Spore Still Coming to Wii

After the big announcement that Maxis' Spore would be hitting on September 7th of this year on PC, Mac, mobile phones and Nintendo DS, there was some doubt that the previously confirmed Wii version was still on. It seems that doubt was short-lived, though, as Will Wright once again confirmed that Spore will be hitting Wii at some point in time. However, it'll be different from the PC/Mac version (for obvious reasons), but they're hoping to play up to Wii's strengths in the process of making a different version.

"I can't say much about it except the fact that the overriding kind of factor in my mind and Lucy [Bradshaw]'s, in terms of looking at what direction that team goes with it, has been to make really good use of the controller. What interests me about the Wii is that in some sense you have a much higher bandwith controller than you have with any other console or even a PC. How do we abstract the maximum? Because one of the biggest advantages we have is our procedural animation system, which means that we can have an infinite of variety of animations that we can make the creature do because it's done procedurally. So that's a natural kind of strength of having a higher bandwith input device–it should really feel like I'm puppeteering this creature very directly, as opposed to I'm just indirectly controlling with a few buttons here and there. The rest of the design is totally going to evolve around that," explained Will Wright. Quite a mouthful.

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wageslave3721d ago

Something called "spore" is coming to wii.

It wont be the same game.

wiizy3721d ago

it needs to come to wii... wii is the system that best fits this game with the innovative control