The Downside of the Casual Games Boom

Silicon Alley Insider contributor Sean Ryan is CEO of Meez, the former CEO of and the brother of SAI Chairman Kevin Ryan. He blogs at This is his editorial on on the casual games business and conclusions from the Amsterdam Show.

"I just returned from Casual Connect Amsterdam 2008, part of the periodic casual game conference show series put on by the Casual Games Association. This was a really interesting show, since 2008 will be a time of change in casual games, and we're finally seeing the drivers, which are creating both Pain & Opportunity for developers. This post is about the Pain; I'll follow up about the Opportunity. It may seem to be a pro-developer, anti-distributor post, but it's really just about what naturally happens in early stage media sectors as they mature: Small players get squeezed, and must adapt or go away."

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