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Submitted by CGMagazine 1132d ago | opinion piece

The Last Christmas With Your PS/Wii/60

And if you’re a hardcore gamer, you’re already aware that the Wii U is about to become the first console to start the “Next Generation.” You’re also probably aware that despite the fact that there’s been no official announcement, it’s a given by now that both Sony and Microsoft are working on their successors to the PS3 and Xbox 360, and we’ll probably hear about them at the next E3. (Microsoft, Nintendo, PS3, Sony, Wii, Xbox 360)

Cam977  +   1133d ago
This is probably true. Oh well.
SmokingMonkey  +   1132d ago
The Last....Guardian?
ghostman123  +   1132d ago
They *might* come out next year but I really doubt it. We won't see an announcement until E3, most likely and how often do console get released the same year they're announced? I can't think of any off the top of my head. I imagine we'll have at least one more Christmas (2013) with the PS3 and 360. I know everyone's anxious for next gen but I just don't think it's realistic to expect them next year with no reveal yet.
KwietStorm  +   1132d ago
That's a fair point, but how often do consoles sit on the market this long with no successor either? It will be 7 and 8 years next Fall for PS3 and Xbox respectively. That just isn't "normal" or traditional.
WilliamH  +   1132d ago
Well all three of them brought a very unique gaming experience this generation, the Wii however was the biggest letdown for me, I'm not talking about the games but the console itself.
Dark_Overlord  +   1132d ago
Not for me it wont be. I regularly enjoy revisiting my older consoles and games (I still get the Atari 2600 out for a quick blast of Asteroids every once in a while), and with the huge backlog I have for my PS3, I guarantee I'll still be playing it next xmas :)
darthv72  +   1132d ago
its like some people think that with something new automatically means you have to stop playing the old.
That couldnt be further from the truth.

Oh and oddly enough, given the choice of pac-man's i find myself coming back to the crappy 2600 version. I dont know what it is but it mesmerizes me.
Dark_Overlord  +   1132d ago
Regarding Pac Man, sometimes simpler is better :) The new Pac Mans added way too many unnecessary things :)
SAE  +   1132d ago
If ps4 gets an impressive/stunning games that makes ps3 games look crap or less intresting to play then 2013 will be the last year for my ps3 ...

Ps3 still have amazing games to play such as
The last of us
God of war
Mgs gz
Mgs rising
Tomb raider
Gta v

And others that i dont remember, so ps3 still have life and stuning games..
ScubaSteve1  +   1132d ago
yet no word on agent, ff versus 13, last guardian
AJBACK2FRAG   1132d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)

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