Matsuura and Mizuguchi: Gaming's Innovative Geniuses Speak Out

The game industry's latest blockbuster genre -- music gaming -- is already in danger of becoming stale, say the two men who helped create the genre.

With rock-star simulators like Guitar Hero and Rock Band practically taking over the charts, the organizers of last week's game-industry conference, DICE, invited two of the originators of the rhythm-game genre, designers Masaya Matsuura and Tetsuya Mizuguchi, to speak to a crowd of top-level game execs and designers. Their message to would-be music gamemakers was simple: Don't let the rock-star lifestyle make you complacent.

"We're wasting our use of music," said Matsuura, creator of the groundbreaking PlayStation game PaRappa The Rapper. Music games must keep delivering fresh ideas, he said, or the genre "could be faced with a steep decline." got Mizuguchi and Matsuura together at DICE to talk about the future of the genre they created.

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