First look: Firefox 3 beta 3 polishes rough edges

Mozilla has announced the official release of the third Firefox 3 beta, which includes many user interface improvements and a handful of new features. Firefox 3 is rapidly approaching completion and much of the work that remains to be done is primarily in the category of fit and finish. There will likely only be one more beta release after this one before Mozilla begins issuing final release candidates.

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skagrerrrr3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

i can't seem to find parental control updates that worked on version 3.0b2. i hope they'll be out soon.

nix3718d ago

they (sony) should upgrade the PS3 browser too. half the site doesn't even open properly. yeah.. i do my browsing on PS3. i hate switching on a tv. and noo.. i don't want to install linux, as of now.

mighty_douche3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

personally i hardly use the PS3 browser but i know many do. I stick to my PC or MacBook as most of the sites i use arent avaliable through the PS3. Id like to see some better flash/shockwave support though!

Ill be installing Linux in march when the new Yellow Dog drops (mainly just because i can, i probably wont even use it but hell its FREE)

mighty_douche3718d ago

great news and cheers for posting!

Just wondering, does anyone actually use Internet Explorer anymore??

bourner3718d ago

yer old people still use ie lol

no_more_heroes3718d ago

to watch live soccer matches that I can't watch on TV through Live Footy, only because the streams don't work on Firefox.

SUP3R3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Like above me I only use IE for video streams that refuse to work in FireFox.
My cousin still uses IE no matter how many times I try to pull him away from the dark side, he keeps going back :(