Death Jr. 2: Root of Evil - 1UP Exclusive First Look, Screens

A little-known fact is that many years ago, though it never got released in such a form, the Death Jr. series started development on consoles, with an early Xbox version even making a public appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con. As the series evolved and got picked up by a publisher, however, it became a portable franchise, with two PSP titles and one DS game released by Konami.

But now 1UP has just received word that the second PSP game, Death Jr. 2: Root of Evil, is making its way to Wii, marking the first home console appearance for the franchise, with Eidos taking over as the publisher.

[ For the first screens from the Wii version, head over to 1UP's media page via the preview. ]

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MK_Red3781d ago

Great. A PSP game ported to Wii. PSP games usually end up on PS2 but this one is new. Seriously, will publishers stop porting crap to Wii and instead start making real games like No More Heroes?
Of course not because No More Heroes didn't sell and people kept buying that crappy games instead.

Now, Death Jr isn't a bad game but they could have at least tried a new game like Death Jr 3 or something for Wii.

DeckUKold3781d ago

BTW No more Heroes selling better than expected and have you seen a NMH commercial....... me neither tells you what third party has to do besides make games for Wii

wiizy3781d ago

exactly all the complaints about not selling and not one commercial. im sure death jr for the wii will be an updated version.