Crysis - Playing With Water

It's every thing you can do with water. Water guns, water fights, water destroying houses, the North Korean synchronized swim team, the lot.

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LinuxGuru3723d ago

HAHAHAHAHAH omfg that was GREAT!

cjp4eva3723d ago

AHHHHHH me wanna make a lvl where you can make the weapons shoot sharks!

Tarmgar3723d ago

LOL!! That was just an awesome video!

Kakkoii3723d ago

Lol yeah, that was very awesome.

Although, It seems that Crysis water ain't all it's cracked up to be. Or maybe the graphics settings just weren't on highest for this video =/.

The water shooting out of the guns looked very unrealistic. And what was with the blue misty stuff floating around on the desert?

vidoardes3723d ago

Very... surreal. but funny nonetheless. With so many user videos, looks liek it has a very flexible sandbox editor. I'm tempted to get the game just to play around with it (my laptop should be able to handle it on medium, i think!)

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