Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Official Release Trailer

Black Forest Games has officially released Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

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Snookies122009d ago

That looks pretty awesome! Never heard of this game until now, but that was a great trailer.

Makasu2009d ago

Did you play the original Giana Sisters back in the day? It's great seeing how they've made a modern platformer.

Snookies122009d ago

I did not, never heard of it actually, what system was it on?

Makasu2009d ago

I played it on the Amiga... It looked very similar to Super Mario Bros, and they got in a lot of trouble for it :)

Snookies122009d ago

Wow that's pretty interesting. It really does look a hell of a lot like Mario Bros. haha. A bit odd I never knew about this. Thanks for the info!

meowthemouse2009d ago

Pledged 25$ for their kickstarter! Awesome game!

Makasu2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Me too! But I'll wait for the PS3 version.

r212009d ago

This game looks fun, Im getting it :)

easternbalboa2008d ago

yep I had this game on the commodore 64. I use to feel like a boss when I use to tell my friends that we're playing a banned game. I think it was in the late 80s. oh my where has the time gone