Too Human - Lawsuit and Hands-On Gameplay Update.

Gameplayer has gone live with an in-depth update on Too Human, which includes a look at the current state of developer Silicon Knights lawsuit with Epic Games over Unreal Engine 3, and a hands0on analysis of the gameplay.

"Mass Effect meets Dynasty Warriors, by way of Devil May Cry."

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dachiefsman3592d ago

while these previews are nice....I would like to see some fresh gameplay vids from their latest build.

I have hopes for this game...hopefully it delivers!

green3592d ago

dont worry you will see them at GDC.Thats when we will know if Denis Dyack has made a master piece or not.

Qbanboi3592d ago

Man i feel like this game is just a rip off of others game. But there is not anything better... so...

kn3592d ago

4 pages of lawsuit. 1 page of sparse gameplay update with nothing more than an "overview of the game" and a 1 page timeline. I'd like to know how the framerate is shaping up as that was the biggest issue.

SlappingOysters3592d ago

$50 bucks says Too Human doesn't see the light of day till Q4