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The Legend of Zelda needs to evolve

Bitmob - Before you roll your eyes at me, thinking that I’m going to bash Nintendo’s acclaimed franchise, I want to make it clear; I’ve been a fan of The Legend of Zelda since the original Nintendo Entertainment System release. I had the gold cartridge, the instruction booklet with the flip-out-map poster. you name it. (Culture, The Legend of Zelda)

CalvinKlein  +   988d ago
it needs blood, guns, rockets, and dismemberment. Ohh, and lots of bad words.
Lifeequals42  +   988d ago
Isn't the story such that the same characters keep getting reincarnated or something? (which would explain why it's exactly the same every game).
acronkyoung  +   988d ago
I just dabble in Zelda. Of the "modern" Zeldas I've really only played Ocarina and Twilight Princess. I like to come in every once in awhile when I feel like playing a Zelda game. Playing every single one would probably make me hate them.
mcbrid55  +   988d ago
I guess I am confused, the author mentions that Legend of Zelda needs to evolve and then cites a bunch of Ocarina of time mechanics. At the time Ocarina of Time was one of the biggest switch in gameplay mechanics possible bringing zelda into the 3D space.

Even in the same generation as ocarina, Majora's Mask was a wildly different game. The mechanics and the story where nothing similar to Ocarina

Then moving forward with the Gamecube Wind Waker completely changed with a majorly different art direction and a ton of annoying sailing(i didn't like it) instead of Epona, critically loved

Then in the Wii generation Skyward Sword changed how people thought about motion controls, again critically praised.

I don't really get what the author is trying to point out. Yes mario has been around for a long time, yes zelda has been around for a long time. But those games did evolve significantly. Mario has a few extra "new super mario bros" games that are kind of pandering to an audience, but the franchise as a whole has made leaps forward in 2D and 3D gaming that defined console cycles.

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