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Submitted by kenpachi 1206d ago | article

PlayStation 3: The Final Hack

EG writes "Trouble for Sony as new custom firmware and security keys are released." (PS3, Sony)

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Tired  +   1206d ago
Ah crap...and so it begins...
GribbleGrunger  +   1206d ago | Well said
A sensible comment from someone who knows what they're talking about:

'I think Sony are laughing their butts off. The CFW that is out is bricking a lot of 3.55 PS3's - the only people who would benefit from this leak are those who already have CFW installed. Newer PS3's have lv0.2 which can't be cracked (the private keys are with Sony and no where else) so can't go to 3.55 to get the CFW.

So we have pirates who have no real change, they just have an update to their CFW, normal users who can't use the CFW and pirates who have now lost their pride and joy, their 3.55 PS3's so will have to get it repaired or spend a fortune on a used fat with 3.55.

Sony will have learnt a lot about security with the PS3 though so the PS4 should be very secure, I'll be very surprised if it's ever hacked unless Sony make a major mistake with the software or hardware that gives an attack vector.'

It's a hack of a hack people. So only those that have already hacked the PS3 can use it.
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shoddy  +   1206d ago
These day hacking any device isn't really beneficial.

They all have fw update wich is a pain in the buttock to keep up.

I still waiting for IOS 6 jailbreak and unlock.
TronEOL  +   1206d ago
See, this sort of works two ways. This whole hacking thing sucks horribly (or at least did) for normal users who just want to play and enjoy video games (you know, the reason Sony makes PlayStation), but, it also allows Sony to beef up their security. To say the PS4 won't be hacked, tho, is kind of unrealistic.

It may last longer than the PS3 did (which was very long, and only hacked because something was stolen, which is illegal), but someone will get it eventually.
kane_1371  +   1206d ago
I doubt they will make it easy for PS4 to be hacked at all.
The PS Vita is pretty much impossible, why should PS4 be any less
guitarded77  +   1206d ago
@ shoddy

Exactly. If some of these guys have such a passion for running custom software for specific hardware, then build a custom PC and go crazy with Linux. If you buy a console, or phone or whatever, they are designed to perform specific tasks implemented by the designers... So we purchase those consoles, phones, etc because we want access to those services on that design. If these hack/crackers are so brilliant, there is an entire industry in which they can work and bring their constructive ideas to life. I can certainly appreciate pressing the envelope to tear through the abstractions of hardware v software, but if it's just about free games and phone calls then the hack/cracker in that case is nothing more than a thief with too much knowledge.
Autodidactdystopia  +   1206d ago
Man you guys get worked up over the dumbest shit.

sony will fix whatever the problem is and ittle be over with.

people are gonna do what people are gonna do. nothing whining can do to stop it.
andibandit  +   1205d ago
I guess we all knew the PS3 would face this day at some point. Too bad it was a fun ride.
Danbruno1310  +   1205d ago
I like you comments gribble. Your crazy but I like u
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1205d ago

Who are you to tell someone what they can/can't do with their own device that they purchased?
GribbleGrunger  +   1205d ago
True. If I buy a crowbar, no-one should be able to tell me not to break into your house and take your money.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1205d ago

You can straw-man all you like. It doesn't support your argument any better. I can come up with a million different situations that SOUND terrible, but are related in no way whatsoever.

Fact of the matter is, it's your device. You do with it what you please. If you want to hack it, you hack it. If you want to pirate, then do that, but you may have to deal with consequences. But who are you people to actually tell a person what they can or can't do with WHAT THEY PURCHASED WITH THEIR OWN MONEY.

In fact, the people saying that modifying their devices isn't even worth it, the fact that features come about that Sony, Apple, or any other company would have never included way outweighs not jailbreaking/modding it.

I have my ipod jailbroken, and I do not even use it to download apps. The functionality increased by several 100%, but according to you I'm scum and villainy. The fact that you clowns automatically jump to piracy as the number one reason that a person would want to modify their device speaks wonders about your insecurities and your loyalty to a company that doesn't give two craps about you.
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CommonSense  +   1205d ago
right.....cuz we know the hackers will just stop here and not have a new firmware update within a week. those hackers are notorious for being extremely lazy and unmotivated........

@ZombieNinjaPanda: you'd think these people had something to do with the creation of the system or the software...the way they get so bent out of shape over something that has nothing to do with them.
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GribbleGrunger  +   1205d ago | Well said

I don't recall calling you scum. You're argument is flawed in a fundamental way but I doubt a long drawn out explanation would convince you of that. You need to protect your position in order to justify what you do.

I bought my PS3 to play games. How many of those games is down to developer support. If I play copied games then the developers have less reason to support the PS3. This leads to me having less games to play.

No matter what you use cracks for, others use that same crack for something less benign. If what you are doing allows you to play games for free, then people have the right to complain about you because you are removing the incentive for developers to support the console. Ask any PSP owner

Walk into a store, pick up a CD and walk out without paying. Do you think your argument would stand then? What's the difference? It's a product that someone has made that you should have paid for but you didn't: theft.
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yeahokchief  +   1205d ago
Thank you for this comment. I am totally buying a PS4 next gen over whatever Microsoft puts out.

Through their ordeals they will have learned so much since this generation. And they handled the attack like pros giving us free games and stuff.

And they don't spam us with ads like microsoft, they don't give into the lucrative sales to casuals, they have free online and they have been pushing out some great new IPs.

TheLeapist  +   1205d ago
While I agree with most of everything you're saying, what you stated there isn't the definition of theft. On top of that pirating games also isn't theft. It's actually copyright infringement, which of course is just as illegal and admonishable. The more you know.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1205d ago
***"The fact that you clowns automatically jump to piracy as the number one reason that a person would want to modify their device speaks wonders about your insecurities and your loyalty to a company that doesn't give two craps about you."***

Ummm that is the number one reason why a person would modify their device.... well I'm pretty sure it isn't reason number 28....

Don't tell you're one of those people that think that most PC gamers that pirate a game only do so to test the game before buying it.

Please, we all know people want stuff for free.
r1sh12  +   1205d ago
The only reason the ps3 took 'so long' to hack is because all of the big hackers did not care, but once sony gave them a reason to be angry they opened up the system.
All systems/hardware/software are prone to hacks, its a matter of time.

Back to the article - I dont know how these USBs will be used, I assume most users will have a more up to date FW installed.

Sony really wont even take notice of this, the console has to be already hacked for this to work, and of all the PS3's out there I assume its less than 1% (generous) that are hacked.
AsimLeonheart  +   1205d ago
Hacking has one benefit; it results in more hardware sales. I live in Asia and over here people are poor. An average person who works 10 hours a day only earns around $200 a month out of which he has to pay for rent, bills, food, clothes and transport. A passionate gamer may be able to buy a console after saving bit by bit for a couple of years but he could never afford to buy $60 games when he has a family to feed. He only has one choice either to quit gaming or get a hacked console. Therefore they buy the console brand which has been hacked so that they can play games for a cheap price. For several years XBOX360 was the most popular console over here because you could buy a pirated game for as little as $2. That is why XBOX has higher sales; it is more popular in third world countries like Pakistan, India, Philippines and Malaysia. Nobody bought the PS3 because it was unhackable but after the CFW 3.55 hack we were able to play PS3 games finally. The hacks only result in sales for the console in third world countries and more total sales. Consoles are not officially released over here so the sales appear in sales numbers from their respective regions. I know people hate pirates and hackers but for us guys they are like heroes and saviours who allow us get a taste of the fun and pleasure of gaming. If there were no hackers, we would never be able to experience any of the great games. It is a necessary evil for us...
yeah0kchief   1205d ago | Spam
monkpunk1  +   1205d ago
@ zombie

Ok i paid for it but i also bought my House, where there are clear and spacific rules about what you acn and can't do. i decide however to modify it, i put an extension on, raise the roof 10ft build a garage, even have chickens in the back garden etc etc etc...

Local authorities see this due to either complaints by their other residents or by just checking an area. i am forced to remove everything as i did not have permission, planning etc etc. in other terms you may own the device however you do not own the abilty to mess with everything on that device. Its called control and when it affects others i.e. me getting online for a game it then affects the masses and further stricter measures are taken and enforced. it's a minority of bloody minded people that insist and continue to try to push little boundaries all the time for very little or no benefit to others.

Sony may not give a hoot about me personally, although i am a customer and i think that customers are respected and their needs are looked at very closely, whatever you want to say about any company customer service be it excellent or pants they still invest millions into maintaining a certain image that they and every other company in the world try to do. if you had someone that affected your business and customers you would certainly look at ways to make sure your customers were protected, unless you really did not care about their personal details being leaked and you name being bad mouthed in the press. How much did the downtime cost? i don't have the figures but i'm sure it wasn't pennies...

Go and build something on the side of your house (modification) then watch as you are forced to remove it, or taken to court if you dont!
GribbleGrunger  +   1205d ago
Just read back through this from last night and have to say: 'what an half-baked argument from me that is'. Up late/No sleep/Oh dear.

But in essence, I stand by what I waffled.
d0nni3  +   1205d ago

You're using the same argument everyone does to justify this and i'm the same, it's a nonsense argument you own the hardware and yea you can do what you want with it, the thing you don't own is the software and when it comes to editing software you have no rights at all.

I have a jailbroken phone and i've modded my consoles in the past but i know full well in the eyes of the law i don't have a leg to stand on when i start playing with the software.
violents  +   1204d ago
Anything can be hacked and it's stupid to think it's impossible to hack any device, essentially thier only hope is to make it as difficult as possible for it to be hacked, not to say they havent done that or anything but either way its unlikely but not impossible.
Pushagree  +   1206d ago
The PS3 has remained an unhackable console for the last 6 years and it will continue to be unhackable until the end of time. Sony will just keep patching any holes they find and arrest anyone who hacks the ps3. If you want to steal games, do it on PC where there is no console war. Sony can't afford to have anyone stealing games or hacking into psn. They have a war to fight and they will win.
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yoonakron  +   1205d ago
A war to fight? No, my brother who is stationed in Afghanistan has a war to fight. Sony's just another corporation that wants to make money and is protecting their interests. Ease up on the hyperbole, it's just videogames, here.
yeah0kchief   1205d ago | Spam
r1sh12  +   1205d ago
Sony might be doing great in the gaming division, and having 'core gamers backs'
But lets not forget the other things they have done in the past.
Not having backwards compatibility even though it was possible, or the CD root thing, or how they did not let customers know about the hack for a few days. Thats a few things

You can say the RROD was a catastrophe but MS at least provided a free repair service and an extended warranty.

All large organisations just want to effectively make money, so if thats the primary goal everything else is secondary..Like its customers.

Also if a person does not yet have a console, now is not the time to invest in a ps3 or xbox 360. Wait for next gen or the Wii U.
Chucky2003  +   1205d ago
well you're right and wrong,if these LV0 keys are for real,SOny can't do shit anymore,they need a new hardware,so they actually released the new PS3 slim,that one can't be hacked,but the people who still have fat consoles and early slim versions they can jailbreak it,if these LV0 are the real deal,it means ever update Sony will make,they will be able to break it
Sony to arrest anyone who hack a PS3,dude don't be so naive,wake up,Sony again can't really do that,the first time it was easier for them because those guys brag about,it was easy to find them,then there is the problem with the laws,every country has there own law,and not every country is that harsh about piracy,deal with it,piracy was before you were born,and it will remain after you are dead
Cam977  +   1205d ago
I'VE JUST UPDATED MY PS3 and singstar is ON THE XMB!!! WHY?!
AsimLeonheart  +   1205d ago
This hack wont hurt PS3 sales because it only works on some of the older slim PS3 models that or on FW 3.55 or less. The new super-slim models are still unhackable because they have different LV0 keys and even most of the older models are getting bricked. Rogero who created and uploaded the first CFW 4.21 has pulled it down due to large number of bricks and is testing the CFW again. So to those hoping that this spells the end for PS3 should go back to their caves. If hacking killed a console then XBOX360 should have been dead a long time ago. It is the most easily hacked console and in my country I can buy a pirated XBOX360 game for only $2. As a matter of fact hacking only helped XBOX360 maintain its sales lead because it is is cheap to own and play one
scottd  +   1205d ago
@ AsimLeonheart Your right and hacking did not hurt Wii sales either, it was hacked within the first year.
AsimLeonheart  +   1205d ago

Your absolutely right, I completely forgot about the Wii. It is the most selling but the most pirated as well. We even have fully working Wii emulators but still it has sold more than any other console. I think the best strategy for a company is to earn profit on each console sold and let it be pirated just like Wii. It will become hugely popular in the third world countries and there will be a lot more sales and profit as well.
LUKENBACHER  +   1205d ago

Really? Sony will just "patch it up"? Are you sure?

The SOCOM franchise has been hacked ruthlessly for over 7 years straight. It started on the PS2, and it has carried over to the PS3 for several years now. It has completely destroyed the competitive community that has played it for over a decade. Some of us have been waiting a long time for Sony to "fix" it to no avail.

You can log on to Confrontation on the PS3 right now and run into people flying through the air with unlimited health, unlimited ammo, fully automatic sniper rifles, can turn invisible, can have a 20' knife reach, can freeze rooms causing hard reboots, can force matches to start prematurely, can have 1 shot kills, no recoil on guns, and see where everyone is at on the map at any given time. The same thing happened on the PS2 and was a major problem all the way up to the point where Sony shut the old SOCOM servers down last August.

Be careful what you claim, because not all "hacking" is just done for pirating software. There are some fanbases out there that have had their favorite franchises completely ruined by extreme hacking in online servers and have begged and protested Sony to fix it since 2005.
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bad naruto  +   1206d ago
F*CK Hackers, they think they're doing the greater good, pushing companies like Sony to further the limitations on legit user with access/online keys to play and shit.

this will backfire i tell you.
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SAE  +   1205d ago
Pass codes not because pirates , because they are greedy , 10 dollars for a pass -.- even though hackers cant play online when they hack , so thats not the reason to blame hackers , there are benefits and bad things hackers do , i really dont blame them this generation because of the companies greed ..

Pass code is like dlc's that shouldnt existed in the first place ...
Lord_Sloth  +   1205d ago
If you buy the game new and support the company you don't have to pay for the online pass so that is a horrible attempt at justification.
SAE  +   1205d ago
People buy and sell used things for thousands of years , so why sony wants to change that ?. Its just greed when they dont want people sell the games and it had nothing to do with hackers at all , some hackers pirate and that you can blame , but you cant blame them for the limit stuff that sony do such as pass code , 2 ps3's per account , one account attached to the vita ...etc , digital games cant be sold thats why i know the ps4 will focus on that ...
wishingW3L  +   1204d ago
@Lord_Sloth buying used games is not illegal.
b_one  +   1206d ago
Damage Control
brish  +   1206d ago

That debate is about people suing Sony because Sony was robbed.

Imagine if you had a friends files in your home. Someone breaks in and steals your friends files then your friend sues you because you didn't prevent the thief from stealing their data.

Sony didn't "leave the door open". They had measures to protect peoples data but they were hacked. Sony didn't "give out the data" either. It was stolen.

The case is stupid because Sony (the victim of the theft) was getting charged with the theft.
#3.2 (Edited 1206d ago ) | Agree(26) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
born2live  +   1206d ago
Not quite...

It's more like if you told your friend he could leave his money in your home in case he wants to buy something from you, and the money gets stolen. I think Sony has a responsibility toward those people, and that dismissal sets a dangerous precedent for other companies (imagine a bank that says it has no responsibility to return the stolen money to its customers)... Sony was not getting charged with the theft, but it was responsible for the data they were holding on to. A bank would have gone out of business after something like that...
calis  +   1206d ago
Except no body lost anything of value with the PSN hack so your example isn't the same.
DragonKnight  +   1206d ago
What responsibility? No CC information was leaked because it was encrypted, and the other information is accessible through a phone book or google. So what exactly do Sony owe people who had nothing taken from them?
born2live  +   1205d ago
@calis and @DragonKnight
So you guys think it's ok for a company to sell your private information to anyone willing to pay for it (I know Sony didn't sell it, I'm just projecting your reasoning into a different scenario)? Just because it's already available to everyone? why don't you guys just get your social security number tattooed on your head?

If you think that data has no value, then think again: why would anyone steal it? To prove a point? Which point would be: "Sony can't protect your personal information"? And you don't think that Sony is liable for that?
#3.2.4 (Edited 1205d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report
DragonKnight  +   1205d ago
Your name, address, and telephone number are all public information already. If someone wanted that information they can get it with the click of a mouse or the flick of a finger. Why should Sony be held liable for information that is PUBLICLY AVAILABLE ANYWAY?

You have no argument. The only way your argument could succeed is if CC data or other, equally sensitive information, was stolen. And guess what, it wasn't. So again, how can Sony be liable for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING happening to anyone's money, or credit rating, or life in general beyond a month without online gaming?
born2live  +   1205d ago
Because it opens the door for something worse?
DragonKnight  +   1205d ago
Like what? The possibility of hackers decrypting CC card data? Not possible. Sony has no liability in being a victim. That's like blaming a rape on the raped instead of the raper.
darkpower  +   1205d ago
The problem actually was that people believed that Sony knew that they had a security hole in their system, and chose to ignore it because since no one found it and no one chose to exploit it, why should they bother using resources to do anything about it. It was not a difficulty security hole to jump through, but it was seemly overlooked for so long.

Then, when the hole was found, they blamed the people for finding it, not themselves for leaving it there and choosing to be lazy because no one knew it was there. Then they took a really extreme measure that many saw as unnecessary given the situation, and using piracy as a scapegoat to remove a feature that they always wanted to get rid of (but couldn't because some early PS3 adopters were using it so religiously).

They had the responsibility, they chose to do nothing, then blame the people for finding something they should've done something about before it was found, and took draconian measures while being snobby about a group of game developers that have really done nothing wrong (unless you ask Sony). How does that NOT make us want at least a truthful explanation?
vega275  +   1205d ago
@ dragonknight

You don't know if people had their CC info stolen or not so please stop assuming they didn't. Most people would not come to a gaming site to report their credit card info has been misused. Second Sony or any other company aren't going to tell you if peoples Credit cards was stolen to minimize lawsuits and uphold peoples faith in the services.

You really think Sony would tell people their CC info was stolen. You think Sony is in financial troubles now, people would have a field day with the lawsuits and Sony would be held liable. Their best move is to convinced you that nothing was taken and offer identity thief protection.

Plus people that have said something about their CC being used after the hack. Was called liars cause Sony said so.
Cam977  +   1206d ago
Bladesfist  +   1205d ago
I did not know that what other people do with the hardware they bought effects you. Sure hacking PSN or some service that effects others sucks but modding your own hardware. I just see that as a buyers right. Piracy on the other hand is also bad.
Majin-vegeta  +   1206d ago
Oh you know this story is gonna get hot asap-_-.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1206d ago
So from the article PSN is at a very vulnerable state? I hope Sony fixes this real soon before serious trouble comes knocking.
solidworm   1206d ago | Bad language | show
GraveLord  +   1206d ago
Get a life hackers.
Sony will patch this shit up real quick. Hopefully also ban these people.

No, has nothing to do with PSN being "vulnerable" in any way.
memots  +   1206d ago
Don't feed the troll . Look at his comment history.
MrDead  +   1206d ago
Just keep taking them to court Sony. I’m sure every other company that suffer from this will support any legal action taken as to present a united front is the best way to combat them.
MrDead  +   1206d ago
Looks like all companies pulling their resources, working together and presenting a united front isn't the best way to combat this.

n4g knows best.
MeNoRasta  +   1206d ago
ps3 will always get hacked
Steven21  +   1206d ago
Uhhhhh? It's hardly been hacked at all. It's the least hacked console this generation by far. There is no need to be a troll bro ;) we all know the truth here
Ducky  +   1206d ago
... so are we just ignoring what happened in May of 2011 now or what?

It might not be as hacked as other consoles, but it still gets hacked, like almost any other piece of hardware.
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fabod86  +   1206d ago
Are you stupid? The article talk about the PS3 hack, not about the PSN hack.
Ducky  +   1206d ago
^ The article talks about a hack that bypasses PSN's security, giving already hacked systems access to the service.
So the article is talking about the PSN as well as the hardware, since both have to be hacked.

That, and I'd consider the PSN to be very much a part of the PS3 anyways.
#10.1.3 (Edited 1206d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(8) | Report
InTheLab  +   1205d ago

You don't need a PS3 to access PSN. The PS3 and PSN are not the same. If they are, that means my computer is hacked as well as my Vita because both have access to PSN.

Not sure what you're on about with the PSN breach. Sony themselves shut down PSN after an outside intrusion. It's not like someone dug around in some files and found the off button...
ShaunCameron  +   1205d ago
For as long as there's people who think they're entitled to something and trying to justify it through their interpretation of consumer rights.
jerethdagryphon  +   1206d ago
the only way to avoid it would be a fully integrated on die and only on die encrypt decrypt system omne where no signal ever gets out of the cpu so nothing could be sniffed
Prcko  +   1206d ago
gen is over,screw you hackers hahahaha
Neko_Mega  +   1206d ago
So once again the FBI are going to hunt down another person -_- why do people have to screw up things for everyone else?
1nsomniac  +   1206d ago
What I dont understand is why we have all this "The final hack of all hacks" talk. Its the LV0 keys, which is exactly what happened before which was again the "unfixable hack" & all Sony had to do was change the LV0 keys through a firmware update. Have people forgotten this. Does the same not aply this time?
Ducky  +   1206d ago
It's a bit different this time. Last time around, I don't think it was the LV0 keys which were released, but rather it was the psn passphrase.

Changing the pass-phrase like before with a firmware update won't be as effective for Sony because the new passphrase can now be decrypted quickly.
#14.1 (Edited 1206d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
1nsomniac  +   1205d ago
No it was exactly the same, it was Lv0 keys. Nothing has changed thats why im so confused.
Qrphe  +   1206d ago
Why do so many people care if they're not hacking their PS3's?

Many of these CFW users probably would have never bought many of the games they hack anyway so let us stop complaining about this very small minority and stop kissing Sony's (or Microsoft's or Nintendo's) corporate ass.
swishersweets20031  +   1205d ago
will we see some free games again?
DarkZane  +   1205d ago
You need to be on fw 3.55 or below to even install this. There is no way to install a new cfw if you're above that version for now and I doubt there will ever be a way. Whatever holes allowed them to install a new cfw was patched in 3.56+.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1205d ago
This oughta help some fanboys sleep tonight!
Burning_Finger  +   1205d ago
Probably that dweeb Geohot is back on the scene. He got bored of Apple's inferior technology and coming back for more ass beating from Sony.
3GenGames  +   1205d ago
"This was followed up some time later by the release of tools from hacker group fail0verflow, which allowed users to encrypt files for the system in the same way that Sony does, allowing for a new wave of piracy."

Complete bullsh**. They hacked it to get Ubuntu on the system after Sony themselves removed the option to do so because they were running unsigned code on the Ubuntu side. And they SUCCEEDED. It was NEVER for piracy, Sony brought it upon THEMSELVES. It wasn't hacked until they asked for it and restricted the people that just wanted to tinker. That lead to it being fully hacked, and in turn, the tools used for piracy by people who only want it for piracy.

Pro tip of the day: Don't deny computer programmers of programming hardware that they want to. They will hack the sh** out of it until they know more about the system than the people who created it. Sony is the reason it was hacked. The fail0verflow guys were just doing what they needed to do to do what they wanted: Program the PS3.
Hicken  +   1205d ago
Because those guys kept what they did to themselves, and NOBODY used that for piracy, right?

Wake up, man. That dream is long over.

Whoever they were, they knew damn well what their "doing what they needed to do" would result in, as it happens every time.


There's no defending it. Stop trying.
3GenGames  +   1205d ago
If they don't tell other people who want the same thing, how would they help them? Like I said, when they had the Other OS option with Ubuntu installed, it went 2 years just fine. When they removed the option, it fell in pretty much the same time span as all other systems, about 5 months. Sonys fault. Homebrew is a right, not a leisure. Stop it and you deserve to be hacked, and then pirated for trying it in the first place.
darkpower  +   1205d ago
So...just because someone CAN use it for piracy, everyone WILL?

You're saying that people are going into there being guilty until proven innocent. That's what the RIAA tried when they went after people who DLed music. Look what became of THAT!

Simple fact is that you can't do that because it paints the legit consumer as a thief because they want a feature (say, OtherOS or whatever) that's not, or no longer, inherently available on the PS3. Of course you can do things that are illegal with anything at all. Does that mean we should just sit in our houses on a chair all day and be hypochondriacs?

In fact, the EFF filed a motion to the copyright courts to allow jailbreaking of gaming consoles, so if that goes through (no reason to say it wouldn't), it would make console manufacturers HAVE to let you jailbreak consoles. Perhaps it'll take that to change perception to innocent until proven guilty.
ziggurcat  +   1205d ago
classic delusional hacker defense...

listen, buddy, has the reason why companies like sony, MS, etc... put such strict restrictions on the devices they put on the market ever occurred to you? pro tip of the day: it's because of hackers hacking "the s**t" out of things instead of leaving well enough alone.

and if you think these people aren't doing what they're doing for piracy, you're even more deluded...

edit: homebrew is *not* a right.
#20.2 (Edited 1205d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
joeorc  +   1205d ago
@ziggurcat exactly 100%
ps4: release, gamer "hey how come the PS4 does not come with a Hard drive standard, the PS3 did, or Wait i have to enter a code now to unlocke my game for server authentication with game data contained only on line the disc just allows you to access the game online multi-player. Single player is OFF line though. Enjoy more restrictions in the future people because thats where were headed. if that allows anyone to freely jail break, you are going to get less, and less investment into expensive to develop IP's more quick pick up and play games, IE: more Mobile type games built for Living room Consoles. so Hackers just may get what they ask for and everyone else gets screwed..yay!

awesome..way to break an industry, its already getting to the point of Many development houses have switched over to Mobile anyway. free open jail braking lowers investment into Ip's not increases, because people will still pirate, and those that do far and away out number those that do not.

remember without these companies making Game consoles there is none, though i would imagine the point is now it would not really matter beacuse Mobile development has taken center stage, welcome to the new Gaming market enjoy, were going to be here for a very long time.
#20.2.1 (Edited 1205d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
ajax17  +   1205d ago
Won't load... thanks for the cached page google!
galest  +   1205d ago
fuck yeah, I was waiting for this moment for a while
bub16  +   1205d ago
the ps3 has already been hacked. everything from now on is cracking! sony will patch it. peeps will "crack" the updates
rulakir  +   1205d ago
Hackers should all go to prison for doing stupid crap.
lsinbsdf   1205d ago | Spam
solar  +   1205d ago
Cloud gaming consoles next gen confirmed
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   1205d ago
This is great news!
TheLordOfStuff  +   1205d ago
So... Nothing has changed? U still require 3.55 or below, OMG..... Nah still nothing, this news is so unimpressive/old/troll bait, not to mention written by someone who simply doesnt REALLY understand anything they are writing about.
ashcroft  +   1205d ago
It's you that doesn't understand. It requires 3.55 for the moment. LV0 is the highest level in the firmware where the core files reside. LV0 has lv2self.diag which is used to access service mode.Once they modify that file you'll be able to downgrade to 3.55 and then up to 4.25+ cfw.

Along lies metldr which is the bootloader, this cannot be updated or changed...they are closer to cracking this now. Once this gets cracked...ANY ps3 slim, super slim...ect will be hackable.

With LV0 keys available sony can update their firmware and have it cracked in a few hours...metldr needs the keys in LV0 to be the same otherwise the ps3 won't boot.

You might want to do some research before posting ignorant comments.
Muerte2494  +   1205d ago
I see your point...
But it too little too late if you ask me. This console generation is about over. So I doubt Sony is losing sleep over this. While it might be intriguing to some, most people (myself included) will continue to support developers. I like how people say Sony cause it by removing Linux. Put yourself in Sony's shoes.
*Lose 3rd party developer support
*Loss of potential revenue due to piracy
*Limited release from Sony's first party studios
*Closing of 1st party studio (I know Zippers gone)
*Stock share prices would take a dive

If it was your company, you'd do everything to protect it too.
Silly gameAr  +   1205d ago
EffectO  +   1205d ago
Not surprised that n4g is trying to downplay this.

LV0 keys leak mean that PS3 final line of defense has been broken.War is over
XabiDaChosenOne  +   1205d ago
LVO.2=/=LVO sorry newer ps3s will be incompatible with this.
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