The start of an Xbox ecosystem begins with Windows 8 and SmartGlass

Microsoft’s new OS ‘Windows 8′ is set to launch this week on October 26, 2012. The new operating system brings so many new features to PC and mobile devices, but for gamers it’s a complete entertainment ecosystem. One that no other software or console company has achieved before.

Windows 8 will bring many of Microsoft’s major divisions together at last. With Windows 8 customers will have a seamless experience between their Xbox Games library, their Microsoft Music library and the Xbox video library. All of this media will be available on their home console, their smartphones and their tablets. It’s bringing each of these major services together that I feel is Microsoft’s greatest accomplishment and one that customers have been waiting for. Xbox users will have the ability to browse for Xbox titles on their PC, or even find PC games that are available from the Xbox service. All of this without even turning on their Xbox. Music and Media is being shared like never before across al...

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Cherchez La Ghost1973d ago

I'm very curious of using this on my Samsung tablet and phone.

darthv721973d ago

i have a GS2 so i will be on the waiting list for the next several months. that is, unless MS gets things working much sooner than expected.

When i was looking at a new phone, I had a choice of the GS2 or a focus flash (yeah, i like samsung). The deciding factor actually came down to one little thing. An 8gb microSD card i had from my previous samsung phone.

Go figure, the focus flash did not support external storage. I know the original focus did but that was not available to me as an option. So i went the droid route. I have to say, I like the GS2 but wonder about things being different if i had gone the wp7 route. I know all my zune music and vids would work without question and built in support for exchange.

The GS2 is still nice and it was speedier than the focus flash too. No regrets. Will those who have WP7 be able to upgrade to WP8 free like IOS has done from 4-5-6?

Information Minister1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Owners of WP7 devices will not be able to update to WP8. Free or otherwise. Microsoft confirmed it several months ago: .

ThanatosDMC1973d ago

You can try Win 8 all ready and it's like a phone/tablet. Also, looks like MS will force lots of game to be connected to Live which sucks especially Steam games. I hate those errors with gfwl.exe, VS Redlist always needing to be reinstalled, and skype and live interaction which screws up some video recording.

Anyway, Win 8 is lot more power hungry and requires more RAM when not running anything compared to Win 7 Ulti (2.12 gb).

JBSleek1973d ago

Really? all reviews pint to Windows 8 not only being faster but less power hungry and more efficient.

nukeitall1973d ago

My personal experience is, unless you are talking compared to Windows 98 (or older), Windows 8 is by far the the fastest or at least on par with older Windows.

It is far more resource efficient too and every other report I read seem to match my own experience.

Don't know what you are talking about!

ALLWRONG1973d ago

"Anyway, Win 8 is lot more power hungry and requires more RAM when not running anything compared to Win 7 Ulti"

That proves you have zero experience with Win 8.

ThanatosDMC1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Dunno, maybe the way i installed it? I have triple boot.

I have 2.0 i7-2630QM, GTX560m with 16gb of DDR3 ram. What are y'all's specs?

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isarai1973d ago

Smart Glass is a pretty good idea, but it really can't be used in situations requiring precision and speed. I mean i've used some great programs using you smartphone/tablet as a remote device for things such as TV remote, Mouse/Keyboard, etc but it's not built with this in mind and has some pretty high latency times.

Used in moderation and kept in slow paced moments of the game this could go far, but seriously, no one should try and make this a Wii U alternative

nukeitall1973d ago

First you have to ask yourself what Wii U uses it for and secondly the lag on a personal network is well below 10ms and is closer to 1-2 ms.

So as a way of lag there should be very little issue.

Now precision, that is a touch screen issue and also affects Wii U.

Ironically, if Gaikai can stream games, imagine doing it in optimal conditions like with SmartGlass?

StrawHatPatriot1973d ago

Sorry if I sound stupid here but what does games for windows live or xbox titles from windows 8 mean/refer too?

Eldyraen1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

@StrawHatPatriot (as I'm an idiot):

Well Games for Windows Live was MS's attempt at an Xbox/Steam like PC gaming market that didn't get much support. It was tied to your Xbox Live account but cost nothing to use, but it was also very bare boned compared to XBox Live on the 360. I think they're planning to make it a bigger thing with Windows 8 but I haven't tried 8 and not sure how much I care to till I hear more about it.

Xbox titles from windows I'm not sure of other than there are a few XBLA games that are apparently also coming to the PC for Windows 8. I have no clue if they're 'free' if you already own them or if you'll have to buy them seperately for pc as it may have compatibility differences. Granted it could be something completely different but just signed on Live and downloaded new update and it showed a couple basic Arcade games for Windows 8.