BioWare At Work On A New KOTOR

Kotaku writes:

Wondering what that BioWare/Lucasarts project was going to be? Oh, come on. Like you couldn't guess. During EA's analyst report earlier today, it was revealed that in addition to working on more Mass Effect, Dragon Age and a "New MMO", BioWare are also handling a new Knights of the Old Republic title. Which means it's not their upcoming MMO. So, a new, straight-up RPG, then? Probably. Your excitement glands can't repel joy of this magnitude.

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Monkspade3754d ago

This is really good, more good games are coming to the xbox 360

Ariexv3754d ago

The 360s not only getting an Amazing WRPG trilogy from Mass effect but a sequal to the highest rated RPG of all time.

permutated3754d ago

(I'm not complaining)

But I hope the framerate isn't as glitchy as Mass Effect or the original KOTOR's.

However, I'm really looking forward to this.

negative_03754d ago

Thats pretty cool. Got to only play the first one for about an hour or so until it crashed on me. My computers old. Lame. Anyways, this would be a great addition to my PS3 library.

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The story is too old to be commented.