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Submitted by kube00 1207d ago | opinion piece

Can the Wii U repeat the success of the Wii?

The Wii may have been a success this generation but what does this mean for the Wii U? This is a complicated question. The Wii without a doubt blew away the 360/PS3 in sales numbers. This generation became less about which console had the best graphics but what could cater to the masses. But even with this success does this mean the Wii was truly the winner of this last generation and what does this mean for the Wii U? (Industry, Nintendo, Wii, Wii U)

LX-General-Kaos  +   1207d ago
Quite possibly

The Nintendo Wii U entertainment system is launching this holiday season with a very affordable price for a next generation console. Nintendo knows that affordability is one of the major factors for the survival and success of a gaming platform. Strategic pricing plays as a major key factor in blasting the install rate of your gaming platform to successful heights right out of the launch gate.

So far we have all witnessed the supreme innovations that come standard with the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system. Along with next generation graphical capability, and many 1st and 3rd party exclusive offerings. Many great experiences that shed a blinding light on the future of how videogames will be played.

The Nintendo Wii entertainment system was the clear winner of the current generation. Selling upward of 100 million units. Greatly surpassing other current generation offerings as far as sales go. I do believe that it will become increasingly difficult for any major gaming corporation to match numbers like that again. But I do believe that Nintendo and Microsoft have a shot in the dark to toppling the illustrious numbers of the Nintendo Wii entertainment system. Both have done a fantastic job this generation in catering to the masses. Spawning new and unique innovations that have successfully reached out to gamers from all walks of life.

At this point only time will tell the tale

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moparful99  +   1207d ago
Sales don't equal quality. Nintendo was so successful in the sales department because of the Wii's ability to appeal to non traditional gamers. They essentially carved out an entire new audience meaning they weren't competing with anyone. As a self proclaimed hardcore gamer I was greatly dissapointed with the Wii.. I grew up in the Mario generation. My first taste of gaming was on a Nintendo console and my favorite console of all time is the SNES. So I'm clearly not biased, I did not like how Nintendo turned their back on those of us who helped propel them to the valhalla of gaming.. Now they are just chasing money and they have lost touch with the core gamer.. Which is why for the first time in the history of the gaming industry there are 3 home consoles thriving.. Sony and Microsoft have the Core gamers on lock, Nintendo has the casual audience. Unless they walk away from the gimmicks then it will stay that way..
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Gr81  +   1207d ago
Appealed to me just fine. Your narrow viewpoint of traditional gamer of casual gamers is just ridiculous. Wii obviously did something right as it was the dominant console this gen.
zebramocha  +   1207d ago
@arius Mop's comment is not entirely wrong,nintendo were supposed to usher in a new way of how we could play games but they didn't accomplished this fully because the wii mote lacks precision,third parties didn't know how to use it and I believe the people at nintendo didn't understand it either,I based this off of the stuff Sony and razor hydra have shown which suggest more can done with motion gaming,if nintendo came out with new ips this could've help to slow down the stale wii sales and the need for wiiu for some time because their is a reason to hold on the wii.
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ChickeyCantor  +   1207d ago
" third parties didn't know how to use it "

Well there is your creative industry.
They were lazy and money talks.
jmc8888  +   1207d ago
Winning isn't the 'most powerful system', it isn't the the most quality 'system', it's the one that makes the most money WINS.

That's clearly the Wii. I never bought one. Have a 360/ps3/pc.

But even if you want to say quality. My 360 had RROD, disc scratch problem, a hd crash, and now the dvd drive is giving out. I wouldn't call that quality.

Again, you have eyes to see and ears to hear, but you still won't learn. Reread what you wrote, I cannot believe you are even stating that they appealed to a larger audience, and thus garnered much more sales, and......that was their key to winning. Coupling THAT with lesser, cheaper, and for Nintendo more profitable system then MS/Sony.

Remember don't get caught up with certain fake benchmarks in life, as most of it is smoke and mirrors. Go after what's really important and don't get sidetracked.

Sony and Microsoft sold a lot of units, but specifically for Sony they lost hundreds of dollars per PS3 sold the first few years. They may never breakeven this cycle, which means for Sony the whole generation was for nothing. All that work, and not a penny gained.

Of course, they're 'posting a profit' on each one sold NOW, but all totaled the next few years, those profits won't match the big gaping hole that was left from the first few years.

They didn't turn their back on you. What they did is say hey, the people that are entering this business are F*$&#&G crazy, and if we try to match them, Nintendo will be gone.

That's a fact. Because Microsoft and Sony have bigger pull within the debt markets due to their much larger overall corporate size.

Don't you understand the way business works? It's all about debt. How much you can take out. How long can you keep it flowing by paying it back. For game devs, the more big games they release, the bigger it gets too.

Nintendo is the Montreal Expos of the Video Game world, whereas you have Sony and Microsoft as the Yankees, and Mark Cuban led Mavericks. They just cannot compete straight up, because everyone else is willing to lose billions to do it. What you ask is unrealistic, and it is so because of Sony and Microsoft. Their big spending, and debt capacity creates an oligopoly to keep competition away. Nintendo had to go for another strategy and beat them down like a crack ho with clearly inferior technology. Which makes Microsoft and Sony look like FOOLS.

But you see, that's what the distortion of debt financing does. Bend over to the banks and whoever THEY say wins, wins. Until their debt poisons the industry so much, Nintendo runs an end around, around them and cleans their clock.

In other words, Nintendo's strategy is 1000x better than MS and Sony's.

MS and Sony's way is basically to sell everything at under cost and keep anyone else from even sniffing their territory. Why do you think big businesses outlast smaller ones? Big ones can take out more debt, for longer, and undercut the mom and pop stores. They can always have the lowest prices, because those savings are paid for by the debt they take out. Our system is so rigged and screwed up it's well, just look around, it's toast.

Now with the Wii U, the hardcore games are returning. They won't be as good as the PC, and none of the so called (but really none are)'next gen' systems will match the PC, but the Wii U versions won't be too far behind the PS4/720.

Think gaming on very high...not ultra...with few DX11 features versus all of them. Overall that's a slight difference.
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linkratos  +   1207d ago
WHo turned their back on who? The GameCube could have been better but it was clear to Nintendo that core gamers didn't have their back anymore, so they tried to get a different audience.
moparful99  +   1206d ago
@Everyone disagreeing with me.. My point wasn't just "who won" I used to be a huge Nintendo fan as evidenced by my love of the SNES. But for me I felt betrayed by Nintendo... They shoe horned a gimmicky and far from perfect motion contol scheme into the wii to appeal to non traditional gamers.. They turned their back on the very gamers that have been there since the NES. @AriusDion the Wii might have appealed to you but to me and millions of other so called "core" gamers it was a huge dissapointment.
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xflo360  +   1207d ago
@lx-general-kaos#1 you my friend are my hero.

On topic - The wii u will sell out this christmas, thats a near cert. Next christmas when xbox720/ps4 are on the horizon nintendo will reduce the price of wii u considerably and then we will see sales at a level near that of the original wii. By the time xbox720/ps4 release the wii u will likely be half the price of these new consoles from sony and microsoft meaning sony/microsoft will be in serious trouble.
I mean what are parents gonna buy for themselves and/or their kids? a sub £199 console (trust me the wii u will be this price next xmas) or a £400 console?!
I rest my case!
False-Patriot  +   1207d ago
Are you serious? O__o

P.S. It's very funny how Nintendo and Microsoft fanboys are joined against the Sony consoles. It's just hilarious.
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rpd123  +   1207d ago
From what I see it's Sony and Microsoft joined against the Wii U. Either way it's funny.
linkratos  +   1207d ago
? This guy said nothing against Sony OR Microsoft, he is probably the most positive person on here.
Sanquine90  +   1207d ago
NO, the market is to small. I think the wii U does not appeal to the casual audience than the wii did. Parents do not care about new inovation blabla what you said, they want something different. A second screen is not enough. Some people will think the wii U is the same because of the wii mote in the commercial.
G33K  +   1207d ago
No. I want to see it be successful but, it will not sell nearly as much as the Wii and the Nintendo fanboys will have to stop hiding behind sales.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1207d ago
Sort of like PlayStation fans did for the PS1 and PS2 era?

I'm not attacking either console, but rather pointing out that all fanboys are hypocrites. I'm sure you agree.
G33K  +   1207d ago
They are but nintendo fans commonly hide behind Wii and Ds sales when you compare than to others and claim that ps copies nintendo
False-Patriot  +   1207d ago
The PS1/2 had games, not only sales like the Wii. So there is no point in comparing the platforms.
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MultiConsoleGamer  +   1207d ago
It has a yet to be announced feature that will blow everyone's mind.

Also, the original prototype controller was shown at E3 2011 just to get public opinion for the final model.

I mention this for two reasons. One, Nintendo is ALWAYS thinking about the long game. And I when I say "the long game" I mean decades into the future.

Two, Nintendo always likes to hold something back for later in the game.

Either way, the next few years are going to be very interesting.

I must warn Nintendo fans about one thing. The Wii U will not be greeted as warmly by the mainstream press, certain websites, and certain forums. This has nothing to do with the actual quality of the product. Expect a LOT of negativity coming from the "usual sources." This will be an attack on the scale of DS 2006. Be ready.
LX-General-Kaos  +   1207d ago
Intelligent post
PopRocks359  +   1207d ago
I'm not worried in the slightest if that's the case. The DS was initially trashed but it's now one of, if not the most successful dedicated gaming handheld, or even console in general in gaming history.
Shiny   1207d ago | Trolling | show
DivineAssault  +   1207d ago
After a few structural changes are made, it can take this industry by storm..

GAMES GAMES GAMES from 3rd & 1st to continue to flow in.. Plenty of M rated content as well

Features that core gamers are comfortable with like pro controller support for ALL games & maybe accomplishments implemented into a lot more titles..

NETWORK thats strong & competitive going into the future..

If all those things are met as well as a few others, theres NO reason wii u cant be dominant for core & casual gamers
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AlucardFury  +   1207d ago
Nope, they'll try to appeal to the people who game as a hobby and don't have things like unified achievements, cross-game chat and other features that augment the gaming experience while the Gamepad while cool and ripe with potential doesn't have that wow factor as high as the Wiimote when it was shown.
ninjabake  +   1207d ago
Possible, very possible but unlikely.
Cam977  +   1207d ago
yeah0kchief   1207d ago | Spam
dogoodmatters  +   1207d ago
metroidfusion2  +   1207d ago
It depends on many things but we will have to wait and see and I think it will at least sell 50 to 70 million but since it will keep getting 3rd party support and new 1st party games it could go beyond
thebudgetgamer  +   1207d ago
josephayal  +   1207d ago
No never
BlackWolf  +   1207d ago
It could happen, but the future's unpredictable. We'll have to wait and see.
Hicken  +   1207d ago
Not likely.

It's funny how much the Nintendo supporters want to downplay the truth: the Wii saw it's numbers largely through the casual market.

Let's be honest: the majority of sales in ANY market aren't going to be from the enthusiasts. Be it cars, movies, or anything else, the enthusiasts will always be outnumbered by those who are only "interested." In the Wii's case, its target audience was that very casual part of the gaming market; there's no doubt that this focus is the reason for its success.

Stop thinking it's bad JUST because somebody points that out: it's the freakin truth. Nothing more, nothing less. What you do with it is up to you.

As for the Wii U, I DON'T see it being as successful, as its aim isn't the same. The many millions of casuals who bought a Wii will not all see a need for buying the Wii U, and the core gamers who get one won't be enough to make up the difference. It's as simple as that. That's not even taking into account economic conditions and the like.
linkratos  +   1207d ago
Who denies this?
PopRocks359  +   1207d ago
"It's funny how much the Nintendo supporters want to downplay the truth"

Adversely it's funny how people seem to see negativity in everything. Especially in a non-issue like why the Wii was a success. It doesn't change my opinion that the Wii was a good system for both casual and core gamers.
WiiUalpha  +   1207d ago
You can always tell how good a console will do by the amount of hate it gets. Nintendo has a hit on their hands going by how it has Sony fanboys up in arms doing 24/7 damage control.

@Hicken,About casual being main buyers of Wii, same is true of PS2 and PS1. What is your point? BTW you do not speak for the casual market. If you did not a single Nintendo product would ever sale to a casual
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Sanquine90  +   1207d ago
LOL sony fanboys. Your name suggests that your a Ninty fanboy. ;) I think the wii U can not sell as much as the wii. heck, even my grandma had a wii :)This console can not have the same impact as the wii did. Some friends of my that are not so uptodate in gaming think the wii U is some expension... Badly chosen name
Schawk  +   1207d ago
This an easy one, all wii buyers will buy a wiiU, and then some. so that means it will outsell the wii.
wiiulee  +   1206d ago
its a very likely scenario that the wiiu will win this next generation despite all the hate from sony and ms fanboys....nintendo has third party support, introduce a great controller with great features and has a year headstart....
AO1JMM  +   1206d ago
Anything is possible.

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