Pamela Horton (Miss October 2012) Interview - ACE

Pamela Horton (Playboy's Miss October 2012) has been making the rounds with plenty of interviews with gaming sites on the heels of her well-publicized gamer instincts. Apparently that's not a fabrication! Her fandom of games goes back to at least 2000 when she had a letter published in Nintendo Power (#138).

"You mentioned your boyfriend. One of the things that I deal with is a spouse just does not get games. Do you have problems like that? Does your boyfriend turn to you and say, “Turn League of Legends off and pay attention to me for a while!”

[laughs] Actually, most of the time we play together. We’ll stop playing together when we’ve had enough and go out. It’s never been, “You play games too much!” We both pay attention to what’s coming out and we can be just as excited about it, and know that we’ll be playing the new thing for a couple of days, and we won’t bother each other about it. As long as it’s not like avoiding eating and sleeping. When it gets a little extreme that’s when I’ll pipe in. For the most part we’re pretty level-headed and just have a mutual respect for each other."

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