Sony to offer PS2 game downloads via PSN to replace backwards compatibility?

With backwards compatibility unceremoniously dropped from the PS3 with the introduction of the 40GB console, in the latest issue of EGM, Playstation Network director Eric Lempell admitted that there are "possibilities" that Sony will allow gamers to purchase and download PS2 titles via the PSN.

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mighty_douche3722d ago

Make it happen Sony! But release good titles GoW and stuff.

mikeslemonade3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Their first games that they will release will be 1st party just like most of the PS1 games, so God of War is pretty much guranteed to be there.

Ghoul3721d ago

I would be in Heaven if that would be true.
now alter the gamecode alil and enable 1080p res for ps2 games

ReconHope3721d ago

for the psone classic release of silent hill and final fantast 7 but hey this sounds good.

calis3721d ago

How was this not considered in the first place?

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PumPum3722d ago

...then there must be a way to play/emulate your current ps2 titles on your 40gb.
I have a 40gb and i would be pretty pissed if i have to pay for all those classics (that i have nicely stacked on the shelf) if i want enjoy them upscaled.

=( Hope they make it possible by a firmware update.

mighty_douche3722d ago

probably is, but Sony would obviously prefer you to re-buy the games off the PSN.

Ilinx3722d ago

Yeah, I'm pretty sure backwards compatibility was axed to reduce production costs, not just for the sheer sake of removing it. That means some fundamental part of the backwards compatibility hardware must have been removed - so I can't see how even a firmware upgrade would bring it back.

Rama262853722d ago

Us unfortunate Europeans never had BC through hardware (well apart from PS1 games) but all through software. My 60GB PS3 gives me BC to PS2 games via software, so in theory Sony could include this software in a future firmware update.

Now obviously, I don't know the ins and outs of how Sony does it's BC, but this is the information I've always read around the net.

Gorgon3722d ago


the software compatibility on the 60GB PS3 only emulates one of the chips in the original PS2, the other chip (I don't remember is it it the Emotion engine or the other one) is included on the 60GB version. The 40GB has NONE of the ps2 chips, which means that its not as easy to simply make a firmware update.

I believe that instead they will probably thinker with the original game code of the PS2 games to make them run on the new hardware.

Rama262853722d ago

Cheers for that Gorgon, it's good to know that. I didn't realise that the software wasn't doing all the work and that there is still some hardware doing the BC.

I guess it wouldn't be a simple firmware update like I thought! I'm sure they can come up with a way of running them on the new hardware like you said though.

Ilinx3722d ago

Nice one Gorgon - just spent ages trying to work that out as I was sure that was the case but couldn't find any evidence of it. I bow before your mighty knowledge.

Ju3721d ago

@Gorgon, either that (patching PS2 games) or they have some form of SW emulation running but need to pre-select the games which run and which one don't. Means, they have better control over it then the full DVD portfolio.

Gorgon3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

No problem, glad I could help. Of course, the original US 60GB had both chips (CPU and GPU). The 60GB with only one chip and runing through "partial" emulation were the european 60GB. The 40GB have no chips and no PS2 compatibility.

yep, MAYBE some games could run totally through software emulation, but I pretty much doubt that. It would be extremely taxing on the system.
I think they will just re-release modified PS2 games through PSN (modified so they run on the PS3 hardware) and charge you for it. Great for people like me who never owned a console (although I DO have a copy of Shadow of the Colossus AND a 40GB PS3 !!!) and would like to play some old stuff, but lousy for people who already own those games. They are probably thinking that if you want to play them so badly then just get a cheap downloadable version (probably upscaled for higher rez) or else buy a cheap PS2 for 125 euros/USD...

Electricear3721d ago

the problem is that with the elimination of the two chips that handled the PS2 backwards compatibility now their would be a fairly large amount of games that simply would not work with out an enormous amount of debugging time spent on the task. So Sony opted to drop BC instead which ultimately saves them money. This also has the side effect that if they do port ps2 games to the PS3 they can quality control the stuff released to a greater degree, and it give them a way to make profit off them as a PSN down load. Dose it suck... well yeah to a degree, but if they want to do that it's their prerogatived. This would be beneficial for people who never owned a ps2 as it gives them a way to play some of those games on their ps3. Sadly it does mean owners of PS2's would still have to use their ps2 or hope that some third party group comes out with an emulator. I seem to recall Sony saying they weren't against letting some one else write and emulator if they wanted.

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Kaz Hirai3722d ago

Sony Soldiers, you didn't honestly think I would disappoint you, right?
It's a shame the PIGGISH Nazisoft stole the idea from us, but try not to think about those SWINE!


Skerj3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Didn't someone call this a few days ago with the larger hard drive PS3 sku rumors? If that is true then that means software emu is working. If that's the case then the smart thing for them to do is to offer the games on the PSN and the software to play it on the 40gb for people who own the discs. Of course, if the offerings are as paltry as they have been for the PS1 games, then it's probably better to just leave it alone and fix the stuff that's broken right now.

Bebedora3722d ago

Either are the emu working, like you say, or they have modified some to make it work on the PS3 its self. Maybe most likely a combination of, or you could have popped in your PS2 game there already.

Sayai jin3722d ago

I remember when the PS2 came out the big plus for the system is that it had full BC. It was a big plus when Sony originally stated the PS3 would be 100% BC. It turned out to be false. The 360 tried to be BC, but instead used emulation which many shunned. I think they got to around 20 to 30% compatible and now they are putting original Xbox games on XBL. I think both companies know they will make more money if you go and download them again. I personally will not waist my time paying and downloading a game I already have just to play it on a next-gen system.

she00win993722d ago

the ps3 60 gb version was 100% bc

Gorgon3722d ago

The 60GB was 100% compatible on the US, not Europe. In Europe it uses emulation for one of the PS2 chips, which means that there are stuff that doesn't work.