PlayStation All-Stars Beta Leak: Final Boss Revealed? - Another Stage Crossover Unveiled

With PlayStation All-Stars, the only major secret SuperBot Entertainment has seemingly been able to keep from us is the identity of the final boss – the evil mastermind uniting the multiple universes that represent PlayStation. But, it seems we may have figured out who we will ultimately have to confront at the end of Battle Royale’s arcade ladder. - PSLS

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doctorstrange1876d ago

I wanted the Origami Killer

Snookies121876d ago

Hahaha, I wish he'd been in the game, or at least Ethan/Jayden.

MaxXAttaxX1875d ago

from LBP2.

The line "You can never truly defeat me" and the laughter are nearly identical.
Also, in the PSASBR clip he says "I must consume everything". The Negativitron is a giant evil vacuum that consumes everything in its path.

My guess, this is the Sly Cooper/LBP2 cross over stage. Not final boss.

Conzul1876d ago

B-b-but Polygon man is for our nostalgias! :O

Dante1121876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

YES! Told everyone. "More powerful than a god".

Edit: @ those who don't know him

He was basically the PS1 era mascot for the company. Like, remember 'Face' from Nick Jr.? (If you were alive in the 90's...) Kinda like that. Yet, much less childish! I believe he'd make a great final boss!

FamilyGuy1875d ago

Why are there no final fantasy characters in this game? They're as synonymous with sonys beginnings as any other character in the roster so far.

2v11875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

i dont think they own any ff sad after all this years they dont have a say on the matter,guess owning some of SE dont make a diference for them , they will have to puny up extra doug and say plz


the final boss is Tsubasa Hanekawa ( Bakemonogatari ) Cat girls will own us with their sexy outfits and orgasmic voice manners

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Sev1876d ago

Polygon Man. I've been saying it from day one. Nothing else really makes sense.

doctorstrange1876d ago

He's gonna be a total wtf character to us non-americans tho

Godchild10201876d ago

It kind of makes sense now, to me at least. Polygon man was the first official Mascot for Sony's platform, but soon was outcast for not being popular or having that mass appeal to the consumers. Did he even have a game?

I didn't even know who Polygon man was until PSASBR was announced and the the final boss was being discussed. I take this as not true, because I really don't want to know.

braydox211876d ago

well his motive for being the final boss makes sense, not popular/didn't get his own game spurs on revenge on all other sony characters who were popular and got their own game. and therefore creates his story

GribbleGrunger1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Giant Enemy Crab

edit: Just listened to is. Maybe not lol

Krimmson1876d ago

A Genji rep is sorely missing here.
If only we had the Giant Enemy Crab in the game, at least as a background stage hazard, like the Hydra or Hades.

knifefight1876d ago

Hahaha I would have flipped out XD

The Great Melon1875d ago

I hope there is a crossover stage with the Giant Enemy Crab.

Snookies121876d ago

Hmmm, sounds like the Negativitron took over Polygon Man? XD

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