PopCap: console games have no depth

In an upcoming interview with CVG, PopCap founder John Vechey had derided the majority of console games, claiming that they substitute complexity with depth. Vechey also praised Nintendo for its innovation with the Wii and addressed the reason why PopCap hasn't released a Wii title yet.

Pictured: John Vechey

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Eretik3782d ago

"It's arrogant to say, but I think that most of the games on the Xbox and PC aimed at hardcore gaming add complexity but they don't actually have depth." (c) John Vechey
Very-very-very interesting statement(and related not only to XBOX, but also to PS3, Wii and PC). We have complexity, but we have no depth. It's a reason why last few years I am almost stopping playing seriously. Games are either old or shallow. And personally I do not believe in reborn of games with deep gameplay. Time is over. Now I am playing for fun, for easy fun.

ianp6223781d ago

This interview is dripping with irony. The founder of PopCap games, home of tons of shallow time wasters, says that console games lack depth. (Which he defines as "extra characters and extra powerups"). He then praises the Wii based on the controller (I'm assuming he isn't saying the Wii has tons of titles with "depth", because that would be funny.)

hotshot1273781d ago

IF im understanding him right. but i could be wrong.

Azurite3781d ago

The title imply all games, the quote "most of the games" does not.

Statix3781d ago

He actually says most console and PC games have no depth, even the so-called "hardcore" ones.

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