Lair owners Aiming to Max Out Wii Graphics

While the Wii can't really compare to the powerful Xbox 360 and PS3 in terms of visuals, the system can produce a pretty picture when pushed the right way. Factor 5, developer of the much maligned PS3 game Lair, is hoping to push the Wii very hard. Considering that the Wii has been called a "souped up GameCube" by a number of developers in the past, and Factor 5 has experience in making great-looking GameCube games like those in the Star Wars Rogue Squadron series, Nintendo's new console shouldn't pose a huge challenge to the studio.

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pwnsause3751d ago

well lets see what the wii can do graphically then.

TrevorPhillips3751d ago

how mad is that gonna be and i cant wait to see how the graphics will be like when they use all the power for lair :)

pwnsause3751d ago

what Im interested here is will they fix Lair or not. if they update the game so it can have USer Friendly controls, then people cans stop talking trash about the game, the game could get at least a 7 or an 8.

deeznuts3751d ago

I will re-rent the game if they add good analog controls.

Skerj3751d ago

Good art direction goes further than just raw polygon power.

OC Shock Value3751d ago

For the sake of gaming in general.. I hope and pray they are making Rogue Squadron for the Wii.. Doesnt even haveto be Star Wars.. Just Rogue Squadron some how.. Im glad this company is back home.`

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The story is too old to be commented.