Illegal downloaders 'face UK ban'

People in the UK who go online and illegally download music and films may have their internet access cut under plans the government is considering.

A draft consultation suggests internet service providers would be required to take action over users who access pirated material via their accounts.

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PumPum3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

Waste of energy time and resources.
Its too hard to define which bits and bytes are illegal, almost impossible unless you DL/UL 200gb of movies/week which makes it obvoius.
Current torrent clients have Protocol Encryption (PE), Message stream encryption (MSE) and Protocol header encrypt (PHE).
Besides hackers and pirates(the whole scene) are allways one step
Things like this and monitoring everyting you do on the net will only make ppl angry and pissed.

What if i download mp3 files from itunes or recieve a mp3 that my friend literally made himself by playing guitar and using a mic and naming the file metallica.mp3. Gonna get sued or cut off because of that?

Companies should reconsider their pricing methods instead.
Paying ~22€(EUROS) for a cd or ~60-75€(EUROS) for a game is pretty F'd up if you ask me and piracy will only grow until changes are made.

50 Cent doesent really need 50 ferraris in hes garage and 10 mansions with a learjet waiting on the airport.
With cutting the price he would still be getting about 25...and thats still enough.

my 2 cents

Kakkoii3589d ago

I think they would check there DNS servers and see what pirated material websites you visit. And thus ban you.

(Of course you could use OpenDNS to avoid that :). But they could still see what IP's your connecting to and ban you for visiting those sites.)

But yeah, Policing the traffic itself is to hard.

PumPum3589d ago

Say what you are saying is that i cant even visit a site like TPB?(which is just a tracker and no files are on the server)

You know many legal files are distributed by torrents linux....etc..
And 99% of illegal content is DL directly from other users(millions of em)

Kakkoii3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

False PumPum. That only really applies to music.

For games and movies. Torrents are the main source for illegal copies of those things. Due to them being such huge file sizes.

And yes there are legal things on TPB. But the majority of the torrents they have are for illegal files. And while what they are doing is legal. An ISP may choose to block them since it is a source for finding illegal material.

Yes the files come from other people. But allowing your customers to download torrents to be able to download that illegal material is something they would want to stop.

PumPum3589d ago

But where do they draw the line? I mean you can find lots of illegal things with google for example. They dont host the files either but just like a torrent tracker they have the links to illegal material.

Kakkoii3589d ago

Yeah I know. But unlike google. Pirate Bay is only for torrents. Google is just a search of the web. Even if google brought up illegal material websites. They would have the websites blocked so you couldn't go to them.

But anyways. Yeah it's all confusing as to how everything would work. Theres so many variables and issues to deal with. I wish all this crap would just stop.

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riksweeney3589d ago

The worst bit is that ISPs just block all P2P exchanges, meaning that I can't download Linux via a torrent, something that I'm legally entitled to do.

What I have to then do is encrypt my protocol so that I can download the torrent, something that I'm legally entitled to do.

ravinash3589d ago

Plus, wouldn't blocking all P2P exchanges stop online gaming on consoles?

bourner3589d ago


ar3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

Here I come.
As much as I want the post office employees going through every mail and packet i send through them and as much as I want my telephone company to listen in on my conversations, as much would I like my ISP to sniff my traffic. That means not at all.

3589d ago
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