Linus Torvalds: Why Users Aren't Flocking to Linux

The Linux Foundation has posted a long and thorough two-part interview with Linux founder Linus Torvalds, part of the Foundation's "open voices" podcast. The first part of the interview focused on the Linux development community, while the second part sounds off on everything from patents and innovation to the future of Linux.

According to Torvalds the reason Linux hasn't taken off is that most people are happy with the way things are. "If you act differently from Windows, even if you act in some ways better, it doesn't matter; better is worse if it's different."

Torvalds also attributes much of the frustration with Windows Vista to this same reason. In other words, it's not that Vista is worse than XP, but it's different and that causes distress among users.

Torvalds thinks that since the basic uses of the desktop have been established, changing it in some radical way is more likely to alienate users than impress them.

The transcripts of part one and part two of the interview are available through Wired Blog.

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Kakkoii3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

You can't improve on perfection.

I have never been using my Windows XP, and thought... Hey it would be nice if XP had this.. Or XP had that.. blah blah. ( And even if I did want something. There is most likely a mod out there that will add that feature to XP :P )

XP has all I need and will ever need. There is no need for me to change to linux or to Vista. What do they offer that I actually need or want?

Security isn't a problem. That's what my virus scanners are for. Any security measures an OS takes, will eventually be overcome by hackers anyway. So why care even. Just gotta keep your system clean with scans.

Vista just takes more resources.. And Linux.. Well lets just say 98% of games are made for Windows. And of those 98%, very few are Linux compatible.

Microsoft should have just improved on XP. Made some sort of update that includes DX10 and some other stuff, that costs money. That would have sold a lot better and would have had a very warm welcome.

People are HAPPY WITH XP. So why try and make them switch to something that they really don't need.

mighty_douche3725d ago

Linux could get support from the major game developers there would really be no reason why you'd ever run a Windoms machine again.

Azurite3725d ago

The only way I see that Linux is different, that makes people avoid it, is that it's not user friendly.
There has been vast improvements with good LinuxOS releases last decennium or so, but as I see it there's still much to improve on user friendliness.
Linux feels more or less like "analog in a digital world" so to speak. -imho

gnothe13725d ago

I agree, linux isnt that user friendly, I think thats what explains my frustration with using YD on my PS3. I cant get anything to work, I have read up on it alot but still no progress!! but i dont want to delet it either. there may be a YD breakthrough one day!!

v1c1ous3725d ago

with pc, its like going to the car dealer and buying a car with your hard-earned cash. maybe a mid-end car that has issues, but takes you where you want to go.

with linux, its like someone gives you free car parts, but you gotta build your own car.

icechai3725d ago

is with linux, while it may run better, you won't be able to buy certain parts or mods that you can have with windows or apple brand "cars".

The biggest reason I only use Linux on my desktop server and not anything else is because it does not let me run certain programs for Apple and Windows that I can't live without. Some people have made replacement programs but they are nowhere near as good.

That being said, Linux does have a much better file handling system, more stable OS (never had to reboot), streamlined updating and program searching within the OS.

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