SmashRadar: All four control schemes reviewed and rated

GamesRadar writes:

"Many people wondered just how Smash was going to work on the Wii. Would it use motion sensing? Would it need the nunchuck? Had Nintendo in fact, painted itself into a corner with the Wii's control system and totally buggered up one of its best franchises? In the end our questions were answered with a grand total of four control options, old and new. They vary wildly in both approach and quality though, so here you'll find our thorough rundown of how to get the best out of Brawl."

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permutated3785d ago

Find it hilarious that the only control scheme that works decently well are not the default schemes, they're other controllers entirely.

Kind of a bad image to push.

PS360WII3785d ago

Fighters can't be all that with motion control. Not yet at least, maybe in the next gen if it's still used. This outcome was what I was expecting. Classic Controller works great but GameCube is still the best

desolationstorm3785d ago

He gave people options, I knew well in advance I wasnt gonna use anything but the gc remote. I even picked up two wavebirds from japan to use for the game. Just nice to have wireless for the gc now never had the money while in college. This way they are not forcing anyone to buy certain controllers I think its a good idea. Oh and I have always been very happy they didnt tack on motion controls.

MasterChief28293785d ago

Darn, am I the only one who hates the GameCube Controller?

ChickeyCantor3785d ago

no there must be hundreds of others, but personally i like it, its more suitable for arcades and honestly the controller is great for Soulcaliber 2....but not for 2d fighters like street fighter.

not for all games but it does have its place.

wiizy3785d ago

these guys are clowns.. my cosin got the japanese version and im enjoying playing it with the wiimote and nunchuck.

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