Insomniac's Ted Price takes you through 18 minutes of Fuse


"Insomniac Games president and CEO Ted Price narrates this video for Fuse, taking you through the four playable members of the Overstrike squad, their weapons, and their skill-based progressions. Also covered are the co-operative elements, including 'Fusion' mode which as Price puts it lets all four players become "Fuse-powered wrecking balls."

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wishingW3L1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

at least it looks cleaner than Resistance 3. And is just me or the weapons seem a bit overpowered?

newn4gguy1882d ago

Looks cleaner than Resistance 3?

Blastoise1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Yeah, everyone knows Resistance 3 was dirty!


On topic...looks a bit boring. You can tell some effort has been put into it but it lacks a certain spark...

Abash1882d ago

I remember all the attention Insomniac got for going multiplatform but it looks like Sony dodged a big bullet by not having to publish this. I use to love Insomiac but they just seem uninspired with Fuse.

Wintersun6161882d ago


Remember when Fuse was still Overstrike? It looked a lot more promising and more along the lines of what Insomniac would do. I think EA as the publisher of this game has forced Insomniac to make the game cater to a certain kind of audience. Resulting in a hollow shell of a great game that Overstrike could have been if Insomniac had had the full say on it.

Army_of_Darkness1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Strangely enough, I think I understand what you mean by cleaner looking than R3. But in no way that means it looks graphically better than R3. The look of fuse is cleaner, but the environments look much more plain n boring since it has much less going on in the background, where as R3 has crap loads of things happening, like sand storms, objects flying around as well as trees blowing in the background. So this game is definitely a downgrade from R3 technically and graphically in my eyes, but I still find the concept of this game interesting so I'm gonna give it a go once it releases.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Lol, if it was an exclusive, I'd wager there'd be way more people hyping this game instead of downing it. Anyway, after seeing it in action especially towards the end, I can say I'm definitely interested. I think they're taking the online co-op of Resistance 2 and building upon that with this game. Yeah, I see what they're doing. I'm in...

chukamachine1881d ago

What he means is resolution.

It looks cleaner, because it's higher rez.

Disagree all you want.

I love resistance3, but it's blurry because it runs at 960x704, instead of 1280x704 like resistance 2.

As for fuse, looks okish.

As long as it's not too easy.

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badz1491882d ago

if it provides great 4 player coop, what's there to complaint about? Borderlands was poor in the story department too but coop makes it fun but only for 2! Insomniac has done 8 player coop in R2 and it was the saving grace of what might have been a disaster for the whole series! if anyone can handle online right, it's Insomniac!

gamers/media were a bit forgiving with Borderlands and it's generic story because it's fun to play with friends but why not giving this a chance? there's no proof that this is already a bad game, right?

Abash1882d ago

Borderlands has a great universe and tons of comedy with likable characters even if it's not story driving. Also the gameplay is fun and addictive, it's just a great series. Now that I think about it though, with all the crazy fun weapons and interest, funny characters Borderlands has it's like Gearbox are the Insomniac of this gen

badz1491881d ago

hey I love Borderlands just like the next guy but those weapons in Borderlands are just normal weapons with added elements like fire, electric, poison and stuff and the only thing makes them worth changing your guns over and over in Borderlands is because of their level! throw those away, you will have pretty standards guns just with different names!

as for crazy guns, Resistance and R&C still are kings!

Shaman1882d ago

Why are they showing 360 version?

Abash1882d ago

inb4 "Because it's a shooter!" jokes

BigStef711881d ago

I think Insomniac said they were starting with the 360 first since they never worked on the system before and then they'll do the ps3 version after since that version will be really easy for them to do because they know the ps3 from inside to out

Kamikaze1351882d ago

It generic =/

LightofDarkness1882d ago

Another victim of the "design by committee" virus, it seems.

Ak47Russia1881d ago

Really? Halo 4 also looks generic.....

PR_FROM_OHIO1882d ago

Love insomniac but this game looks generic as hell!!! Smh

Captain Qwark 91882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

haha "hyperion" they are on pandora not earth!

alien substance??? they mean eridium.

overstrike??? they mean vault hunters...

i love insomniac lol but they need to get back to proper ratchet or give resistance another try....

they played way too much borderlands and that is exactly what this is trying to be but without the character or personality and unique art direction

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