves and the corporations at the people's expense. "

You say that like its all my doing and I'm the one to blame, I do not nor ever have owned a goverment(or country) or encouraged this. I have no controll over what my countrys leaders do with its citizens money. How exactly am I benifiting from their misery... what am I the head of foxconn ? No. I'm a huge supporter of human rights and if I could do something I would, What have you done to make you so superior to everyone else in this world ? probably nothing.

Go spin someone else's words.
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vortis  +   1202d ago
"You say that like its all my doing and I'm the one to blame, I do not nor ever have owned a goverment(or country) or encouraged this. I have no controll over what my countrys leaders do with its citizens money."

I'm sorry but YOU DO have control. That's what voting is for, that's what writing your senator or state representative is for.

If the people don't control their governments then we end up with all the crap we've ended up with. That's why the economy is in the gutter and why millions of Americans are without jobs, homes and starving.

And ShaunCameron is right, America was built on some of the absolute WORST atrocities against man in recorded history. Everyone tries to downplay it but the foundations of America were worst than the holocaust! Millions of native Americans were raped, killed and massacred, lots of Chinese were mistreated and overworked to build railways, and millions of blacks were raped, killed and enslaved.

What's happening in China should be a wakeup call but since corporations run the world sadly nothing will be done and kids will continue to be exploited.
#20.2 (Edited 1202d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Getowned  +   1202d ago
I'm sorry I'm not V in the movie "V for Vendetta" like you think I am, but I regret to inform you I'm Batman :P

Your right Americans did some horrible things to build their country, but whats more sad is that all of the horrible things that american founders have done are still being done by other countrys/people today and thats the problem...Not the past, we can't change the past but we can change the future.

I strongly dissagree, I wouldn't say America commited the "absolute WORST atrocities" and it really wouldn't even make a top 50 list(Not that it wasn't bad, it was horrible),but I mean did you ever hear of the Crusades, Holocaust, WW2, WW1, Russan cival war of 1918, Rwanda, Islamic jihads(the holy wars)and MANY MANY MANY more and I'm really 100% sure that many of these events where a tun more horrible than the foundation of America, actually go look it up there are so many far worse things that have happend in human history than that, a lot of which many people don't know even happend because everyone thinks history is boring, but not me lol I LOVE History.

"What's happening in China should be a wakeup call but since corporations run the world sadly nothing will be done and kids will continue to be exploited. "

NO, whats happend in Human History as a total should be a wake up call that we should of awnsered already.


Edit: because you got me wanting the watch V for Vendetta :P
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Romudeth  +   1202d ago
Yeah. I honestly don't give a shit about these people as long as I get my products.
vork77  +   1202d ago
whats foxconn?
rezzah  +   1202d ago
The world will have to move for any real change to happen.
RFornillos4  +   1202d ago
if you do, you might as well give up almost everything. i'm not saying Foxconn's good, in fact they're obviously not. to say the same for the big 3 in consoles, is just being hypocritical.

the truth being almost every electronics and even non-electronic products somehow involve Foxconn, if not as direct manufacturer, but as manufacturers of parts used to sew your clothes, shoes, bags, etc.

obviously Foxconn is at fault here, you can't blame companies that deal with them, as obviously they're assured by Foxconn that they will adhere to standards set by these companies (Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, etc.). what Foxconn does behind their backs they'd have little control.

in the original report, it mentioned that the abuses occurred on student interns. a student internship is not entirely a bad thing, in fact it's good. but open to abuses, nonetheless. also mentioned in the report, are teachers forcing the students to work overtime, otherwise they won't get required credits or get kicked out of school. again, it shows how deep the problem is, and these are the things that should be looked into. and with reports showing that it occurred on select factories, these should also be considered.

in the end if Foxconn, as a whole is found liable, then i'm pretty sure the big companies would find ways to stop working with them. the reality is, heads roll, people get fired, and life goes on.

a few month or years, we'll surely hear another news like this. as long as there are people who are willing to abuse the rights of others for personal gains, these will never stop, Foxconn or not.
ChickeyCantor  +   1201d ago
I like how people suddenly become these moral gods after hearing this news now. It's been going on like this for ages. It's how they keep their economy going.

People blindly want to make an issue out of it. Just go back to your games and stop pretending you guys know politics or some s**t.
#25 (Edited 1201d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
KingOfArcadia  +   1201d ago
Yes. The plight of people I don't know personally fails to bother me. Strangers die everyday.

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