IGN Reviews Winter Sports 2008: The Ultimate Challenge

IGN writes: "You would think that a game based on Olympic events wouldn't be that hard to pull off properly. The classic Track & Field formula of button mashing and timed taps really hasn't been improved upon since its inception and for good reason: it works, and works well. Knowing that, developer 49 Games and US publisher Conspiracy Entertainment set out to deliver old-school gameplay in a value-priced package. No, the goal wasn't exactly a lofty one, but the overall package is surprisingly robust for what it is.

"It" happens to refer to just nine basic events, though that's probably overstating the total number of different gameplay types. Events like the downhill, super-g and giant slalom are lumped together as one event type, but the skeleton, bobsled and luge -- all of which are even more similar than the downhill event -- are counted separately."

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