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Xbox SmartGlass not coming to iOS or Android for another six months

Xbox SmartGlass and Xbox Music won't be available on iOS and Android for another six months, Microsoft has revealed.

Xbox Live product manager Pav Bhardwaj said that only Windows 8 and Surface tablets will be available to access Xbox SmartGlass and Xbox Music from October 26.

Windows Phone 8 will support both services when it launches in "late November", followed by iOS and Android in the next six months.

"We've worked really hard to make sure that the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 experience is optimal and perfect," he said.

"Once those are out the way, we'll then start to make any announcements for anything else beyond that, but we think it'll be within the next six months." (Android, iPad, iPhone, SmartGlass, Xbox 360)

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CustardTrout  +   922d ago
It's lucky no one actually wants to use it
darthv72  +   921d ago
speak for yourself
Im bummed it will be coming out later than expected but Im more hyped that its coming to droid and ios in the first place. MS didnt have to do that but they knew it would be stupid not to.
Septic  +   921d ago
Yeah same here. Cant believe it wont be out for another six months. Lame
EVILDEAD360  +   921d ago
Was looking forward to using it with my Iphone in a few days.

I can see from a business perspective why they would hold it back.

Smart Glass essentially is a good 6 month promo for Surface and the Windows phone.

This means the tech essentially wont be available till a couple of months prior to E3 2013.

May end up with a Surface after the holidays, but thought the phone control of IE9 was the best attribute of Smart Glass.

Belking  +   921d ago
"It's lucky no one actually wants to use it"

I said the same thing about home.
stage88  +   921d ago
How wrong you were...
nukeitall  +   921d ago
I really look forward to SmartGlass and hope there will be tight integration/seamlessness between tablet/PC and Xbox.
lashes2ashes  +   922d ago
Then it looks like no one will use it for the next six months.
KMCROC  +   921d ago
those that update their pc , or buy the MS Slates. those people will be using it.
lashes2ashes  +   921d ago
I don't think it works on pc. I thought it was phone and tablet only. And most people will not be buying a slate. Even if slate is amazing everybody will still buyiPad because of name reconation.
DivineAssault  +   921d ago
Do u need kinect to use smartglass? every time i seen it being used, there was also a kinect there.. Maybe it was for the voice commands but idk..

@ Godmars, im sure they would too.. But im not buying it either way.. I tried kinect & wasnt interested in what it did.
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Godmars290  +   921d ago
I'm sure MS would love you to think that.
nukeitall  +   921d ago
Actually, if they wanted that, they would have advertised that!

In fact, doing so works against SmartGlass because it would screw up the marketing message and lower adoption. The whole idea is easy access.

In other words, it is idiotic to believe otherwise!
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darthv72  +   921d ago
simply put...
no. you do not need kinect to use smartglass. Oh im sure there may be a few titles that could use them together but what you are seeing is simply association.

You have to figure they are showing the total package of 360, kinect and smartglass. Kinect is there to be representative of it being part of the 360 experience.

And while kinect is NOT for everyone, it certainly has its appeal to those who enjoy it.
GuruStarr78  +   921d ago
So who exactly is it meant for, then?
MilkMan  +   921d ago
The crazy thing, no one gives a f%#@
ItsTrue  +   921d ago
So why make an attempt to click on this article and comment? Also, judging from the comments it seems that your opinion as a whole is invalid.
Loki86  +   921d ago
Now it seems, the milk man has come back and none of your wives are safe.
Jazz4108  +   921d ago
Really milk face, why dont you go and wait for sonys next financial results which are coming any day and see how many more billion they lost and leave ms articles alone.
MilkMan  +   921d ago
Not sure how SONY got into this thread, but its obvious that MS is once again pulling crap out of their collective bongholes. Trying to 1UP Nintendo on the years it took them to do R&D with what MS does best create a shell on top of existing hardware and software.
This is what smartglass will supposedly do:
– The ability to use your phone and tablet as remote controls for your Xbox 360 so you can use those devices to pause, rewind, or advance entertainment.

– Starting a movie or TV show on a Windows 8 tablet and finishing it on the big screen through an Xbox 360. You can see the names of cast and crew for the film you are watching and discover related films. The upcoming season of HBO Go’s Game of Thrones will offer Xbox SmartGlass experiences.

– Watching sports on the TV while using a second screen to see follow real-time stats, player bios, news, and highlights you may have missed. This includes SmartGlass-compatible versions of NBA Game Time, ESPN, and UFC in the coming months.

– The ability to access Xbox Music on multiple devices, discover related artists and songs, cue up additional music, and read artist bios.

– Internet Explorer for Xbox, bringing web surfing to the TV. You can use your smartphone or tablet to pan or pinch and zoom to explore the web on the largest and best screen in the house.

– Using second screens to enhance the experience of upcoming games such as Forza: Horizon and Dance Central 3.

Half of this can be done with your Xbox controller, but just like Kinect MS has the masses fooled into buying crap they don't need. Your mic works perfectly well, why do you need to shout into your Kinect for commands? Thats right, to pick up ambient sounds.

Nintendo's Gamepad does all this natively, it was designed to be this way. Not a tacked on "new tech"
and the fact that Ballmer states that Xbox is the future and not Windows for Microsoft is a sad thing.

Cause if they are betting the farm on all this "gamers" they might as well retire now.

So yes, in short...half assed measures to simply try and steal Nintendo's thunder can only lead to disaster, although imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
Loki86  +   920d ago
You haven't even given developers a chance to explore this option before shooting it down. That shows blind homerism, there are plenty of applicable uses and a ton of potential for this type of software. Apparently, you are either behind the time on technology or appose any type of new technology, either way the world is socially connected and they want your console to be the same way.
KMCROC  +   921d ago
Can't blame them seeing as how they need to push sales of the MS slates RT,Pro first before sharing their goods . let hope it take way longer.
Blankman85  +   921d ago
Stupid move Microsoft.
aviator189  +   917d ago
SmartGlass for android is already out.

About 6 months early.
1Victor  +   921d ago
Good news I can wait for the beta test to,finish and hopefully my phone won't freeze to death
Crillvirus81  +   921d ago
And people complain about looking down at the wii u pads screen I wonder how they will feel about looking at another screen that there not even holding lol I think smart glass is the most stupid idea ever but thats just me lol
Loki86  +   921d ago
Way to make an assumption based on a technology that developers haven't even had a chance to challenge yet. With MS using the unified approach this is a very smart and solid idea.
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GearSkiN  +   921d ago
Wow how stupid. But make sense
sak500  +   921d ago
Sorry that won't make me go and buy a win 8 product, i'm happy with my Galaxy S3 and will wait for the app to come out on it.
aviator189  +   917d ago
You don't have to wait.
SmartGlass for the android is already out. 6 months early. :)

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