Nine Months Old & Still Kicking, Ripten Says Thanks.

Ripten's founder thanks readers for their support and shares the story behind the sites first E3 coverage.

"This is not much of a news post, but as my fellow writers and I get ready to attend GDC this year, I can't help but think of the E3 event that just passed, and how much Ripten has grown in just a few short months. I feel the need to share some of my thoughts with you in appreciation for your support.

At the time of E3, Ripten was Derek, Emily, Andrew, and myself - and while we did in fact offer E3 coverage to our readers, we were far from invited to the press exclusive event. Yes, that means I snuck in.

One of the more memorable moments occurred as I approached a hotel security/staff member who seemed to be checking press credentials before allowing further access. I was lucky enough to get in to the Microsoft booth/room the night before, and I used the opportunity to collect as many business cards as I could - so I decided to put them to use a little earlier than expected.

As I approached her, I turned and looked towards my friend, who was just a few steps behind, and purposely tilted my notebook allowing all the business cards to fall to the floor. The guard came over to help me pick them up, and as I hoped, she must have assumed that we belonged there based on the cards we had and let us through. Gives new meaning to the term name dropping…

Unfortunately, when we took the bus over to the hangar, our luck ran out, but hey - you can't fool them all. The site has grown so much since then, and I owe it all to the passionate writers who volunteer their time here for peanuts (literally) and loyal readers like you."

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Twizlex3539d ago

I thought Ripten had been around longer than that.

Nostradavis3539d ago

nope. 9 months, give or take a few days.

Cutter203539d ago

Ripten is a great alternative to the big guys like IGN and 1up... this is one to watch for sure. Lots of their stories seem to end up on N4g as well.

Nostradavis3539d ago

I support them because they are not one of the big guys and I feel that I can trust their reviews to be genuine.