PlayStation All-Stars Come To Life in New Short Film From Creators of “Michael”

Posted by Mike Webster // Director, PlayStation First Party Games -

Over the past few days we’ve released three short teasers filled with clues and a suspicious 10/23/12 date. As expected, nothing gets past the faithful members of the PlayStation Nation, as you quickly pieced together that these teasers are about PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale.

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prototypeknuckles2217d ago

i called this as an advertisment, it is epic though

HebrewHammer2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Agreed - but all that hype for an ad?

Take the money it took to film this, and throw it at Activision so we can get Crash.

Nick_5152216d ago

Crash is coming. Don't worry about it. He probably won't be here day one, though, but he will be FREE DLC at some time.

Flandy2217d ago

Can't wait for next years version of this trailer :P

RmanX10002217d ago

Somewhat of a let down but creative. Was honestly expecting a lot more than a 2 minute video with nothing more than "Buy this game."

HammadTheBeast2217d ago

Who watches a commercial more than 2 minutes long?

wastedcells2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

That was an epic commercial! It was live action... That is why they hyped it up. It's a fan service and smart marketing. They didn't have to go that far but they did so why hate and I agree you dont use more than 2 min for a commercial. Those wanting a new game announcement why are you surprised.. Did you really think they would announce a new game now? That makes no sense it's right before xmas with sony first party games coming out soon.. Most knew it was an ad right away. New game announcements will come after PSASBR, LBP karting, new R&C and the new GOW..... In the months before E3.. Ya know like every other year.

LOGICWINS2217d ago

^^It's only "smart" marketing if people OTHER than fans get to see this. The majority of people that know that this vid exists are people who have known about PASBR for MONTHS.

In order for this to be effective, NEW consumers must be targeted. Ads shouldn't be about fan service by the simple logic that fans don't need to be advertised to. Fans are ALREADY on your side!

I'd like to see this commercial in movie theaters, especially considering Skyfall and Cloud Atlas are coming up.

FanMan2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

there is more. read the article on ps blog

cloud4952217d ago

This is just a preview.

We’ve created this short live-action film called “The All-Star” to celebrate PlayStation All-Stars’ upcoming launch. The film will debut tonight on YouTube at Midnight EST (9:00PM PST)

Source: PS blog.

smashcrashbash2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Ha. Kratos was pissed that everyone ganged up on him. And cheap shot from Cole from behind Drake. Sackboy seemed to overwhelmed to do much though. Do another with Fat Princess, Jak and Daxter, Sweet Tooth and Parappa please

@ RmanX1000. That is what a commercial is dude.Did you expect them to show ten minutes of footage THEN say buy this game? A commercial is usually usually only a few seconds long. We got two minutes of awesome.

@ VverdugovV why did you think they were going to reveal new characters? Why do people keep saying that.Did any part of the original videos show any indication that they were going to reveal new characters.Why did you expect that when no clue pointed towards that fact?

RmanX10002217d ago

Why so much hype for a commercial though? Thats what im sayin.

FunAndGun2217d ago

because it gets people talkin' know, the thing a commercial is supposed to do.

smashcrashbash2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Because it got people hyped like it was supposed to do. I never understand gamers at all you know. You endlessly complain that Sony doesn't hype or do anything to advertise their games and then when they do anything you complain endlessly about how they do it.They show you a commercial advertising the game and now it's 'Why did you hype it?' and 'Why isn't it longer?' and 'why did you bother?' Why didn't you do it like this or that?' Do any of you really know what you want or has the legacy of PlayStation boiled down to nothing but whiny complainers? The whole Kevin Butler thing was full of nothing but 'Why bothers' and 'take them off' and when they did the 'Sony never advertises anything' started again. It just never ends. Just say thanks for the laughs and the epicness for once and move on.

RmanX10002217d ago

I mean why hype the commercial itself and not a big reveal or anything? I think that wouldve been way more effective. I still think the video is awesome but it was a bit of a let down in terms of all the hype they built.

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