16 Best Multiplayer FPS Maps Ever

Gameplayer has gone through the biggest and best FPS games of all time and taken a shot at pulling out the 16 most memorable and notable in this article.

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lovedaddy3594d ago

Stopped after reading 747 for counterstrike.

Radiomorph3594d ago

You didn't miss anything.

Lowlife3594d ago

747 was surely one of the CS-maps that actually really really sucked. Big time.

FirstknighT3594d ago

Uuuuuuum, what about Lockout from Halo 2??? Best competitive map I ever played.

I don't like Narrows....I veto that one every time.

Marceles3594d ago

I had to look through the list one more time to find out de_dust isn't on the list...747 but not dust? wtf? I'm glad they added Stack on Goldeneye though.

*checks list once again to make sure de_dust isn't hidden somewhere on another page*

I can't believe they didn't put that..or at least aztec, but not 747

Mycococo3594d ago

is their exclusion of any cod4 map. maybe cause all of them should of made the list and they couldnt decide so they just left the game out. BUT INCLUDING 2 PERFECT DARK MAPS!what?(perfect dark and perfect dark zero) still. they are fuucks!

SlappingOysters3594d ago

de dust is a horrid map. I hate it.

My vote would be for office.

spandexxking3594d ago

that list was crap. wheres R6V's calypso casino? and narrows....WTF! stupid list from stupid people....(aussies!) joking!

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The story is too old to be commented.