2008 Predictions for Sony - gives the first of three articles announcing their predictions for 2008. This article is what they believe Sony and their Playstation line will do during this year.

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mugoldeneagle033751d ago

1) Sony will not only announce a new 120-160GB SKU, it will also come bundled with the Dualshock 3 and come in White & Silver colors.

2) Along with the introduction of the new SKU, it will be announced that it will still have the $499 price tag as the 80GB had. This after production costs were cut in half along with introducing a smaller Cell chip, which also reduces cost. Because of this...

3) Sony will drop the 40GB to $299. I dont know when, but they will. If I were Sony I'd do it after GDC, right before GTA IV. That way sales will compete with Microsofts "Exclusive Episodes" campaign they'll be sure to run

4) Speaking of Dualshock 3, they'll announce at GDC that controllers will start arriving on store shelves mid March priced at $50. They wont have a "Trade In" special for the Sixaxis adaptors

5) MLB 08 The Show will be the highest rated Sports game of 2008. Sadly it wont compete with Madden in terms of sales.

6) MGS4 will sell over 1 Million copies on day one. Also expect Sony to commercialize the game heavily.

7) Killzone 2 will be delayed until Q1 2009.

8) Final Fantasy XIII & Gran Turismo 5 will both make it out by Fall 2008 to critical acclaim.

And I'm starting to get tired, this Poker games wearing me out. Anyways that's what I got along with a few other insights on the PS EYE, Home, etc.

green3751d ago

Sony will drop the price but i don't think it will be before summer because hardware sales are good and they are now making a profit from both hardware and software.So they would like to ride the wave like Microsoft is doing.I think a price drop will arrive in 3-4 months.

If iam not mistaken,this is the 1st time in console history that all the hardware manufacturers are making a profit all at once.Some more than others but profit all the same.Which means more competition, which will result in better services and games irrespective of the platform you support.

Chuck Norris3751d ago

FF XIII will not make it this year in any languanges. GT5 will most likely be released Q4 in Japan.

avacadosnorkel3751d ago

this was informitive if you know nothing. Although the limited edition idea behind the new SKU PS3 is different I guess.

Armyless3751d ago

I'd rather hear legitimate predictions than some random drag-queen's.

vloeistof3751d ago

i readid it wrong i was @ school i know ff xiii wont come out this year

Kaz Hirai3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

Victory for the Sony Soldiers!


XBOX 3603751d ago


My American engineering team couldn't make a paper bag.

Kaz Hirai3751d ago

It's not your fault you were made by the despicable Nazisoft. It's a shame, you could have been a half-decent console. But not as marvellous as my PerfectionStation 3!


VigorousApathy3751d ago

FF 13 will never come out this year since they'll want to make sure it doesn't suck like FF 12 did.

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