IGN Accidentally Makes Playstation Plus Dirt Cheap

The usual going rate for a single month of Playstation Plus is between $4-$6. After the events that took place yesterday however, the price has dropped down to as low as one dollar a month. And there are plenty to find for sale.

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jwk941285d ago

Why post this if it's already done?

aquamala1285d ago

yep the codes were all long gone already

strangelove1285d ago

This news post is more about the fallout after the giveaway. I would have posted about the giveaway itself, but it was closed down long before I found it.

Blastoise1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

So how long are these codes for? A month of PS+ or a year? If it's a year this is a major screw up by IGN lol. Just bought a year of PS+ myself

strangelove1285d ago

The codes were for a month each, but you could get unlimited codes until they shut it down. There are posts in the original thread where people were saying they got at least three years worth.

Blastoise1285d ago

This kinda sucks. I understand people jumping at the chance to get free playstation plus, but playstation plus is one of the few things I'd recommend buying. It's a shame that such a reasonably priced service is being given for free.

slapedurmomsace1285d ago

Damn..I missed out big time. My PS+ literally expired 3 days ago.

jwk941285d ago

Nah, it's not bad. I'm a PS+ member and there are plenty of things i bought because I had PS+. Now sony has others who might potentially do the same.

Lukejj1285d ago

Sounds like ign fucked over a good service thats actually worth the asking price

MasterofMagnetism1285d ago

i would have been a lifetime member for those prices.

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