Xbox 360 Laptop Actually Looks Amazing

Ben Heck, modder of consoles has done it again with his latest iteration of the Xbox 360 Laptop.

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CustardTrout1618d ago

I took a TV down with my Xbox 360 to the Eurogamer Expo last year (About 300 miles) obviously I got a train but it was still a pain in the arse.
But I managed to get a full refund on the TV, score one for me, take that ASDA.

konnerbllb1617d ago

That's your opinion author, it looks like another benheck xbox laptop revision. I'd never use it or be caught dead carrying it.

TXIDarkAvenger1617d ago

Ben Heck is amazing. But I would pass on buying one of these, not very light and slim looking at all.

Hicken1617d ago

It looks cool, but it also looks pretty heavy.

sdozzo1617d ago

I like it. Play upstairs or down.

hard joe1617d ago

too thick for a current laptop

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