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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Review | Impulse Gamer

Impulse Gamer writes:

"How do you approach such a well-loved franchise? You have Firaxis kick the tires and light the fires and go for the magic once again. Over my over 30 years of gaming the Original XCOM holds a place in my memories as such a spectacular game for its time. Though I have also revisited older games and found them not to be so hot anymore when put up against more modern games. Very few stand the test of time. I am more than a little happy that the franchise has been revisited. It is with interesting results that may be considered a bit mixed. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is addictive fun." (PC, PS3, Xbox 360, XCOM: Enemy Unknown) 8.2/10

3-4-5  +   1129d ago
8.2 could mean a well made solid good quality game.

Or if they were IGN 8/10 = GREAT...

Hard to tell now with some of these sites.
Robotronfiend  +   1129d ago
I'm really loving this game. It can be frustrating though.

Build lots of satellites
Research the Firestorm ASAP
Stealth satellite upgrade
Plasma sniper rifle
SHIV units (no poison, no mind control, no panic, no chrysalid babies busting out when they die, but no items, no skills, and no XP).

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