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Microsoft 'very confident' Xbox 360 is UK's best-selling console of 2012

Official data shows Xbox ahead of rivals as industry prepares for holiday spending spree. (Industry, Microsoft, Xbox 360)

mcstorm  +   786d ago
Not a surprise the XBOX 360 has done well at becoming the UKs market leader.

But form the sales numbers ive seen of the Wii 360 and PS3 all 3 have done well this gen.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   786d ago
So Microsoft say the 360 is the best selling console this year?
Wouldn't this of been better coming from someone who doesn't work at Microsoft?
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mcstorm  +   786d ago
Again lack of reading makes people look stupid. It says best selling in the UK which is a know fact the 360 sells more then the PS3 in the UK as we like the USA seem to like the type of games on the 360 better than what the PS3 offers.

I own 2 of each and a Wii as well as a PSV and 3DS so I don't really care who sells more unlike some people.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   786d ago
I agree lack of reading does make people look stupid. Show me where it's a fact Xbox has sold more than PS3 this year in the UK in that article.
I'm not saying it hasn't but where is the proof?
Also it's not even the end of the year yet so lets wait for the actual end of the year results.
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Aloren  +   786d ago
A few days ago sony announced it would be the leader in France this year. They said "We can already announce that the PS3 is and will remain leader in France this year."

They didn't give any proof. They didn't wait until the end of the year. That's how it works.
EVILDEAD360  +   786d ago
So basically from the article Microsoft says GFK charts revealed that they are currently ahead in the UK for the calender year and that Sony will not catch them during the holiday season.

Sony believes with the new Slim model and the release of Wonderbook for the casual market that they are positioned to win.

So basically comes down whether the MS can win on the strength of Kinect and Halo 4.

or will Sony win out the day on the new model and Wonderbook.

Either way we will know in a couple of months.

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TheLyonKing  +   786d ago
PR bullpoo, yes it may be the best selling but top exclusives...what nonsense.

A lot of my friends got a 360 at the start of this gen cause they didn't want to wait for a ps3 and once one person saw the graphics they all didnt want to wait for a ps3.

I got my 360 only 2 years ago and I still havn't purchased a new realse for my 360 (though getting forza horizon) I have been buying the amazing exclusives they realsed much earlier this gen.
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aiBreeze  +   786d ago
To be fair as someone who HATES Microsoft these days, even I must concede they have the number one exclusive this Christmas in Halo 4. Having said that, there isn't exactly much exclusive competition though in all fairness.
CRASHBASHUK  +   786d ago
hmm so not scared about the new ps3 model? soon see what happens at xmas with wii u v ps3 slim ver2 v the same 360?
WetN00dle69  +   786d ago
Man the new PS3 model looks awesome! I want one!
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andibandit  +   784d ago
man the new slim PS3 looks like cheap plastic and dosnt feature the slot in drive, instead they've reverted to the George Foreman Grill, type drive.
On top of that theyve managed to make the new slim more expensive!?!?!?!?!

I much more prefer the Older PS3 Slim.
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josephayal  +   786d ago
Another Supreme Victory in the UK
PS4OUR  +   786d ago
I never thought i'd see the light of day when having more options (in this case exclusive games) was a bad thing.

As another member put, Id happily choose from a range of games instead of just one or two.
Lulz_Boat  +   786d ago
what about EUROPE?? ahahhahahahah
demonddel  +   786d ago
What about it
DiRtY  +   786d ago
US is not the World... Oh sorry.

Halo 4 and Forza will be huge in the UK. MS has a good shot to even catch the Wii in the UK. The PS3 is in a distant 3rd place and not a threat at all.
Picture_Dancer  +   786d ago
Khem, khem:


Probably by the end of this year there should be more PS3 sold than X360
demonddel  +   786d ago
So now we using Vgchartz I can remember awhile ago the site was fake and they was pulling numbers out there arse
DiRtY  +   786d ago
No the PS3 won't pass the Xbox 360 this year. You can count on that.

And even IF the PS3 passes the Xbox 360 in its 8th (!!!) year, it is obvious that MS really was a pain in the &!% for Sony this gen.

The PS3 will end up losing 6 billion USD overall, while the Xbox 360 is a profitable product. Not just now, it also recovered all the losses made in its first years, including RRoD and R&D. And still IF this really happens, there will be people cheering "I knew you can do it, Sony!". Like you are now.

market share is just one way to measure winning or losing. The more important one are the profits and that is where Sony has no chance to ever get close to a 2nd place. This is not fanboy-talk, it is just a fact.
Clarence  +   786d ago
Well of course they will talk about UK, because the PS3 is killing the 360 in over all in Europe, as well as WW sales this year.
darkride66  +   786d ago
What can you say? They pay these guys to play up the system's strengths in the press. Obviously they don't want to focus on ww sales or the sudden sales plunge after their best calendar year ever (traditionally consoles sales tend to cool over a period of a couple of years after their peak. We're clearing not seeing that here with almost a 40% drop over last year for the first 9 months according to MS. PS3 sales are also slower, but not even by half the drop the 360 is experiencing.)

So they focus on the positives. In the US and UK, they're kicking ass versus their competition, and we're supposed to sit back and applaud and not wonder when MS started getting paid not by how many consoles they sell but by where they rank above their competition in localized sales charts.

It's funny. Making these points tend to get me all sorts of personal attacks from the usual crowd but they rarely even attempt to offer a counter-point. Here's a quick impression of the predictable responses I usually get.

"The 360's steep sales decline after their peak year is quite dramatic compared to other consoles we've seen nearing the end of their lifecycle."

"Yeah! Well...you're no fun! And even though what you say is true and you've supported Microsoft in countless posts in the past, you're just a hater and thusly nothing you say matters. When I see an opinion I don't like and can't counter, I dismiss it and smugly assume the other person is stupid! It's the only way I can deal with my day to day when thoughts that run counter to my own will cause my brain to try to escape through my ear. Derp!"
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mac_sparrow  +   786d ago
Have a bubble, I'd rather have more of these posts than many of the others that pop up regularly around here.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   786d ago
"Making these points tend to get me all sorts of personal attacks from the usual crowd but they rarely even attempt to offer a counter-point."

The couter-point would be, "What is the competition doing? Closing studios or ending partnerships left and right while still remaining in the red." You've lost bubble because you troll the articles which in this particular one, it's about the UK, but yet you bring up everywhere else besides that. That's one of the aspects of a successful troll, lol.
Ben_Grimm  +   786d ago
Wrong, you have been countered and corrected many times in the past Darkride so stop it.

We have talked in the past and all it ends up being is you getting upset and then blocking.

Both MS and Nintendo are nearing their console end, and yes there is a sharp decline in sales for both those systems. Many factors can contribute to it. The console being out for over 5 years (hence nearing the end) and the constant price drops and name brand of the PS3. Which is why both consoles have been rumored (fact?) to drop their price this holiday season also.

"So they focus on the positives. In the US and UK, they're kicking ass versus their competition,"

And why not Darkride, Sony focuses on their winnings across everywhere else even though with 360 leading in those two territories is still enough to keep a lead.

And I find it funny that you come to sony's defense about the Vita even though it clearly has not done what Sony expected but you spin it by saying Sony lowered their expectations in sales after a few months on being on the market.. You back up Sony every chance you get with outdated numbers, links to opinion pieces and slam journalists for reporting the situation with Sony but then bash MS without hesitation when their report comes out.

Then you claim you are wrongly attacked and abused when people call you out.

Give credit where credit is due, for a reletively new to hardware company to go against two giants who have been in this game for ever is accomplishment in itself. Sony on their third console after dominance last gen and Nintendo who still won with a system that was inferior to both, 360 still was able to carve a name in there and establish itself.
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demonddel  +   786d ago
Show proof Clarence
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TheKayle  +   786d ago
cmon ppl be honest with urself in europe ps3 sold more coz u can put a custom firmware on it..just without spending money..so they can have all the pirate games they want (and we all know how much big is the piracy here in europe)

xbox can be hacked too but usually they ask money coz is an hw modify...

i got both console with original (updated) firmware but i can tell u that everyone that i know with a ps3 have a custom firmware on it

this is also the answer to why big ps3 exlusives (ps3 in the world sold some millions console less than xbox so isnt this big gap between them) sell 1/5 of big xbox exclusives....piracy.. ..and is also the answer why u pay for the xbl......

if u pirate ur xbox u will no go online or...or they catch u ..
ps3 users dont care about online coz their exlusives arent multiplayer based....(god of war, uncharted, etc etc) so psn will remain aways a step behind xbl.....hoping the next ps4 if ever will be hacked will be hw hacked and not software
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dubt72  +   786d ago
Belking  +   786d ago
Xbox 360 doing well in the UK. Not surprised at all.
DivineAssault  +   786d ago
IDK, I havent followed the UKs charts but Europe as a whole buys more PS3s monthly..

Im curious tho, if the rest of the world prefers PS3, why is the US so infatuated with it?There must be something that 2/3 of the planet sees that the US doesnt..

360 used to put out exclusives that i enjoyed (mostly 3rd party) during its first 3 yrs of life but after that, there was nothing i personally wanted on it..

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