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Assassin's Creed III Wii U "exactly the same" as other versions

(GamesIndustry International) Game's creative director weighs in on new Nintendo hardware, excited Wii U edition is "not like some radically diminished version" (Assassin's Creed III, Industry, Ubisoft, Wii U)

DivineAssault  +   1040d ago
Thats comforting news to those who plan to get it on wii u.. That means that this version is actually the best of em all (if u can use the pro as well).. The wii u loads WAY faster than the others & the gamepad options just add more to the package.. Did i say the wii u loads fast? BLAZING FAST & i really like that about it.. No game installs or anything..

I just wont ever buy it on here cuz im getting the vita & ps3 versions for the extra missions & comfort of using the dual shock.. I personally do not like how the gamepad feels when i used it.. Plus i will have all the others on one system..

This is good news for nintendo tho
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krazykombatant  +   1039d ago
I'm a ninty fan and I find this ridiculous, although I've lost interest in the Ass creed franchise, i find this absolute b.s considering how Ubi is raising the price of the game by nearly £10 in retail stores when compared to their x360 and ps3 counter parts.
jmc8888  +   1039d ago
That's not the developer, that's the store.

Here in the states, all Wii U games are either $49.99 or $59.99. (in case you don't know the standard price for a game is $59.99). The $49.99 are usually the lower end games that generally see deep discounts soon afterwards. The PC version is $49.99 of Assassin Creed 3.

So don't be mad at Ubi, be mad at the stores that are charging you more.

N4G even had an article a few days ago about stores in the UK gouging their customers on all the new Wii U games. So it's an across the board screw job by your stores, not the developers.
richierich  +   1039d ago
I would prefer if the Wii U even looked slightly better as I was planning on getting AC3 for it but Im kinda put off after reading that looks exactly the same as PS3 and 360 versions
etowntwo  +   1039d ago
Yeah me too.....

Seriously, wtf.

But it should still be a native 1080p and 60fps...... Right? Plus with the much faster loading times..... The three things should make up for it.
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WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   1039d ago
I'll need help finding it since I can't locate it at the moment, but surprisingly to myself also, Nintendo themselves mentioned some 3rd party games that would be 1080p and AC3 was one of them, albeit, I don't remember them stating it would be 60fps. Like I said, it was surprising to me also that they mentioned this. I think it was a link provided by IGN but I still can't find it...
Ck1x  +   1039d ago
I just knew from reading the title that people were going to come in here and suggest that he's speaking specifically of graphics, when he's not! Why would he say the game is the same across all platforms when we know that the PC is for sure going to be better looking version. He's simply speaking to the overall experience of the game across all platforms will be the same... To Many people are over analyzing every word that these company figure heads are saying, just to make a story out of something that's not even there!
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zebramocha  +   1039d ago
Anyone with a understanding of the horsepower that PCs have would get it should be better when comes to graphic but to suggest a multiplat can differ from platform doesn't make sense unless,each game was some how different from one another,I know this is being taken out of context but I'm pretty most who read the title thinks it's a reference to graphics because even if you ignore input device,it's impossible to experience the game differently because it was design the same a cross the board.
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TheUndertaker85  +   1039d ago
"but to suggest a multiplat can differ from platform doesn't make sense unless,each game was some how different from one another"

They're coded differently. Coding at its base creates the game.
zebramocha  +   1039d ago
@theundertaker Even with different coding,the only thing I've seen affected was,reduced fps,less enemies or the visuals weren't same so coding alone won't affect how you experience as much because the game is still the same.
TheUndertaker85  +   1039d ago
No, no they aren't unless they want to be caught in a lie the same day they wrote out the article


Plus there's also bonuses coming for those that play AC3 and AC:L for PS3/Vita. Some details are in that same blog post while others are yet to be released.
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Cam977  +   1039d ago
Who cares about graphics on such a fantastic game?
ape007  +   1039d ago
technology push gameplay limits(talented dev needed)
jmc8888  +   1039d ago
The PC version of the game is going to be unbelievable.

I've got a 360/PS3/PC and getting a Wii U, but without a doubt I'm getting the PC version.

It's the only one to have DX11, ultra textures, and absolutely will have 1080p, and though I don't have a display that does better than that (well that I use, and old NEC CRT 4:3 that'll do 2048x1536 that I don't use anymore), the game will on PC will do well beyond 1080p for those that have the display and PC horsepower to do it.

The game will be great on all the systems, it's not about that. But if someone has every option available to them, the PC version will be the best by quite a wide margin.

The reason people care is because the game will be great on all platforms, but on the PC you'll have amazing graphics AND an amazing game.

Though this article does not state what the Wii U version will contain in terms of added effects, textures, and resolution over the 360/ps3 version. It may be the same or may be better, even if better, it won't be what the PC can do.

Having versions on PS3, 360, and the PC, I can definitely say the PC version is by far the best looking. For AC3, they are adding much to it to make it even better. Great environments with better textures AND again DX11 effects. The PC version is set to blow our minds.
Cam977  +   1039d ago
Samus HD  +   1039d ago
Ok.. this isn't bad
lilbroRx  +   1039d ago
Games do not make themselves. Putting the same game in a different box will yield the same game regardless of how much bigger the box is. If the devs don't ad anything new, there will be nothing new.

Straight ports speak nothing for a consoles strength or weakness. The only current games that show what the Wii U can do are Rayman Legends, Wonderful 101 and ZombiU.

Arkham City Armored Edition has potential, but I doubt they will make good use of it.
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Neonridr  +   1039d ago
Trine 2 runs 1080p / 60fps something the 360 and PS3 versions could not do. That is why the Goblin Menace DLC was never released for those systems and only PC. The developer said that they would have to make too many sacrifices to the visual fidelity of the game in order for it to run on the PS3 and 360.

Nice that the Wii U version didn't have to be scaled down at all, as that game is a beauty to look at.
Hufandpuf  +   1039d ago
When I saw the game running on Wii U compared to Ps3, the Wii U's lighting looked noticably better. Now they are saying there is no difference?
jmc8888  +   1039d ago
Yeah like stated before by other people, they are talking about features.

In the past, like with the Wii, you couldn't have CoD games on the Wii like you could on the PS3/360/PC....so they made their own version and called it something different. Still a CoD game, but different.

That's what I take these remarks as. That all the versions will be the same base game.

It's quite obvious the PC version was always superior to that of PS3/360, so that right there is another clue he wasn't talking about the graphics. He was talking about the game itself.
Hufandpuf  +   1039d ago
Oh ok, thanks for clearing that up for me
Ck1x  +   1039d ago
I'm glad that someone else got this interpretation and not just me... I was beginning to think that most people just don't read for themselves anymore!
Walker  +   1039d ago
NO!!! WII U is Next-Gen, definitely !

Edit: sarcasm :| !
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Neonridr  +   1039d ago
Actually this is great news for Wii U owners. I remember a few months ago Ubisoft went on record saying that the Wii U version would be missing some lighting and various effects from the 360/PS3 versions due to a lack of time to get it finished. Now clearly they have ironed out those issues and are putting out the same product. The fact that the Wii U on day one can put out a game of AC3's caliber which is 7 years into the 360's life is great news.

Does anyone here remember a game that looked as good as AC3 on the 360's launch? I didn't think so.

While I would have liked Ubisoft to push the Wii U version a little more, minus the extra content the PS3 version gets, the Wii U at least isn't missing any of the core elements to the game. Although they didn't exactly comment on resolutions or framerates, but I guess we will just have to wait for the side by side comparisons come launch.
Sucitta  +   1039d ago
Rare's Kameo was a launch game that looks as good as anything released to date.
Neonridr  +   1039d ago
what about games like Quake 4, King Kong, Tiger Woods 06, Gun, Fifa 06 and Call of Duty 2. They still look like amazing launch games?

You are definitely entitled to your opinion about Kameo though. A game once in development for the Gamecube turned to 360. I think there are many more games out there that look better than Kameo, but because of it's fantasy nature, it's hard to compare to realistic looking games.
lilbroRx  +   1039d ago
Kameo wasn't a port, and it was made by a exclusively for the 360 by a 360 dev.

Kind of odd to see people insisting the Wii U's graphical limits upon straight ports, but then we see detailed exclusives used for the other consoles measurements...

Why does no one use Trine 2: DC or AC Armored Edition for comparisons?
ape007  +   1039d ago
lol is there anything on dreamcast that look exactly like N64? it should be 60 fps at least, i remember rayman 2, vigilant 8, shadow man and hydrothunder ran 60FPS on Dreamcast compared to N64 let alone the gfx upgrade, remember that the gap between N64 and DC was 4-5 years not 7, not hating on here but this is underwhelming news
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Ck1x  +   1039d ago
Here are the exact 2 quotes that Hutchinson made about AC3 on WiiU! Nothing more or nothing less. So I have no clue as to why people keep talking about the graphics when he never once mentioned that...

"I'm super excited whenever we demo the Wii U," Hutchinson said. "It is exactly the same game that's on the other platforms. And I know that sounds ridiculous, but it's been a long time since I've shipped a game on more than three platforms where you could say it's all the same. It's not like some radically diminished version, so that's exciting."

"It's always a challenge with new hardware, but it's also exciting," Hutchinson said. "I love the smell of new plastic, that day you get home with your new piece of kit. And it's been a long time since we've had a new piece of kit."
Indo  +   1039d ago
Don't expect much from multiplatformers. Learned that a long time ago. Expecially with a new system Iike the Wii U just coming out
metroidfusion2  +   1039d ago
How come only a few people know what they are talking about in this site or any site
lee82988  +   1039d ago
You guys do know these 3rd party game developers will never say the game looks better on a specific console right? Why? If you're getting paid by each console company for the game, your bias opinion will cost them money and will eventually cost you money.
lilbroRx  +   1039d ago
Except they already have and still do. The Battlefied 3 dev said it looked better on the PS3. The Skyrim dev said it looked better on the 360.

The Alien's, Colonial Marine's dev have said that it looks and plays best on the Wii U. The Trine 2 dev says it looks and plays best on the Wii U. The FIFA 13 dev says it looks and plays best on the Wii U. The Toki Tori 2 dev says it looks and plays best on the Wii U. The SEGA All-stars Racing dev says it looks and plays best on the Wii U.
lee82988  +   1039d ago
I never heard any of these developers say a their game looks better on either system. I did see the Fifa wii u interview and there was no such claim. The developer stated it looks good as the other system. You can actually see that he wanted to say the wii u version looks better, but he didn't. It's obvious they know which version looks better, but there job is to influence you to get the game and not just for a specific console.

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