Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 coming to PC and Xbox 360

Hungarian gaming magazine PC Guru leaked out April's cover a little early it seems. The magazine might be written in a made up language but the words Red Alert 3 come out as a clear indicator that the game will be making its way to the PC in the near future. Not to be outdone, the April issue of PC Gamer will also have a similar cover but with larger boobs. No word yet from EA but expect something shortly.

Considering Kane's Wrath is coming out in two days, this franchise is getting a ton of attention and rightfully so. Does this mean that C&C Red Faction will be making its way to the 360 also? Well, since it seems to be the giving season, Destructoid can also make a confirmation. Yes, C&C Red Alert 3 will in fact be making its way to the Xbox 360 in the near future. No date is set for either at this time, but we can assume that late '08, early '09 would be a safe bet.

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PopEmUp3754d ago

Screw x-box 360 & PS3 this game & Starcraft 2 is only worth playing on PC

I Call 9MM3754d ago

This game has some great predecessors (well, Red Alert 2 anyway, Red Alert 1 is just good in my book), hopefully it can live up to them. Stay fast, keep lots of units, lots of variety, and this can be a fun game.

I think the PC for this kind of game is going to be the platform of choice. That's a now brainer for stratedgy games. I tried a few on the platforms from back in the day on PSOne, N64, all the way to the 360 with the latest C&C 3, and the PC has always been more intuitive. They are doing a better job on the consoles now then before though.

gamesR4fun3754d ago

yeh couldnt even think about playing this wihtout a k/m but if they let you do that on the 360 version it wouldnt be much dif.
Plus it be cool to see a brainy game do well on the 360 :D

wageslave3754d ago

Sweet. Red Alert is a great series. Boo-yah.

It would be nice to get some details.

l Drop Dead Ed l3754d ago

I loved C & C on the 64. Red Alert 2 is my favorite C & C game other than Generals. Stay true C & C!

BWS19823754d ago

is superior to the original C & C series IMO, Red Alert 2 w/ Yuri's Revenge is the best RTS I've ever played. So much complexity, variety, and strategy. I messed around with the Final Alert 2 editor and the ".ini" files modding that game for hundreds of hours I'll bet. I have not played however C & C 3 yet though, so I can't judge it against that....

Can't wait if this is true.