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Cliffy B. tweets out cryptic message related to Activision

"Any discussion that comes up for now is just speculation, but it's not hard to pull together a message from this tweet. Could Cliffy B. be on his way to Activision?", writes GoNintendo. (Activision, Cliff Bleszinski, Industry)

xJumpManx  +   907d ago
How could he even contemplate working for the worst company in the gaming business. Activision has ruined how many franchises and refused to pay the guys from COD.
bicfitness  +   907d ago
Considering how he's an over-entitled, self-indulgent, ego-maniacal d-bag, I hardly think Activision is a stretch or a poor choice for a partnership for Cliffy.

People forget that he was just the mouthpiece that rode on the back of some really talented people at Epic, not the source of that talent himself.
Ducky  +   906d ago
Wasn't he a game designer?
Saying that he just rode on the backs of others is kinda stretching it. Sure, he has a team, but you still need a competent leader to guide the team (or be a pretty good actor to fake it succesfully for 20 years). Same holds true for any other game designer.

Also, the personality traits you've mentioned aren't really a good match for Activision. They want developers to exploit, not the other way around. That's why West & Zampella left.
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SyWolf  +   906d ago
He's an incredibly talented game designer. Stop talking out your ass.
Crazay  +   906d ago
Well freaking said man. Bubs up for the most intelligent comment I've read here in a very long time.
Mainsqueeze  +   906d ago
What happened bicfitness did cliffy b beat u up or something?
humbleopinion  +   906d ago
He designed games from Jazz Jack the rabbit, to the best competitive maps in Unreal Tournament, to the whole Gears of War concept and design - pretty much reinventing the cover shooter this gen.

He's one of the most talented developers ever, but I guess some fanboys will keep hating simply because he made a tremendously successful exclusive franchise, and it's not on their favorite platform of choice.
AAACE5  +   906d ago
His title at epic was lead designer. Meaning he came up with a lot of the ideas for games. Hell... he was the main one pushing for the chainsaw in gears. Probably contributer heavily to bulletstorm.

Imagine if he headed infinity ward? Cod might take a whole new twist.

Would be interesting to see if he gets his own studio though.
THE_MACGREGOR  +   905d ago
Sure Cliffy is self bloated, same can be said about jaffe.however like jaffe under the lable of Epic. Old Clifford was the creative director behind gears. A game which pushed console sales. Why dont you get off his Jock ! The guy has assended why care where he chooses to go ?
ThanatosDMC  +   905d ago
Watch the video about Fortnite gameplay. All Cliff was saying in the background was "triple kill!" "monster kill!" and the like. I was hoping it wouldnt become a shooter but it did sadly.
guitarded77  +   906d ago
$$$... That's how. If Activision puts enough money in front of him, he'll go... and Activision has a lot of CoD and Skylanders money.
Knight_Crawler  +   906d ago
@Jump - I am pretty sure Cliffy is not desperate for a job and has 100O's of companies calling him are sending him email with proposals.

If Cliffy was to ever work with Activison I am pretty sure that he will demand what he wants and Activision will either have to agree with him or not have him.

Cliffy B is the Peyton Manning of the gaming industry and everyone one wants a piece of him - do not be surprise if MS,Sony or even Apple have contacted him offering a huge pay check and his own gaming studio.

Edit: @jump - I agree but look at the deal that Bungie worked out with Activison where Bungie owns the IP and not Acti...its all about status and making sure your lawyers have you covered from the begging.

Edit: Wasn't some of Activison Blizzard shares up for sale? I not sure how rich Cliffy is but what if he bought those share o_o http://www.gamasutra.com/vi...

Would be Megaton news if Cliffy bought those shares.
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xJumpManx  +   906d ago
Anyone but Activision, To me Activision is the worst company in gaming. They ruined Hawk, Guitar Hero and other franchises they refused to pay the Guys from COD. Activision is the Devil of gaming companies IMO.
BLAKHOODe  +   906d ago
Good luck with that, Cliff. Enjoy the money, but I hope creative freedom isn't what you're looking for, because that's something you will NOT have anymore. Say hello to the suits thats will be watching your every move telling you how to do your job for me.
BlackPrince 42  +   906d ago
To be fair it's not as if Dude Huge is known for his creativity. He's a good gameplay designer, but creatively Gears of War was little more than the equivalent of a Jean Claude Van Damme movie.
Old McGroin  +   905d ago
He's also tweeted from Naughty Dog: http://www.nowgamer.com/new...
Sithlord-Gamble  +   905d ago
Now THAT would be Epic.
(See what i did there!)
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   905d ago
Cliffy B isn't anyone that should be talking smack. He's created Gears of War (whoop-de-doo) and it's been almost the exact same since it was created.
Old McGroin  +   905d ago
Never really got why people (usually Sony fanboys, not saying you are though!) keep banging on about how Gears hasn't changed much. Why would it? It's the same as any other major franchise. Uncharted 2 is pretty much Uncharted 1 with better set pieces and Uncharted 3 basically is Uncharted 2 except not as good. In actual fact, if you were to weigh up all the extra content that Gears 3 has over part 1 and compare it to how far Uncharted 3 has evolved to Uncharted 1 then Gears beats it hands down.

And don't get me started on God Of War.
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BLAKHOODe  +   905d ago
Exactly @OVOXO_Mike #1.6. Gamers act like if a sequel isn't wildly different from it's predecessor, that it's nothing special. When I bought Gears 3 after playing Gears 1 and 2, I didn't expect it to be more like Halo or God Of War.. I expected it to be like Gears Of War.
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   905d ago
all i'm saying is he has no room to be talking shit. simple as that.
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showtimefolks  +   905d ago
cliffy will take a break since he just got married and when he gets back its either Epic or Naughty dawg.

this man has worked for epic since he was a teenager so he deserves a break, and say what ever about his games but give him credit for making very good games and always saying what's on his mind

i personally don't like his games but have a lot of respect for him just because i can't get into gears doesn't mean its a bad game all of the sudden

ND because he is real good friends with the studio. Imagine if this man starts working for sony lol
crazysammy  +   905d ago
I don't understand why people keep saying "he was at Epic so long he deserves a break" Who of us gets a "break" from working every day of our lives? He was a game designer, which I know first hand is extremely challenging but incredibly rewarding. It's not like he cleans toilets for 10 hours a day and needs a break. If he was stressed out he could take an extended leave of absence but he actually quit.

My guess is he wants to start his own, or work for another high profile developer (like Naughty Dog)

@Showtime I am not saying you are wrong, I just never understand why people say he deserves a break.
showtimefolks  +   905d ago

well you are right most of us work every day all i meant to say was he spent most of his days that we spent goofballing at epic games. SO in a way this is his first big break in 20 plus years. He also just got married so maybe he just took a break to go on a 6 months vacation only to go back to epic.

i have been working since i was 14 now i am 29 so when i am 34 that's 20 straight years of working maybe its time for a 1 year long vacation get married settle down. Than get back to work again.

i like to think of this as halftime for a football game lol everyone take a little break than back to work lol
wastedcells  +   907d ago
Following the money? That's why 99% of us work isn't it. Maybe he is just looking for the highest offer.
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Knight_Crawler  +   906d ago
Well said...people on here do not realize how big Cliffy is in the gaming industry.

In terms of money I can MS outbidding everyone else but they wont get him because Cliffy will probably want any new IP that he makes to belong to him and he will want 100% freedom which I dont see MS agreeing to - I can see Actvision getting him since Bungie signed a deal with Activision with the same terms.
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bubblebeam  +   906d ago

The only down side is that even if Activision let you keep the IP, they will make you drain it of all its worth before you leave.

Aren't Bungie contracted to make like 3 of them in consecutive years? With an a$$ tonne of DLC?

Meh, I'm gonna chill out and watch The Walking Dead now.
rezzah  +   906d ago
Freedom and Activision doesn't seem to mix, more like milking until dry.
BLAKHOODe  +   905d ago
Cliffy B should go to the highest bidder. He doesn't just bring experience from working on a major hit, like Gears Of War, but he brings recognition to whoever he works with. Cliffy B is one of the most recognizable people in the game industry and that recognition is worth millions.
SilentNegotiator  +   906d ago
Not all of us have "brain drain" [phrase] problems and are weak enough to get harpy'd towards ANYONE that gives the highest bid. Although, I could certainly think of some good word play for brain drain regarding Cliffy.
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Burning_Finger   906d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
FarCryLover182  +   906d ago
He also posted pics of Naughty Dog, WB, etc. He's just posting pics lol
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spicelicka  +   906d ago
Lol eaxctly, sooo cryptic omg
spicelicka  +   906d ago
bubblebeam  +   906d ago

You didn't need to correct 'exactly'.

Considering you spelled it *EA*xctly, plus used cryptic in the same sentence, I thought you were hinting at him going to EA lol. Thought you were being tricky for a second. Maybe I over analysed......or not o_0 ???
spicelicka  +   905d ago
hahaha damn should've just left it, i was being cryptic without even realizing it:p
bubblebeam  +   906d ago

Lol, imagine if he went to ND and Drake transformed into a big muscular guy with Marcus Fenix's voice.
BlackPrince 42  +   906d ago
Actually if he went to ND it might be a good thing. He'd know how to tighten up the combat controls for the Uncharted games. (Which is basically the worst thing about that franchise, even if relatively speaking it's still better than most games.)
Yeah i think this is his way of still being talked about within the gaming industry until he moves on to whatevers next for him, and everyone reporting about this is feeding into it. Good job cliffy, btw ask cliffy about jazz jack rabbit, he loves that
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Ben_Grimm  +   906d ago
He was at Zynga headquarters in SF earlier this week.


I reported the story but it was deemed lame, yet this one has just as much info as my story did.

Could he be looking at other places to go work?
Majin-vegeta  +   906d ago
@Burning finger lmfao xD.
KonaBro  +   906d ago
The man is trolling....
He posted a pic of Activision, Zynga, and EA. He's not going to Activision when he has other places to consider.
DivineAssault  +   906d ago
Guns blazing is his specialty.. why not?
Sigh  +   906d ago
lol this guy trying to act like he's Lebron James and "The Decision" summer of 2010.
SageHonor  +   905d ago
off topic but i like your hei avatar
taquito  +   906d ago
the beeman wants to work on next gen stuff, not be stuck at ms endlessly working on their 9 year old console

he said publically that gears of war 2 would be the last gears game on 360 and that gears 3 would be a next gen game, lol....loook how that turned out, and they are still going to crap out another gears of war game (judgement?) on that ancient relic

no wonder he left. make pc games dude, thats where you started and thats where you should stay
jay2  +   906d ago
He's playing, he's got one for Naughty dog too.
0pie  +   906d ago
he also did the same thing when he was at zynga and ea... stupid article...
Emperor_Obama  +   906d ago
He is just vacationing and checking out various places and taking pictures. He has been working nonstop for like 20 years, that takes a toll on anyone.

He tweeted pics of Playboy just a minute ago, if you follow him on Twitter you'll know he Tweets all kind of weird and random stuff. I wouldn't read too much into it.

-I'm Emperor Obama, and I approve this message.
Crazay  +   906d ago
He's just trying to stay relevant during his little "Staycation". Probably wasn't feeling the love of all his adoring fans stroking his **ahem** ego the last few weeks.
memots  +   906d ago
I agree with you because of your avatar pic
ForRealz17  +   906d ago
What a fucking whore.
Drazz  +   906d ago
don't give a shit....
strummerdood  +   906d ago
Ha, you guys seriously buying into this? He's been tweeting different studios he's visited since he left Epic. Now all of a sudden he visits quite possibly the biggest gaming studio in the world and he's going to be working there now? God you guys are gullible.

Also, if you seriously think Cliff Bleszinski is an untalented mouthpiece... Jesus Christ.
RememberThe357  +   906d ago
Activision knows that they are going to run COD into the ground. That's why they did the deal with Bungie and now are probably trying to get Cliffy on board as well. They are looking for the replacement for COD when the time comes.
bubblebeam  +   906d ago
Looking for a new guy to screw out of money for his hard work. Though I doubt anyone will care this time around lol.
Zha1tan  +   906d ago
Why is everybody so caught up with what one person does with his career?
Sunk  +   905d ago
Um, Cliffy B. is an awesome programmer himself. How do you think he got a job in the first place? He's been doing this since his teens.
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jonboi24  +   905d ago
There's only one place that would be perfect for Cliffy B, Sony Santa Monica studios. Imagine what he could do with the God of War team.
Silly gameAr  +   905d ago
I can't see Cliff working for Activision. Why would he leave Epic just to be stuck with those guys.
NotSoSilentBob  +   905d ago
Money Talks.
NotSoSilentBob  +   905d ago
I can see it now as Cliffy B goes to Activision and becomes their new spokes person. He is better at flapping his jaw over designing a game.
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