Xbox Music Could Take Over The World

PopBucket writes: In a marketplace that's full with successful services offering you streaming, downloading and cloud storage, you may wonder why Microsoft is bothering after their ill-fated attempt with Zune. But in the midst of probably the biggest shake-up in Microsoft history, they may well have cracked it this time.

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greenpowerz2012d ago

I'm sold as long as the bit rate is between 190kbps and 320kbps

darthv722011d ago

the zune name more than this. Yet it makes sense that they are trying to create a unified media structure. I mean Apple pretty much did it with i this and i that.

The recognition of a brand in popular culture can have an effect on success or failure. Try to hard to push the name and people may not bite.

jdubdoubleu2011d ago

its always been 320kbps, better than itunes

creeping judas2011d ago

In order to succeed the streaming service has to be made available on android phones too. I feel that by limiting it the windows8 phones they are killing their market. I currently use Rdio, and would switch if I found a better service with more music available.

Ben_Grimm2011d ago

It will be available but after a year release on W8

2011d ago
newn4gguy2011d ago

Spotify is owning it right now. I don't think MS has a prayer.

darx2011d ago

Spotify is weak! The fact I need to link a Facebook account to use is weak. As I do not have one.

If I am wrong I stand corrected.

IronFistChinMi2010d ago

You don't need a FB account.