Hello Kitty MMORPG begins closed beta

Sanrio Digital ( today announced the closed beta launch of "Hello Kitty Online", a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) based on the famous Sanrio characters. Hello Kitty Online allows players to explore and adventure in Sanrio's fantasy world, a magical land that has recently fallen under the influence of a mysterious and malevolent power.

Players for the closed beta version are invited to apply at the official game site ( or community site ( and experience Hello Kitty Online in advance of the game release expected in the second half of 2008. Targeting female players from their pre-teens to twenties, Hello Kitty Online is the first installable MMORPG to set its sights on this demographic profile.

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Kakkoii3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Your....fuking....kidding....m e...... .


That's all I have to say.

Baba19063596d ago

lol when i saw the topic i thought the same thing. you must be f...... kidding me.

YoMeViet3596d ago least it's a change...sorta....HELLO KITTY FTW

XBOX 3603596d ago


anh_duong3596d ago

hahah.. closed beta - must be a long list of dedicated hardcore gamers wanting to join this beta.. if you can go around blowing up hello kitties then count me in..

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The story is too old to be commented.