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Warning: Back up your Borderlands 2 Savefiles now

If you’ve played Borderlands 2 for any significant amount of time, you already know that Pandora is a very dangerous place. If a crazed business man isn’t trying to kill you at one moment, a rabid elemental creature definitely will be. But if you thought that the creatures and characters of Pandora were all you had to worry about in the world of Borderlands 2, think again as a new infection being passed around the community is killing off the game’s Xbox 360 and PC population, one Vault Hunter at a time. (Borderlands 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

PockyKing  +   680d ago
I would be very mad if that happened to my save. Getting up to even 22 took a long time for me haha.
dogoodmatters  +   679d ago
Enjoying the game a lot! Hope it's fixed ASAP!
calibann  +   679d ago

For a glitch that resembles permanent loss or death of your character, that's an eerily accurate name it changes your save game file to.
raWfodog  +   680d ago
I like when he said "The glitch originated with the modding community and may or may not have been accidental."

Um, I'm pretty sure it was NOT accidental, especially with a name like 'graveyard'. Your character is now dead and gone forever...until you start a new game :)
thrasherv3  +   679d ago
It was most likely accidental.

There is an option cut from the final game called "Badass Mode" which is basically hardcore mode from classic RPG's. Someone probably turned it on and went online without knowing what it did.
kesvalk  +   680d ago
and that's why i don't play multiplayer on these blockbuster games, only whiny kids and all sort of crazy ass ppl...
vortis  +   680d ago
...and yet the kids and crazy people don't like to play anything but blockbuster games? Hmm, good to know.
Mutant-Spud  +   679d ago
I haven't encountered much bona fide asshattery in this game, just a lot of people running about all over the place and not focusing on missions, my only gripe is that public co-op session can occasionally end up being a big waste of time.
Erudito87  +   680d ago
would renaming it help?
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banjadude  +   680d ago
Oh yeah.. I heard about this from players on Gamefaqs. Reminds me of that virus that was going around on WoW.
Cam977  +   680d ago
Not good, glad I'm on Ps3.
CRASHBASHUK  +   679d ago
and ps+ lol or a usb memory stick
Legion21  +   679d ago
Because PC and Xbox don't have cloud storage or usb memory
CRASHBASHUK  +   679d ago
umm last time i saw 360 on a friends does have cloud storage
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lonesoul65  +   679d ago
PC does have cloud storage through steam...just an FYI
Zichu  +   680d ago
Glad i haven't played online with anyone
Norrison  +   680d ago
Who plays BL2 with randoms anyways? No one in my steam friends list plays with randoms so there's nothing to worry about. This probably isn't a widespread problem since a lot of people don't play with randoms thanks to the shared loot.
Captain Qwark 9  +   680d ago
yeah i only play with peeps i know but i think ill back it up anyway just in case a new patch f*cks it up. i got 100hrs in it and bought the season pass. if i lost that id prob never play it again
Soldierone  +   679d ago
People with friends that won't get off COD and Battlefield.....
Detoxx  +   679d ago
Please explain?
Soldierone  +   679d ago
All my "real" friends bought Battlefield 3 or COD whatever and literally play that 24.7. Getting them to do anything else, especially play a more complicated game, is near impossible.

I could go buy them Boarderlands 2 just to get them to play with me, and they would play for about an hour before never coming back.
HonestDragon  +   680d ago
This is disheartening. Good thing I play alone with Borderlands 2. When I do play Borderlands 2 online, I do so with friends, but this is still concerning. Freaking mods and hackers do nothing but ruin good games.
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HenryFord  +   679d ago
Ehm - mods do nothing but ruin good games? What now?
Mods enhance games usually - just check the mod database to know what I'm talking about.

Those "mods" for XBOX where you spawn a weapon from the existing system isn't a real mod in my eyes, it should still be considered a "hack".
kma2k  +   680d ago
Its ironic that a game that loot is so random can also be taken away by a random person.
PRHB HYBRiiD  +   679d ago
i would be pissed..i got the mechromancer and zero in 50 and salvador in 23 all legit no boost i would just sell the game if my save data got corrupted :/
kingPoS  +   679d ago
Back it up Asap!!! I always back mine up to usb before I play. Better safe than sorry.
HenryFord  +   679d ago
If you're on PC I recommend "GameSaveBackup", nice little software to do this automatically. My PC backs save-games up every time I start it (into the cloud) and every time I shut it down (onto local hard-disks).
Duminakan89  +   679d ago
BigRedNY is a life saver, thank you for putting this up. Now I'm going to go back to chewing my toenails.
MasterD919  +   679d ago
This is a game I wouldn't mind starting over again...so no biggie.
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Kidmyst  +   679d ago
I bought this for Xbox because the chat in the first one on PS3 sucked! I only play with friends but not sure if any of them play with randoms. I sure hope this doesn't happen and I got 12 more golden keys to use too I was using across levels. And here I thought from N4G that only the PS3 had problems like this. If it does happen AC3 comes out soon.
Rykoshet  +   679d ago
"Hyperion would like to remind you that there is only one thing worse than respawning, and that is not respawning."

Game warned you.
3-4-5  +   679d ago
If that happened within a few days I would try and take the game back. If Not I would trade it in. In 2012 that is just unacceptable.
bloodcell  +   679d ago
i wish the modding community would just stay on pcs. multiplayer will be ruined really soon at the rate its going...on all games

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