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Continuing the recent tradition of fantastic first-party HD collections, Sony has released one of its premiere exclusive FPS franchises with the Killzone Trilogy. Like any blockbuster Summer film, the Killzone games follow the exploits of a few brave heroic souls as the battle their way against incredible odds and massive action set pieces, all in order to beat back the enemy and save the world. Since that description basically sums up Killzone in a nutshell, this review will focus on some of the more subtle aspects rather than describing exactly how the single-player and multiplayer mechanics function. A particular emphasis will be placed on the latter two titles as Killzone HD received its own separate review.

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Relientk772067d ago

Fantastic score for the trilogy

TrendyGamers2067d ago

3 fun games for $40, can't go wrong.

Abash2067d ago

The Killzone Trilogy has one of the greatest war stories in gaming if you play from the first to Killzone 3, and Im glad it looks like the story is nowhere near done judging by the KZ3 ending

mayberry2067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

Played all three on my bc 60G ps3 and absolutely love them all! Ill get Killzone 1 as a download to re-play with a more stable frame rate.

josephayal2067d ago

Over 50 hours of full 1080p+... Tomorrow!

cannon88002067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

@ josephayal

Starting* tomorrow, unless you're living in another dimension/planet where days last over fifty hours lol.

EeJLP-2066d ago

They're 720p native.

Kyosuke_Sanada2067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

I love revisiting the original Killzone again which felt like a breath of fresh air to alot of modern day shooters due to the length and memorable characters. However, I was upset that they made the game play more smoothly but they haven't gone the full 9 yards with it.

I'm not saying they should remake it with the Killzone II engine (which I would love...) but alot of the problems of the old reared their ugly heads such as limited draw distances, wet noodle physics, using the exact cutscenes from the Playstaton 2 which now looks blurry as hell and the muzzle flashes for most of the Helghan guns looked 2d.

I honestly think they should have given this game more time before release to fully iron out the kinks so they could have made the trilogy version trump the original in every possible way.......

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