Why Microsoft Won The Next-Gen By Losing This Gen

Zach of writes;
Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all did very well this generation. Although it is not quite over, it’s safe to say that the next generation of consoles isn’t too far away from right now.

If we look at the history of the last two generations, and if we were to decide a winner of each of those by sales figures (whether or not all sales were gaming related) it’s clear Sony won both.

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LX-General-Kaos1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

I think Microsoft has a very fair chance to win next generation. Their brand awareness has drastically increased from last Gen, and they bring to the table the greatest online gaming structure in the history and likely future of gaming.

I myself use Xbox live as my go to service as far as competitive gaming is concerned. Within this current generation alone it would be Nintendo for my single player experiences, and Microsoft for the majority of my online competitive play. I don't see that changing anytime soon.

I personally predict Nintendo and Microsoft having a very close race to the 1st place finish by the end of next generation. Obviously only time will tell.

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Captain Qwark 91881d ago

i think your nuts. the race will be between sony and ms for sure. i coldnt care less who wins so long as they both do great. sort of like this gen, the more success each gets, the more we win

nintendo is no longer my cup of tea and even though they kicked ass this gen and will likely do well next gen, i have no interest in the wii u at the moment

BlackTar1871881d ago

sad day when people call themselves gamer down vote your post full of Gamer win.

Unless it was the Nintendo line then i dunno.

but as gamers we want it to be close all the way down the stretch so their is incentive for exclusives and mutually awesome Mutli plats.

Captain Qwark 91880d ago


agreed lol. this site is very pro-sony though which is fine, they are a great company with a great system but there is no need to bash the others regularly lol.

unless it was the nintendo line but i hope they are successful as well. i didnt bash them, just said i dont have interest in them at this moment lol although the new mario is great.

Monkeycan81881d ago

how do you have so many bubbles???

greenpowerz1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Well said

The spin in this article and from Sony fans makes American republicans look like school girls even more do after MSFT's report/last nights debate.

starchild1881d ago

You don't have a clue what you are talking about. Democrats and Republicans are guilty of spin.

mamotte1881d ago

I dont hate you or like you, but you usually get a lot of hate... how in hell do you get so many bubbles?

miyamoto1881d ago

maybe he is part of a group of N Dub Nation group of Nintendo fans that form an organized tactic of bubbling him up?

They think they do a good job of promoting Nintendo but in my book they are spreading negativity all over the internet

if they have valid cause i would like to join them but i really can't find a good reason to support a platform for children, I am way past that stage.

doogiebear1881d ago

There's a big difference between winning the hearts of Casuals, and hardcore. As long as sony caters to hardcore, they'll always have a massive market. Kinect 2 and wii u can keep their casuals. Comparing ms and nintendo's audience to that of Sony is like comparing apples and oranges. Core gamers know where to go, and what to avoid.

ShaunCameron1881d ago

Yeah, there is a difference. And that's why Sega and Atari are no longer around. The "hardcore" crowd alone isn't big enough to carry any company over the top much less make catering to them a viable option. Nave have been and never will be. Even Nintendo and Microsoft found out the hard way with the N64, GC and the XB.

DigitalAnalog1880d ago

But your examples don't exactly justify your points. Each of the consoles you mentioned had disadvantages/mistakes that put them in the situation the were. For the N64, the PSX proved they can produce more games and wasn't limited to the storage provided by the cartridges. For the GC and XB shows what happens when you come into the industry very late ESPECIALLY when the competition continue to dominate in both sale and game quality.

The HC gamer crowd has allowed the NES, SNES and Genesis that spearheaded new competition with better equipped "templates" which is why the consoles with the most streamlined and "best" features now are dominating this gen.

JellyJelly1880d ago

Hardcore - Wonderbook, Playstation All-Stars.

Not hardcore - Halo 4, Forza Horizon.

Is that what you are saying?

Jazz41081881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

What a unprofessional childish fanboy written article. Its purley opinion and written like it came from a 8th grader.

miyamoto1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

"but Microsoft was the smartest out of these three."


Like Steve Ballmer, Microsoft has no vision like Sony PlayStation for gaming
Steve Balmmer does not understand the culture of video gaming
And your money is on him?

Sony PlayStation has a vision to push how games are made to technical excellence while M$ & Nintendo are in this only for the money.

Sony PlayStation had a vision to stop piracy with BluRay and now with Gaikai. That is why they are lost money money on PS3 so they can have piracy out of the way in the long run while M$ & Nintendo Xbox 360 & wii are massively pirated platforms that uses software piracy for hardware leverage

Sony PlayStation with Gaikai will put video gaming mainstream again into a broader audience yet again by putting games on any digital device possible.

Sony PlayStation knows where they are going while you can asses the other two are running out of ideas!

Sony PlayStation will continue to nurture & take care of this industry no matter what while the other two only think about themselves.

Xbox 360 has just repeated the original Xbox this gen.

It brought nothing new to the table. Sony has shown this generation that software piracy can be stopped on a grand scale if not completely.

M$ with its billions has FAILED big time to put smaller companies like Nintendo & Sony out of the game because it has no genuine interest for the sake of gaming. All it cares about is how to extract money from the industry.

All it does is copy the two Japanese veterans.

Piracy is a very serious serial killer of development houses & publishers and if M$ or Nintendo does care at least they should have done their part.

braydox211881d ago

im not so sure about nintendo being in the for the cash, Nintendo iv'e always seen them as good for introducing their own unique ideas and just beating their own drum and just doing their own thing not just caring about whats in our wallets.

Knight_Crawler1881d ago

Those bubbles!!!!!

ZOMG can I has one plezzzzzz :(

Unlimax1881d ago

Don't Touch his bubbles xD !

AlucardFury1881d ago

I have this setup too, I can't see it changing myself.

Unlimax1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Excuse me, my dear ~

Just realized the way you think in the "love of video games" alleged that you personally believe in ..You from those people who do not support the gaming industry open and receptive openness to other devices in the Sportsmanship , but so as not to give other devices a chance to convince them that's why they standing position aligned next to those companies !

Painful truth that Nintendo Fans HATES the success of the Playstation system's so much till this day .. For this reason they are standing position siding next to other companies against Sony !

Probably I'm out from the framework of the subject but I have had no other option to answer only these words, perhaps some people feel a little of what is happening around them.

Personal advice from me ..Do not let your interest confined to just one thing because you hate!

Oh and by talking about it .. You make me feel like you are a staff by Nintendo Co. in the way you comment on all the news .

Pillsbury11880d ago

That is an a$$ ton of disagrees. M$ does not care about the core gamer they will only cater to the casuals and improve there arm flailing recognition system, and charge you to play online.

Rated M for Mature

yavorsv1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

For those who are wondering. He has "so many" bubbles, because he is not hateful. He doesn't diss the other consoles and fans. He responds to the hate towards him with kindness. Yes he talks like Nintendo PR, but he never leaves his character. He maybe a little annoying at times, but if you are so much better you will ignore him like most clever people will do.
IF you noticed Nintendo is like that,too. They don't bash. Unlike others... :D

LX-General-Kaos1880d ago

Thanks for the support and positive attitude man

dubt721880d ago

My one bubble comes from pure Sony hatred, so what he says does ring true...

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Norrison1880d ago

PC: Multiplayer
PS3 & Xbox360: Singleplayer (MP only in exclusive games)

DeadlyFire1880d ago

I disagree, but that's just my opinion.

XBL yes is great, but unless it goes free next generation I can see a tidal shift to Playstation/Nintendo. One of Nintendo's new main focuses will be on Multiplatform games. That was X360's focus as well, but you have to throw some core games into the mix. Nintendo's new network will be free as well. Which will make a big difference with a cheaper console.

One main problem with this generation has been RAM and heating issues. For the PS3 it was the divided RAM causing problems with ported games. Meanwhile for the X360 it was the RROD. Hopefully that won't be a problem next generation for either console.

I personally believe Nintendo and Sony will be edging it out with next generation leaving Microsoft in the dust. Microsoft will not let this happen though without a fight. I suspect a price cut on XBL at some point if it does happen.

DA_SHREDDER1880d ago

Competitive gaming? Watch out overyone, we have a competitive gamer here! Everyone hide your controllers!

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pixelsword1880d ago

He that blesses his friend with a loud voice, rising early in the morning, it shall be counted a curse to him.

Proverbs 27:14

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lilbroRx1881d ago

Microsoft has won no gens because their business practices prevent it. They are not going to change how they do business so nothing else is going to change.

Steven211881d ago

They're a bunch of crooks who nickel and dime their customers

NeverEnding19891881d ago ShowReplies(6)
ALLWRONG1881d ago

At least MS never went from first to last. Silver is better than bronze.

HammadTheBeast1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Because Last to Last is such a better outlook for them.

smashcrashbash1880d ago

Yeah they aren't hasbeens they were neverweres. Microsoft has never dominated a gen and people are making a big deal because they are only now catching up and this gen is almost over. At least both Nintendo and Sony enjoyed dominating each of their gens. Sony and Nintendo each ruled at least two gens. How many have Microsoft ruled? Have they sold as many systems as the Wii or the PS1 or a PS2? Being in second place after two gens of trying is nothing to boast about and yet every one always does. They are STILL in the middle after years of trying and now Nintendo has their system out first and Sony probably isn't far behind. Even with Nintendo giving up on the Wii they STILL haven't passed it. 'look we are selling more systems now that this gen is almost over. We still haven't out paced Sony by a great amount and are still trailing behind the Wii but that is great news somehow' Let's face it. The only question is whose b***h Microsoft's system is going to be next gen Sony's or Nintendo's. Call me when they dominate a gen and don't spend it in-between systems.

NeverEnding19891880d ago

SONY failed this gen going from hero to zero.

Microsoft went from last to 2nd with no sign of stopping. Micosoft are the babies of the console wars and they've already passed the former great, SONY.

It looks like SONY will continue its downward trend if PS4 specs rumours turn out to be true.

Cam9771881d ago

Let the best contender win.
Good luck.

zebramocha1881d ago

Am I the only one who find it suspicious that when it comes to who wins next gen, for Ms it proclaimed but for Sony/nintendo it's suggested?

rezzah1881d ago

The media likes to shape the populations ideals.

SirBradders1881d ago ShowReplies(1)