Tomb Raider boxart

Square Enix has shared the official boxart for Tomb Raider, courtesy of the game's official site and Facebook page.

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GraveLord1734d ago

*Sensitive fanboys please stay away*

Is it just me or does that green Xbox 360 logo just not look right? Not just with this game, many others as well. Mainly those with dark box art.

Cam9771734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

I don't like it full stop, IN MY OPINION (note that fan girls), it is ugly and ruins nice boxart. At least PC and PS3 games have a less attractive colour which makes the boxes look less childish, allowing me to enjoy the art.

Anyway, I think I preferred the old one with just Lara's face. To me, this is... Boring.

GirlsGeneration1734d ago

Nice i like it. I'm looking forward to this game alot

betan211734d ago

i like it sold^^ i been playing tomb raider games since it im a fan