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Additional character classes confirmed for ‘Borderlands 2'

Randy Pitchford, President of Gearbox Software, has taken to his Twitter account this evening to answer dozens of fan questions pertaining to “Borderlands 2”. When asked whether the game would ever receive any additional character classes by way of DLC, Pitchford today responded, “Yes, we’re working on it”.

This is a very definitive statement. In the past the developer has only said that additional classes were a possibility based upon the performance of “Borderlands 2’s” first downloadable class DLC, the Mechromancer. That has now changed since Randy Pitchford is officially telling fans on Twitter that the game will indeed see more character class DLC packs. (Borderlands, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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nofallouthero  +   941d ago
i hope there's a buff/debuff class added to the game
like when you activate your skill all allies atk and def go up while all enemies atk and def go down for thirty seconds
-MD-  +   941d ago
That doesn't sound fun at all.
Mathew9R   940d ago | Spam
andibandit  +   940d ago

yeah borderlands 2 really needs a "Bard"....
nofallouthero  +   940d ago
sure why not Edward mostly sucked but when he worked he was very useful support class
showtimefolks  +   940d ago
i had a blast with the original borderlands and had a good time with the sequel. but for some weird reason i am not that much into borderlands 2. Its weird because its the only game i bought in a while and bought 2 limited editions.

i am hoping to stay away for a while than go back to it. Its so hard to explain maybe i am just burned out. The 2nd is a huge improvement over the 1st but still can't get into it. I finished it started the 2nd play through on vault hunter mode.

one improvement that i think the 3rd should have is let us choose anything from the skill tree without having to invest 5 points into a useless one before we can get to a useful one. Darksiders 2 lets you choose any skill at anytime. because the commando skill tree has bunch of useless skills like investing 5 hard earned points into 5 grenades only to get the 2 turrets
vortis  +   940d ago
A free-form class build would be really cool, too.

With the added customization features, it would be nice to see something like this become available in BL3.
VileAndVicious  +   940d ago

I hope in BL3 they add alot more abilities with branching paths for each character that way they would feel more varied.But free form would be pretty awesome.
Feylynn  +   940d ago
Buffs and debuffs work on 8 second timers in BL2. They would also be 4 different abilities not one that does all 4 functions. Perhaps a melee override increases your defense and a class ability that has a conditional side effect of reducing damage enemies deal.

Slag is the universal defense penalty in this game so you could get something similar to Scorn, Ruin, or Interspered outburst on one tree.

Or perhaps an elemental specialty tree that reduces the damage dealt by any enemy suffering from corrode.

But this is all Skill Points and will not be the core of the gameplay, that will stay guns.
TheXgamerLive  +   940d ago
Shhhh you didnt hear it from me buuut their adding a claptrap class. His special skill a mini clap or midget with a shotgun.
onyoursistersback  +   941d ago
i want them to bring back Brink's, i like him. just add more funny audio with him that's all he really needs.
PRHB HYBRiiD  +   940d ago
well just play borderlands 1..it makes no sense to bring an old character to the new game...plus u have to pay for it??
Kalowest  +   941d ago
Yep, definitely buying the GOTY edition.
AusRogo  +   941d ago
It's a great game, bit I'm starting to wish I waited for goty too.. ill just wait till there is a DLC bundle sale like there was for the first Borderlands.
Dmd  +   940d ago
I'm waiting for it, but the wait is killing me!
vortis  +   940d ago
I bought the first game and its DLC twice over because I was so excited for Borderlands. I ended up getting the GOTY for the "complete experience".

Never again....never again...
DaThreats  +   941d ago
Giving you the cut content for DLC
xPhearR3dx  +   941d ago
Oh please, Borderlands 2 has more content than 90% of games on the market. Just because they, key word here, "plan" on adding more classes doesn't mean it was cut from the game. Borderlands 2 DLC is being made by another studio. You really think their going to sit on there ass waiting around so people like you don't feel like content was cut? No. It's the holiday season, without a steady stream of content, people are going to move on to other holiday games. I'm glad they're pumping out DLC. I got my $60 worth and all this new content keeps things fresh and makes me want to keep playing.
Captain Qwark 9  +   940d ago
two types of dlc out there, dlc that is cut and/or last about an hour tops

and then there is dlc like borderlands or dark souls which add so much content they easily justify their price.

also when your game is as good as either of those two, give me all the extra content you got and i will happily pay for it all
Dmd  +   940d ago
Not "cut content" as they are only working on this now, after the game was released. This is how DLC should be done by every other developer out there.
cleft5  +   940d ago
I agree with you bro, but this isn't ME3 so people don't want to hate on Borderlands 2 because it's not cool. 5 months later and people still say the new ME3 content was cut from the game.

Now we have BL2 that has an additional character and additional story DLC release within 1 month after the game came out and most people aren't complaining. Within 2 weeks of the new dlc we have another DLC story content confirmed and now within 3 weeks we have a confirmation of new dlc characters. Characters that everyone is going to have to pay for because they aren't included with the season pass, correct me if I am wrong.

Despite this you have tons of people stepping out of the wood works to defend Gearbox and they eagerly await to buy the new DLC.

Now you state the obvious and the whole internet jumps on you. Why? Because it's not cool to hate on Gearbox. See most of the people that was hating on Bioware only did so because it was cool to hate on them, all aboard the hate train, not because they had a problem with paying for DLC.

The few people that had a valid complaint will complain about this DLC, like you are doing. But I hope this shows you how much bs gamers can be full of and this is exactly why we will continue to get a ton of DLC. The DLC won't be day 1 anymore, but it will be within weeks of the game being released.
Roccetarius  +   940d ago
Unless you've been living under a rock, the content was released because the game went gold long before release.

Unlike ME3, which was still a half game at release.
VileAndVicious  +   940d ago

You make some valid points. But I think ME3 got as much hate as it did because the ending was so horrid plus the game didnt quite feel complete to begin with. Not to mention all the "decisions" you made in the previous games seemed to make no real impact, despite being lead to believe so.

I can honestly say BL2 does feel like a complete game even without the DLC theyve released so I dont feel cheated.

But I definitely understand what your saying objectively.
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lonesoul65  +   940d ago
If I'm correct...the first two DLC packs were made by different companies...sooo...not so much cut material...plus it has been DAMN good so far...no complaining here. I admit not a HUGE fan of 50 boss in Pirate Booty but the rest of it was outstanding...if you just stop and look around...it outshines the main game in some places(though the frame rate is a little off)

played PC version only-FYI
KwietStorm  +   940d ago
People love to hate DLC across the board. That mentality is just as broken as milking the product itself. Its all about how an individual piece of software is handled. Not all digital content is evil and wants to take your home from you. And Borderlands 1 only had 4 characters, so how could adding new characters to BL2 automatically be giving us content they cut out the main game?
cleft5  +   940d ago
If we where talking about ME3, most people would be hating on the DLC. It's not about hating on DLC, but hating on particular companies.
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   940d ago
Is there no end to this Pandoran madness...won't anyone think of the children! ? Bring it on Gearbox lol
rawshack  +   940d ago
Dlc is ok when used the right way .fallout 3 and borderlands had the best compared to other games out there just saying
CADmanjules  +   940d ago
The "Balls of Steel" class would be nice!
MasterD919  +   940d ago
I love Borderlands and it has great DLC, but it seems like they are going a bit too far with DLC.

I should have just waited for the GOTY.
MidnytRain  +   940d ago
Haha! Fools! I'M picking up the GotY version to gain FREE access to what you all will pay for or miss out on!
MasterD919  +   940d ago
It won't be out for quite some time...
vortis  +   940d ago
If it's like the first game, GOTY won't be available until sometime next year =/
AngelicIceDiamond  +   940d ago
Its probably gonna be something unexpected like a beast master or something, or a little robot ro one of the enemies something random.

Which btw those ideas I mentioned sound horrible lol.
CanadianTurtle  +   940d ago
People here are speaking of the Goty edition. I'm feeling I should've got that as well. Oh well, it's too late to complain now. Its just that I've had the game for a few weeks and I've only played 4 hours in total because of my heavy college workload....

But I'm pretty sure they'll have the prices for all these add-ons reduced during the holidays. I remember Bordlerands1 DLC was always on sale during the holidays.

Then again, the game has enough content for you even if you don't get any of the DLC. For me at least.
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   940d ago
i hope they bring an ice element into the game at some point. freezing enemies and having them take more dmg or being slowed down would be so helpful at higher levels e.e
kesvalk  +   940d ago
i hope for a diamond pony.
Swiggins  +   940d ago
I'll give Rarity a call.
DarthJay  +   940d ago
I'd pay 15 bucks to let me play as Mordecai. Too bad the story would alter things a bit, but there isn't a class like his in this game. I guess the Mecro is close... but meh, I want Mordecai.
lsinbsdf   940d ago | Spam
Insane087  +   940d ago
I want to play as steve!
Grimhammer00  +   940d ago
I finished borders2 at lvl 33 Zero. I tried new game+ and the berserker.

After some 34hrs+....I realized it was the same thing repeated over and over again. I know that applies to any game...but it just stood out to me.

I can't see me buying borders3...

Maybe more bosses....better vehicle use.
Brandon_2535  +   940d ago
I'm actually not that excited for new characters. Playing through the beginning of the game, or the entire game for that matter, is rather boring after you've done it several times.

I'd like to see more loot, better loot, more bank space, more skins and heads, more uses for Eridium, and a higher level cap.

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