5 Ultra Atmospheric Video Game Levels

Axl of WTG: "There’s something intangibly cool about a video game world that drips with atmosphere. There’s some combination of sound and visuals that knocks you out when it’s mixed perfectly, leaving you awed, intrigued, or just plain terrified. Over the years, there have been a slew of unforgettable worlds imprinted upon our memories, just like the worlds of the storybooks and films we grew up with."

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Anon19742216d ago

In terms of atmospheric game levels, who can forget those creepy, otherworldly, WWI type levels from The Darkness? Those were friggin' cool. Looking forward to giving the 2nd game a try when I have some time.

JC_Denton2216d ago

I hope you enjoy all 4 hours of The Darkness 2!

BattleAxe2216d ago

I was going to mention The Darkness also, but I personally thought the entire game in general was one of the most atmospheric this generation. My picks are:

1. The Darkness
2. F.E.A.R.
3. CoD4
4. Rainbow Six Vegas
5. Uncharted 2

calibann2215d ago

Red Dead Redemption.

Playing cards indoors with 4 fellows.

Rain and thunder outside.

Dat cosy.

isarai2216d ago

LOL these are some horrible choices to be honest. Demon's/Dark Souls, ICO/SotC, NIER, STALKER series, and just about any Zelda game just to name a very few, destroy anything on that list in terms of atmosphere

Menchi2216d ago

Tower of Latria... How on earth that isn't there, I don't know. In fact, the entirety of Demon/Dark Souls. They're both absolutely amazing games for atmosphere.

And Amnesia! My God, that game deserves a medal

pandehz2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

When you mention atmosphere and you dont have Metro 2033 then the article is a fail


For one single level in the game then watch this (EPIC SPOILER ALERT)

Every level is atmospheric and from sound, lighting, animation and everything in between is just designed so damn well.

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