10 Things We Want From The Wii U

For those of us who are ready to take the plunge and invest in Nintendo’s latest bundle of fun there are six more weeks of anticipation. From now until launch we plan to bring you weekly insight into the things we are looking forward to, the things we are concerned about as well as any relevant news stories. Last weeks article looked at our top five picks from the Wii U’s strong launch window. This week we are delving into the realms of fantasy and possibility to explore the top ten things we want to see from the console in the months after the launch window.

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DivineAssault 2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

shouldve read "games we want from wii u".. From my point of view, the wii u gets pummeled daily by one negative thing after another.. Dont let that mess sway u from your decision or make u lose hope.. Though PS4/720 are around the corner, wii u adopters wont be totally left behind..

@ the very VERY least, u will get another wave of excellent 1st party games with new features.. Also the network will be improved (dont know by how much) so online games will be fun to play.. The TVii app will be cool to have too.. 3rd party will make SOME new games for it at one point or another that is tailor made for wii u.. Dont know what but there will be some.. Even gamecube got a few... Firmware updates are inevitable to change things around for the better later down the line so new features can be added..

That alone is enough to drop a measly $300 for a new HD console thats stronger than current gen.. Maybe not right away but in the future its definitely worth the investment

darthv722042d ago

the #1 thing i wanted from the wii-u was upscaling for existing wii games. Yeah that may seem petty but honestly, i know the quality titles from nintendo are going to be there so it isnt about the games.

the hardware is very nice and different in how it can be used. i especially like how i could be playing the same game from the big screen on the little screen without disrupting anyone else who wants to watch tv.

People will complain and say wii-u isnt next gen. it is, its just NOT next gen for them. The lack of wii upscaling isnt a deal breaker but it is disappointing to a point.

Bluenuts92042d ago

I agree that the lack of upscaling on Wii games is disappointing, but it's definitely not a deal breaker at all in my opinion! What maybe a bit tougher is no cross talk(ala xbox live style) from what I've read. Still not a deal breaker though! 11-18-12 can't come soon enough for me!

Gr812042d ago

That's all I ever want out of a Games Console. Hardware specs don't insure anything. The console with the most hardware horsepower has brought up the rear, PS3, N64,Vita,PSP, Gamecube/Xbox.

Software is always the bottomline when it comes to selling GAMES CONSOLES.

I want a Super Metroid successor, I want a Mario game that rivals and/or surpasses Mario Bros. 3/World in scope and ambition and content. I want a Smash Bros game that has a better online infrastructure and character balance. I want a Zelda game that looks like the 2011 Demo. I want a Mario Kart that outdoes SNES' battlemode. I want a DKC That makes Returns look like childs play. I want a new Wii Sports with robust online capabilities, more accuracy and more sports.

The Wii was a great console, all I want is more of what Nintendo got right, less of what they got wrong, and fix the weaknesses of the Wii, cheifly the online infrastructure.

abzdine2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

i want one thing: ZELDA s'il vous plaît :)

Deathdeliverer2042d ago

The things I want from Wii U are:
1- A simple way to move my virtual console purchases to the Wii U from BOTH of my Wiis. (That way I can give them away to my friends kids)
2- A strong online infrastructure. Im not expecting Xbox Live or PSN levels, but lets have fast downloads, low latency, and some damn search options in the games with one consistent S/N.
3- A steady flow of games that are worthwhile that are NOT made by nintendo. So far so good although theres alot of ports, which I expected in the early stages of launch. But after the first few months of "launch period", I expect new IPs that nintendo has made deals for that push the uniqueness of the gamepad and the hardware. At least info on games like that. I dont want Wii U end up like my Wii, where all I was waiting for was the next Nintendo game. With the occasional sprinkle of goodness like madworld or xenoblade. (awesome game)
Lastly I was hoping that the wii u had an ethernet port because fighting games are best played with direct connection. Sadly its wi-fi only again, which is slightly dissapointing. Tatsunoku vs capcom and Smash bros were lag festivals. For every 1 smooth game you had 30 horrible ones. People dont realize that cheap routers and wi-fi give cheap results. Pool and games where you dont rely on EVERY frame ran decent enough tho.

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