Warning: Back up your Borderlands 2 Savefiles now

If you’ve played Borderlands 2 for any significant amount of time, you already know that Pandora is a very dangerous place. If a crazed business man isn’t trying to kill you at one moment, a rabid elemental creature definitely will be. But if you thought that the creatures and characters of Pandora were all you had to worry about in the world of Borderlands 2, think again as a new infection being passed around the community is killing off the game’s Xbox 360 and PC population, one Vault Hunter at a time.

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PockyKing2005d ago

I would be very mad if that happened to my save. Getting up to even 22 took a long time for me haha.

dogoodmatters2004d ago

Enjoying the game a lot! Hope it's fixed ASAP!

calibann2004d ago


For a glitch that resembles permanent loss or death of your character, that's an eerily accurate name it changes your save game file to.

raWfodog2005d ago

I like when he said "The glitch originated with the modding community and may or may not have been accidental."

Um, I'm pretty sure it was NOT accidental, especially with a name like 'graveyard'. Your character is now dead and gone forever...until you start a new game :)

thrasherv32004d ago

It was most likely accidental.

There is an option cut from the final game called "Badass Mode" which is basically hardcore mode from classic RPG's. Someone probably turned it on and went online without knowing what it did.

kesvalk2005d ago

and that's why i don't play multiplayer on these blockbuster games, only whiny kids and all sort of crazy ass ppl...

vortis2005d ago

...and yet the kids and crazy people don't like to play anything but blockbuster games? Hmm, good to know.

Mutant-Spud2004d ago

I haven't encountered much bona fide asshattery in this game, just a lot of people running about all over the place and not focusing on missions, my only gripe is that public co-op session can occasionally end up being a big waste of time.

SnakeCQC2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

would renaming it help?

banjadude2005d ago

Oh yeah.. I heard about this from players on Gamefaqs. Reminds me of that virus that was going around on WoW.

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The story is too old to be commented.