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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Review VGZ

Videogameszone reviewed Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

+ great action
- bad story
- AI problems
... (Medal of Honor: Warfighter, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) -

Merrill  +   789d ago
Probably the exact same problems as any COD game, but will end up with a much lower score just because of a title.

I stand by the last MOH as having a FAR superior campaign than any COD this generation, definitely my favourite campaign out of any FPS this gen other than KZ2.
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FPSRUSSIA  +   789d ago
i agree i have bought medal of honor warfrighter these morning great game campaign is great enjoying it alot same with 2010 medal of honor but enjoying these one more
chaldo  +   789d ago
Thank you for pointing that out? You know what I do not get?

When cod comes out, it gets 9s. When Battlefield 3 or MOH come out with the new frostbite engine, it gets low scores.. Is anyone else seeing this? I am not sure how cod keeps getting 9s and 10s each year.
slaton24  +   789d ago
the reviewers are being paid to give them 9s and 10s..MoH warfighter is fun and i myself like it more than cod..u can disagree if u want but i am the one that is sayin that I like it more you can like whatever u want
sandman224  +   789d ago
Because to enjoy the frost bite 2 engine you must play the games on a PC. On consoles the engine doesn't justify how great the engine is.
DARK WITNESS  +   789d ago
To be honest I am not a MOH fan, the last one completely put me off the game. I didn't like anything about it at all....and from what I have seen of this one, well I have not rushed out to buy it which says it all really.

However.. I think Cod, well ever since MW2, has had way over inflated scores. it really is annoying. it's when I think of MW that I really don't look to scores from these so called reviewers.
yaz288  +   789d ago
I think cod doing their campaign better because its thier game .. they don't look into other games .. and that's the problem in moh 2010.. its 100% rip off

I wish they would rip cod guns, kill animation, and pacing (I was so annoyed by how many fucking doors were in the game!), that way I can see it being maybe a little better. but cod still has its breathtaking moment which is why cod sp is so awesome and can't be ignored .. like the ending of mw3 which is super insane brilliantly made ..( I was like how are they going to top mw2 ending?! and they did it!) the whole level was one of the most craziest.. woooow cod levels ever
rezzah  +   789d ago
MW3 ending was dull, after it happened I thought "that's it?".

Was expecting the level of chaos from MW2, but MW3 lacked interesting intensity. In fact Black Ops had a more gripping story, I actually remember BO story more than MW3. This is surprising since IW is the creators of the COD series, there is an expectation of amazing creativity in all levels of their creation.

Treyarch may have to continue the torch if they continue with gripping stories, despite ripping off another's creation.
yaz288  +   789d ago
dull, no it was satisfying. ( and you get actually to play with price!)

knew that someone gonna bring black ops up, I fucking loved bo, I agree it had a better story , and that was kind of surprise actually, but it had its issue also, still I prefer mw3, the level of excitement it had. I believe that it was well played, acted and had crazier ending (and it sticked!, and because its not so annoying, didn't feel it was trying too hard like others games) one thing that that favor mw3 are the characters .. price, soup , makarov .. I was so exited to see how they were going to play out now since mw2!! there is another scene which surprised me like SHIT!(didn't see that coming ) the "makarov.. knows.. yuri!" scene ,fucking brilliant! I don't know why other game can't fucking do their shit right ,, bf ..moh.. etc and how cod get it right every time

anyway mw3 had allot of memorable scenes and fucking satisfying ending.

I am really looking forward for bo2 .. really cool stuff what they done with story.
lilbrat23  +   789d ago
I must say I am really enjoying this game a lot, a few glitches here and there but with a patch it would be good. I prefer this MOH then the previous one.
calibann  +   789d ago
No, COD has a way more polished and interesting multi player(albeit it's yearly instalments are getting old).

It's the multi player that gets it higher scores than Medal Of Honor.
isyourhouseonfire  +   789d ago
MOH is too far behind COD to even be compared. It's completely fine to be a fanboy, but at least add that disclaimer to your post...
Bumpmapping  +   789d ago
Watching the Gamespot preview carbon copy of COD 110%!Brings nothing new to the table.Love how every one says MOH campaign is so much better yet it does every thing COD has done trillions of times.I'm sick of COD also no way im defending it,but it makes me even more sick that people who are so called tired of COD series defend this crap.It's a vicious cycle I don't see the COD trend wearing off any time soon in the near future.
GrahamGolden  +   789d ago
except that MOH cae out way before CoD so if a game is cloning anothr thats CoD,do your homework next time kkthxbb
IK IR Y IP T  +   789d ago
yea and the 2 guys who made modern warfare 1 and 2 came from the moh team mean they made moh 1st
slapedurmomsace  +   789d ago
MOH 1999....COD 2003...

cat facts
slapedurmomsace  +   789d ago
Bumpmapping12m ago Block

MOH reboot 2010 MW1 2007 cat facts.God people are slow on this site next!

slapedurmomsace3m agoNewEdit | Delete

I see I butt hurt you, good...good..let the evil flow thru..

Watching the Gamespot preview carbon copy of COD 110%!Brings nothing new to the table.Love how every one says MOH campaign is so much better yet it does every thing COD has done trillions of times.I'm sick of COD also no way im defending it,but it makes me even more sick that people who are so called tired of COD series defend this crap.It's a vicious cycle I don't see the COD trend wearing off any time soon in the near future.

And where did you mention the reboot?? or MW1...you didn't...

cat facts brother...cat facts..

bumpmapping PM's people when you hurt his feelings..as a warning to the rest of all us slow people
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ALLWRONG  +   789d ago
MoH and CoD are the same damn game, even created by the same people. Every time you diss CoD, you diss MoH.
Npugz7  +   789d ago
Its unfortunate but I think the medal of honor series is doomed because it seems like people assume its going to suck even if it doesn't!
trancefreak  +   789d ago
BF3 Sp was MEH but the MP rocked. I want a game that has both SP MP to knock my socks off.

But I have to agree with your statement. MW came out at a time of opportunity it had a lot going for it in 2007 and set a trend and name recognition.
R6ex  +   789d ago
IK IR Y IP T  +   789d ago
moh is way better multi and campaign 75% of the moh campaign is based off shit that really happened cod weapsons no thank you moh is authentic thats what the military really uses
aviator189  +   789d ago
I wish we'd see more world war/past war games in the current market. It seems as if modern warfare paved the way for a modern-setting-exclusive landscape.
Athlon  +   789d ago
But earlier in this generation of consoles, there were a lot of past war games as well. I was actually getting tired of those initially. lol
aviator189  +   789d ago
yeah, me too. but now, it's just too much modern fps everywhere..

I just want a nice mix of both because I'd happily buy a world war game if it came out. I think I just click more with a game that has events that have already happened.
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Lou Ferrigno  +   789d ago
so.. now we are stuck somewhere in between.. what must we do now? lol :)-
Grimhammer00  +   789d ago
I got sick of WW games...blops falls into that for me.
But, moh2 mp weapons feel great. Dedicated servers on consoles is nice, criterion made the road vehicle sections which feel great. There's a loT to like.
There are flaws and glitches that need patching.

So far from mp....I'd give it a 8/10. Its very responsive with no descernible lag.
TENTONGUN  +   789d ago
i agree mp 8/10
leemo19  +   789d ago
Played little bit of Mp of it, it has so much potential but God Ea is ruining that chance with all the dang bugs on it. I don't think MOH 2010 had this many problems when it came out. Danger Close gotta get the Mp fixed at least by next week the bugs are problems they hurt the game.
rezzah  +   789d ago
The previous title was a great game for its SP, never played the MP though.
aquamala  +   789d ago
PS+ owners get the 1 hour free trial, graphics doesn't look too good to me
Soldierone  +   789d ago
People saying "oh but you love COD" No. I hated MW3, but will admit to liking the others. I also LOVED the MOH reboot. However this (Warfighter) is clearly a "see we can do it better" game as MOH attempts to be the COD version of Battlefield.

The single player was awesome, already beat it though and it felt un-complete at the end. The online is a different story. Its buggy, full of camping, and looks horrible for some reason.....I honestly thought it would just be the beta that looked so bad, but the actual game?

Community won't last, just like the first one. Which sucks.
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josephayal  +   789d ago
Nothing can Beat Call Of Duty Series
sly-Famous  +   789d ago
Forget about this BF and MOH crap EA!, give me Black 2
Zha1tan  +   789d ago
my head just exploded looking at the awful layout and presentation of that website...
KontryBoy706  +   789d ago
Only problem I have with this game besides the awful spawns and dumb menu system is that it's TOO MUCH like Call Of Duty...
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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   789d ago
LMAO... a MOH Story about it's review... and everyone is so insecure about their purchase or game of choice, everyone is attacking COD in here. Ha ha ha ha.... Nobody mentioned anything positive about COD because this is a MOH news story, yet still the insecurity and need to bash COD.

Black Ops 2 has people in fear right now. Amusing.

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