Dark Souls: Prepare to die edition hits console with a new patch

GamerSyndrome: Dark Souls, From Software successful RPG released last year on PS3 and XBox360, is getting a new patch for the release of its first DLC pack Artoria of the Abyss on consoles.
Pc gamers have already been enjoying the extra content since the release of Dark Souls : Prepare to die edition on PC.

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Hellsvacancy1856d ago

"Some overpowered pieces of equipment like Black Knight Greataxe, Soul Spear, Crystal Soul Spear and Eagle Shield have been nerfed too"

That sucks, the Black Knight Greataxe is my weapon of choice

"This patch isn’t just bad news for the adventures of the Dark Souls world: the number of bonfires, the games checkpoints, have been increased, making it slightly easier to travel around"

Wtf? it was fine the way it was

Cam9771856d ago

Yes it was. I hope my BK sword isn't affected because if it is, I don't know what I'll do!

-GametimeUK-1855d ago

So many people complain about the BKGA. Sure, it is annoying when you get steam rolled by it, but it is not impossible to beat.

I am a bit gutted that they nerfed the DWGR. All of my builds were made to hit the current requirements to flip with maximum poise.

Looks like I'm going to have to start from scratch again.

Can't wait for the new content anyway... Have they added new bonfires to the existing world? I don't possibly see where there are good places to include them.

Wigriff1855d ago

I know it isn't a great consolation, Hells, but have you tried the Demon's Greataxe? I LOVED that weapon. It isn't the best weapon in the game from an objective, meta standpoint, but I had more fun using the Demon's Greataxe than any other weapon in the game. Just a friendly suggestion. :D

Blastoise1855d ago

Nah its so much better this way. You can teleport to places like dukes archives to better PVP + CO-OP spots without going through the same enemies again and again...

-GametimeUK-1855d ago

If you can teleport there then that is fine, but it should be to an existing bonfire. If they have added new bonfires to Dukes then I will be disappointed. More teleport spots are welcome, but extra bonfires are a no-no for me.

Nevers1855d ago

Newly warpable bonfires I've found (so far):

Duke's Archives - great for so many things both MP and SP, lol.
Undead Parish - right above the smith, awesomesauce.
Crystal Cave - great for Twink farming.

I'm hoping I'll find that more are available... especially the lower ones in the Catacombs.

b_one1855d ago

it was perfect until PC gamers started to scream

Mister_G1855d ago

I was gutted when they nerfed the Crystal Ring Shield and Strong Magic Shield, but I soon found new tactics; don't miss them at all now :)

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jerethdagryphon1856d ago

they nerfed most the stuf to get you out of a jam forcing you to play it there way
last time they nerfed crystal ring shield now it does 250 damage in ng++ thats useless hell its useless in ng+ it was good for dealing daamge to 2 bosses and thats was it

Merrill1855d ago

Has the price been announced yet for the DLC?

Skate-AK1855d ago

No but I'm guessing $15.

eferreira1855d ago

Only announced the price in NA and that said to be YOUR SOUl. Muahahahah

Ashlen1855d ago

I'm pretty sure they said it would be free.

Merrill1855d ago

I cannot see it being free, but I would gladly pay $9.99 or make a soul sacrifice. Praise the sun \o/

Skate-AK1855d ago

It was only free for PC.

Wigriff1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

For those of you wondering, here is a complete list of changes: http://darksoulswiki.wikisp...

I know it says PC, but the changes for consoles remain the same.

Merrill1855d ago

WTF, those be some wack a$$ changes.

Wigriff1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Yeah, I don't like some of them. Actually, my biggest issue is the addition of bonfires, and this whole notion of making the game "more accessible" and "easier" because it was apparently too punishing. Dark Souls is a niche game, and I – like many people – savor the difficulty. I want it to be hard as shit. I think Dark Souls was pretty much perfectly balanced as it was, with the exception of the ghosts coming through walls in New Londo.

The best solution and compromise I have heard for making the Souls series more accessible is adding an "easy" mode, but turning off trophies if you play on easy. I think that would be fair.

Getowned1855d ago

I like that they added the bonfires not because it makes it easier(IMO it dosen't really change it all that much, the game is still hard) but I like it because I like to play CO-OP I often help people and get help because I really love the co-op! lol

Merrill1855d ago

My only real complaint was back stabbing should be removed all together in PVP.

Blastoise1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

It shouldn't, because there would be no use for the lighter weapons.

[email protected] Okay, so what you meant to say was they should remove lagstabbing, not backstabbing...

Merrill1855d ago

It should because there is no point in PVP'ing. It's all lag back stabbing.

Getowned1855d ago

they REALLY need to nurf back stabing, it's stupid and kills the fun of fighting when someone can 1 shot you in the back.

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