Square Enix adds two titles to it's "Ultimate Hits"

Square Enix announced that Itadaki Street Portable and Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth will be joining their Ultimate Hits line-up on March 6, 2008 in Japan. The Sony PSP titles will be much cheaper, so there's no better time to import them if you ever wanted them in Japanese.

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deeznuts3719d ago

Gimme Battlefied Valkyrie for the PS3, the trailer I saw looked awesome.

OC Shock Value3718d ago

Squaresoft is one of the greatest companies ever made.. They need to go on an ALL OUT BLITZ.. And release their classic titles across PSN, XBOX LIVE, and The Virtual Console..

This Generation has provided me with nothing but waiting and waiting some more... Well with PS3/360 anyway..

I have purchased my systems and am tired of waiting..

Square please bring on the games