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IGN Accidentally Makes Playstation Plus Dirt Cheap

The usual going rate for a single month of Playstation Plus is between $4-$6. After the events that took place yesterday however, the price has dropped down to as low as one dollar a month. And there are plenty to find for sale. (PS Vita, PS3)

jwk94  +   694d ago
Why post this if it's already done?
aquamala  +   694d ago
yep the codes were all long gone already
strangelove  +   694d ago
This news post is more about the fallout after the giveaway. I would have posted about the giveaway itself, but it was closed down long before I found it.
cgoodno  +   694d ago
Because it's still news...
Blastoise  +   694d ago
So how long are these codes for? A month of PS+ or a year? If it's a year this is a major screw up by IGN lol. Just bought a year of PS+ myself
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strangelove  +   694d ago
The codes were for a month each, but you could get unlimited codes until they shut it down. There are posts in the original thread where people were saying they got at least three years worth.
Blastoise  +   694d ago
This kinda sucks. I understand people jumping at the chance to get free playstation plus, but playstation plus is one of the few things I'd recommend buying. It's a shame that such a reasonably priced service is being given for free.
slapedurmomsace  +   694d ago
Damn..I missed out big time. My PS+ literally expired 3 days ago.
jwk94  +   694d ago
Nah, it's not bad. I'm a PS+ member and there are plenty of things i bought because I had PS+. Now sony has others who might potentially do the same.
Lukejj  +   694d ago
Sounds like ign fucked over a good service thats actually worth the asking price
MasterofMagnetism  +   694d ago
i would have been a lifetime member for those prices.
tallkidoPL  +   694d ago
Did they work on psp?
Soldierone  +   694d ago
The codes will most likely be refunded and blocked soon. 3 years worth, you better start entering them all now and getting it activated.

I also hate how people do this. Anything goes on sale and they go lineup and buy ALL of them just to simply turn around and sell it....It's a jerk move. Especially around black friday I really really hope people get screwed and no one buys their crap.
Ducky  +   694d ago
I thought it was a giveaway?

People just hoarded the free codes, and now they're trying to sell them. They don't really lose much if no-one buys them.
Soldierone  +   694d ago
I was more or less just saying it general. Stores can't do proper sales or anything anymore because of people like this. "hey we are putting BLA on sale!" *5 people that have never been interested in BLA their entire lives suddenly line up and buy the entire stock*

It's just annoying. Watch Amazon after Black Friday. Any and every sale, you will see a random new "store" pop up, selling the product for triple the price when its sold out. Perfect example is kids toys. I see grown creepy old guys buying all of them, and everyone knows they have no kids.
ceballos77mx  +   694d ago
Well get ready for the wii u at double or triple its price on eBay.
stage88  +   694d ago
Were they only US PS+ codes?
KonaBro  +   694d ago
People aren't understanding....
that you can only activate one code per account. So there isn't anyone out there hoarding codes for like 3 free years of PS+. I already tried.
zgoldenlionz  +   694d ago
If you got an extra free code hook it up!
Flandy  +   694d ago
What are you talking about? I got over a year of Plus on top of my previous sub since they stacked :S
Flandy  +   694d ago
Managed to get over a year :) Now my plus won't expire till 2014 since it stacked onto my subscription
KonaBro  +   694d ago
Gonna need proof chief.
I was on NeoGAF last night when it originally broke out and multiple people confirmed that the codes didn't stack. So either you got lucky or you are telling porkie pies.
Flandy  +   694d ago
So was I. Sorry bro can't really show you proof. I have a photo of my subscription but that doesn't really prove anything since that could have just been bought myself.
cfountain  +   694d ago
I was able to get 4 months for free. I was planning on starting my subscription in December anyway.

tough for those that missed it but some people were getting 4 years worth of codes...

EDIT: you CAN stack the codes...
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lsinbsdf   694d ago | Spam
Rhezin  +   694d ago
Just missed my chance at ever getting PS+. Oh well
OllieBoy  +   694d ago
I ended up getting 40 codes, I overdid it a little.. I was only able to redeem 28 of them and I gave the rest of them away.

So now I have Plus until November 2015...lol

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