Is Assassin's Creed 3 Game of The Year? Playeressence Hands-On

By Furious Francis, editor-in-chief

After my recent hands-on with Assassin’s Creed 3 at the NYCC, I am confident Assassin’s Creed 3 could win Game of the Year here at and well worth my plane ticket price from California to New York.

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LOGICWINS1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Yes, I'm sure it will be for some people.

EDIT: Btw, anyone know if this will be a Day 1 Digital release on the PS3?

Mykky1972d ago

Yes it will. It's already up for pre-purchase on the PS store.

LOGICWINS1972d ago

YUP, just found it thanks. Now I'll be able to gameshare with my bro and split the costs 50/50 :)

Mykky1972d ago

Haha, love doing that!

MostJadedGamer1972d ago

So far there have been no good games released this year, and AC3 is one of only 2 games left worth playing for the rest of the year(the other being History Legends of War: Patton.

So GOTY will either be AC3, History Legends of War: Patton or there will be no GOTY.

ElementX1972d ago

No good games this year? Dishonored, X-Com, Borderlands 2 say hi :)

Kennytaur1972d ago

Sleeping Dogs, Darksiders 2, Journey, Starhawk, Gravity Rush, LBP Vita, Golden Abyss...

rpd1231972d ago

You serious about History Legends of War: Patton? I've never even heard of that.

wampdog291972d ago

Not only that, but they also have it up with the Vita version as a bundle deal.

GrahamGolden1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

I really want the AC series to explore asia...
But ubisoft are completely negative about it

why not since the assassins are born there,who doesnt want play a ninja etc etc but i can see the whole templar thing not fit there so maybe thats why they do not want to explore asia

WiiUalpha1972d ago

Ninjas were were born there. Assasins have been around since the dawn of time and are not limited to any certain culture. For as long as we have had humans on this planet we've have people willing to pay to have others killed.

Theyellowflash301972d ago

Not sure about Halo 4 yet. It does look good but it might feel a little too similar to previous titles. Assassin's Creed 3 is amazing. Its crazy how different it is. Yet at the same time the similar so fans can jump right in.

GamerElite1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

@ etowntwo- DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice Never seen anything like it.

TENTONGUN1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

bungie was halo's reason for the goty awards. but i hope 4 still has its charm with 343. looks good so far though. ac3 looks absolutly dope. i havent played ac since the first one years ago, so its not going to be more of the same for me. :)

josephayal1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

GOTY 2012 is for Far Cry 3

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optimus1972d ago

I sure hope they don't create sub-sequels like they did with the others. Or if they do, i hope they don't charge full price for them...i'm already thinking where else in time they could go for the 4th or 5th game.

BushLitter1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Around the same time period they could go French Revolution. About a 100 or so years ahead they could do Industrial Revolution or 100 more years and they could do World War 2, Space Race, Cold War etc. But I don't know how much longer they can drag the Desmond's present day story - December 21st is fast approaching

Oh and I don't think one could consider Brotherhood and Revelations 'sub-sequels'. They were as big if not bigger than ACII.

optimus1972d ago

@bush... Your definition of a sub-sequel is obviously different than mine...seeing as how they refused to call brotherhood and revelations "3" and "4", they; in my definition (and a few others) are deemed as sub-sequels...or spinoffs if you prefer...wouldn't matter how big the game is to me...hell, the reason i didn't get those other games was because they didn't look all that different from 2 so i knew assassins 3 HAD to be different and sure enough it is.

Cosmo8111972d ago

AC3 is Desmond's last game, but it isn't the last game in the series. (Source:

I'd really like to see a game set in feudal Japan or perhaps early China. It's certainly true that many games have been set then, but how many GOOD games have been set there? Very few if ANY! It'd work great and it'd be plausible as the next game doesn't need to be tied to Desmond's ancestry.

MostJadedGamer1972d ago

"Or if they do, i hope they don't charge full price for them"

They will charge $60. You know it, I know it, and everybody else knows it.

BushLitter1972d ago

So you haven't play Brotherhood or Revelations?

They are not spin-offs, or sub-sequels. They are full games that expand the storyline.

You may not think them necessary but that does not mean they cannot be considered full games.
You should play it first before you class it. And you really should play it before ACIII.

optimus1972d ago

Again, you're measuring the length of a game to define it as a "full" game. Take halo odst and those others before halo 3...they were not sequels, just spinoffs or side stories even if they were sold as "full" games...
I'm not debating they are not just that they are not full fledged sequels. They were simply appetizers before the main course, which is assassins 3...From what i was told and read, those other games (at least revelations) don't measure up to assassins 2.
The only way i see myself playing them is if i see them in the bargain bin for 10 bucks or less...also, assassins 3 has very little or nothing to do with the others so i don't really need to play them 1st to understand the story in 3.

BushLitter1972d ago

No, Im not measuring the length. The game is a full game, not a subsequel. When Brotherhood was firsst announced I thought it would be something like an expansion pack with Multiplayer. It is far from that. Whilst Revelations may have had its issues, it too was far from a simple expansion pack. It tried new things and added a lot to the story.

Assassin's Creed 3 does not have 'nothing' to do with ACII, Brotherhood or Revelations.

Remember, all of the games are tied together by the Desmond story-arch. If you haven't played Brotherhood or Revelations, you missed out on what really is the Main storyline. I suggest you catch up on it through the wikis before playing AC3 or you may find yourself a little lost when it comes to Desmond.

I would like to know how Connor is related to Ezio, because remember Desmond can only access the memory of his ancestors. They will have to explain this somehow

optimus1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

well i guess you're more into the games than i am as it took you saying desmond can only access his ancestor's memory for me to know who you were talking about...i tend to forget characters in games once i finish them and stop playing for a while...(hell, i pretty much forgot everything that took place in halo 3)...

anyhow, i'm sure assasins 3 will reference things that took place in the other games if need be...for the record i also haven't played assasins 1; i heard it was pretty good except it had some issues with the play mechanics which it being a new game at the time deterred me from buying it... if assasins 3 is as good as i and everyone else expects it to be then i'm sure it will intice me to go buy the others which at this point will cost even less once assasins 3 releases...

@Cosmo...nobody said assasins 3 would be the last game...this franchise by all accounts is ubisoft's biggest money maker so it is highly unlikely that they would end it with just 3...considering that they can take the series to different periods in time with new leading characters. expect to see this franchise go beyond 10 games...i do like your idea of anchient China or japan, maybe have a samurai as the next lead...hell, throw in some ninja action too...oh the possabilities.

BushLitter1971d ago

If you don't know who Desmond is, then I just wasted all my bubbles! :D

I'll use this last bubble to say that you have been missing out. At least catch up on the wikis or youtube videos before playing ACIII

AkiraMorris81965d ago

I will only say this once, A new assassin= new number. Brotherhood and revelations was all about Ezio so it didn't get a new number cause its the same fucking story. Get it, Got it, Good

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